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Company Confidential Registration Management Committee (RMC) Other Party (OP) Assessor Workshop San Diego, CA January 20, 2011 1 AS9104/2 Oversight Process.

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1 Company Confidential Registration Management Committee (RMC) Other Party (OP) Assessor Workshop San Diego, CA January 20, 2011 1 AS9104/2 Oversight Process & Revision Status Tim Lee The Boeing Company

2 2 Introduction The purpose of this overview is to provide awareness and familiarization of the requirements and tools contained in the new IAQG Oversight standard AS/EN/SJAC 9104-2. Note: The standard has been published by all global sectors. Effective 1-01-08.

3 3 Overview In this session we will review requirements and discuss the following: 9104/2 Current Document Scope Definitions Requirements General Member Companies – OP Assessors 9104/2 Revision Process Team Activity to Date Proposed Changes OP Assessor Feedback Note: This is a workshop activity. We welcome questions, comments and constructive feedback.

4 4 Foreword This document details the operating processes of the IAQG Other Party Management Team (OPMT) that monitors and reviews the Aerospace Supplier Quality System Accreditation/Certification Schemes of each Sector Management Structure (SMS). This document provides requirements for a shared oversight process based on: –the establishment of oversight committees at the international and global sector levels. –use of joint team assessments. –the use of qualified and approved IAQG member Other Party (OP) assessors. –the use of common assessment tools. –the reporting of oversight results.

5 5 Scope Review These requirements are applicable to IAQG global sectors when utilizing Aerospace Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) schemes for the assessment and certification of supplier quality systems in accordance with the requirements contained in 9104. IAQG member companies have committed to perform sufficient oversight of the Aerospace accreditation/certification assessment processes in order to ensure conformance to established requirements contained in 9104. NOTE: The IAQG OPMT oversight structure is depicted graphically in Appendix A.

6 6 Definition Review Other Party (OP) Assessor An IAQG member representative that has been qualified and approved in accordance with this standard, and supports a joint team assessment or conducts supplementary IAQG member oversight activity in accordance with this standard. Certification Bodies Management Committee (CBMC) A organization within an SMS that functions on a national level (e.g., Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Austria); responsible for 9104 conformance in their respective countries. They perform the same functions as the SMS under the control of their global SMS. Joint Team Assessment: An oversight assessment conducted in accordance with the requirements of this standard by a team of representatives, which may be comprised of AB assessors, OP assessors, and observers. Training Provider Approval Body (TPAB): A body recognized by the SMS that has the primary responsibility to conduct the review and approval of training course content and training provider administration.

7 7 General Requirements Any IAQG member company wishing to recognize AQMS certification shall conduct oversight. Participating IAQG member companies shall provide the necessary resources to support the SMS committees and oversight activities. Industry auditors that have an employment relationship with a CB, can be neither OP assessors nor voting members of SMS committees. The IAQG OPMT and each global SMS shall annually conduct a review and evaluation of the scheme to ensure its continued effectiveness. Reference: AS9104-2 Sections 4.2 thru 4. 5

8 8 Requirements Member Companies - Other Party Assessor (AS9104-2 Section 5.1.5) IAQG member companies shall ensure that: –assigned representatives who support IAQG OPMT and/or SMS activities have the necessary tools (e.g., published standards, computer equipment) and resources to accomplish committed tasks. –designated OP assessors are qualified in accordance with this standard and they shall provide objective evidence of such every three years, via submission of a completed declaration form (see Appendix I) to the respective SMS. –only qualified individuals are assigned to conduct oversight assessments or participate in joint team assessments supporting the SMS.

9 9 Requirements Member Companies - Other Party Assessor (AS9104-2 Section 5.1.5) OP Assessors shall, as a minimum, meet the education and training requirements of ISO 19011 and continually meet the following requirements: a. Auditing Experience: To have conducted at least three AQMS audits or OP assessments for a minimum of nine assessment days, within the last three years. NOTE: Joint team assessments and/or oversight assessments may be considered for meeting the above audit criteria. b. Work Experience: Four years aerospace industry experience within the prior ten calendar years. NOTE: Work experience to include four years full time in the aerospace industry directly involved in Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Quality or Process Control for a major airframe manufacturer, prime supplier, auxiliary equipment supplier and/or appropriate official civil, military or space organization, such as National Aviation Authorities (NAA), European Space Agency (ESA)/National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Ministry of Defense (MoD), Department of Defense (DoD).

10 10 Requirements IAQG OPMT (AS9104-2 Section 6) The IAQG OPMT is the committee responsible for managing 9104 application on a global level. Monitor that each SMS is implementing their sector schemes and is in conformance with 9104. Provide a mechanism for a periodic review of the lessons learned by each of the sector schemes and a review of any proposed changes. Ensure that the OASIS database operates effectively and is accessible to the IAQG members. Annually the IAQG OPMT shall report the status and results of the global ICOP scheme to the IAQG Council.

11 11 Discussion - Requirements Sector Management Structure (AS9104-2 Section 7) The Sector Management Structure (SMS) is the committee(s) responsible for managing 9104 application in their respective global sector (Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe). An SMS may be supported by a CBMC. A CBMC is the committee established by a National Aerospace Industry Association (NAIA) to manage the application of the national scheme based on 9104 (e.g., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom).

12 12 Assessment Tools The oversight assessment tools are contained within the Appendices of AS9104-2. Section 4.1 states: The check sheets contained in this standard (see Appendices B thru H) are provided, as guidance, for conducting oversight assessments. These check sheets may be expanded by the IAQG OPMT or respective SMS to cover additional requirements in their sectors or provide additional clarification, as needed.

13 13 Complaint Resolution Process AS9104-2 Section 11 Each entity in the ICOP scheme (i.e., IAQG member, IAQG OPMT, SMS, CBMC, AB, CB, AAB, and TPAB) shall establish and maintain a complaint resolution process. All complaints shall be handled directly by complainant with the organization the complaint is against. The internal appeals/complaint processes of the parties involved are to be used before other actions are taken. If any issues cannot be resolved between affected parties, then the matter shall be escalated to the next level of authority within the ICOP scheme (e.g., IAQG member complaint against CB would elevate to AB then to SMS/CBMC, if unresolved). Any issues which cannot be resolved at the SMS/CBMC level shall be elevated to the IAQG OPMT. All escalated complaints shall be summarized and reviewed by the respective SMS/CBMC on an annual basis. The SMS/CBMC shall report the results of this review to the IAQG OPMT. These reviews shall be used to identify opportunities for improvement within the Aerospace Supplier Quality System Accreditation/Certification Scheme.

14 14 Records AS9104-2 Section 12 All forms, check sheets, reports, and completed appendices required by this standard shall be considered a record. The responsible party that conducts approval and assessment activities, in accordance with this standard, shall maintain records for a minimum period of 6 years. For example, IAQG OPMT shall maintain SMS and OASIS oversight records. Joint team assessment records shall be maintained for a minimum period of 6 years by the AB.

15 15 9104/2 Revision Process Revision project under way.

16 16 Summary We must all strive for 100% conformance. Know your Role & Responsibilities! Implementation of this common approach to oversight will enhance conformance by all stakeholders. We need your continued support and valuable input for this process to succeed.


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