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Agenda Background Video Plastic Bag Facts Project Details and Tips.

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2 Agenda Background Video Plastic Bag Facts Project Details and Tips

3 Questions 1.Who here uses plastic bags when they go shopping? 2.What are some good things about plastic bags? 3.How much do you think it costs to make a bag? How much are you charged at the store? 4.What do you think happens to plastic bags after you use them? 5.What effect do you think this might have on the environment? 6.What steps do you think we might be able to take in order to help minimize this?

4 Video

5 Use of Plastic Bags Plastic bags popular with both retailers and consumers because cheap, strong, lightweight Plastic bags are a very lucrative industry About 380 billion plastic bags used a year in US alone, 100 billion of with are plastic shopping bags Only 1 to 2% of plastic bags in US get recycled

6 Making Plastic Bags Making plastic bags uses petroleum and natural gas, both non-renewable resources Drilling for these materials destroys ecosystems There are toxic substances used as well Many people are employed by plastic bag producers They have less environmental impact than paper bags

7 Effects of Plastic Bag Use Plastic bags litter landscape, or if burned release toxic fumes into air Plastic bags are non-biodegradable, decomposition takes about 1000 years

8 Effects of Plastic Bag Use Even when photo-degrade in landfill, plastic from bags never goes away, and toxic particles can enter food chain Plastic bags kill about 100 000 animals a year, who mistake them for food

9 How to Help Recycle plastic bags for other uses, such as holding garbage If you don’t absolutely need a bag at a store don’t ask for one Use a reusable bag such as a fabric bag

10 Assignment Details During this project you will be 1.Collecting research on plastic bags 2.Collecting data using a method designed by your group 3.Helping to spread information about this topic in two different ways 4.Presenting your assignment to the class

11 Collecting Research Research will be done next class in the computer lab Students will also be expected to finish this research on their own time

12 Performing a Case Study You will also be expected to gather your own data in the form of a case study Examples of this is taking a poll from a random group of people, or making observations for a large set of people or events Make sure you have at least 100 data points

13 Displaying Results of a Case Study Results can be displayed in a visual way using bar graphs, pie charts, or scatter plots Think of creative ways to show data that has more than one variable

14 Spreading Information This can be done using several methods Poster Letter written to local government Video Song Action Plan Etc They must either spread information about plastic bags, or help the issue in some other way

15 Presentation Prepare a 10 minute presentation to give to the class about the case study results as well as your chosen methods of presenting this information Groups will evaluate each other

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