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Combining Aromatherapy with Flower Essences To Boost Positive Energy and Emotions.

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2 Combining Aromatherapy with Flower Essences To Boost Positive Energy and Emotions

3 Jennifer Hochell Pressimone, Di.SPE Regional Manager with Nature’s Sunshine Owner JennScents®, Inc. – Aromatherapy Custom Blending Bar – Holistic Aromatherapy Educational Institute Regional Director and Public Relations Coordinator with NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy) Author, International Educator

4 Aromatherapy Aromatherapy: The use of essential oils to address, alter and shift various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns – Helps one connect with deep-seated, past experiences – Recognize the emotional imbalance, accept it, and work through it to achieve emotional freedom – Promotes relaxation, energy; balances grief, anger, fear, etc. How does it work? Olfaction targets thalamus (cognition) and hypothalamus (part of limbic system aka “smell brain”) – Activates emotions and behaviors

5 Flower Essences Made from these flower preparations, used to address, shift, alter and influence emotional concerns on a deeper spiritual level. Activates the body’s own natural ability to restore vital energy – Helps one connect with emotions to balance them, combating stagnation, lethargy and negative thought patterns. Redirects the flow of our vital energy in a positive direction, and steers it away from a negative path.

6 Benefits Aromatherapy Promotes mind-body connection Physical – Skin, joint, respiratory, urinary, digestion, circulatory, Mental – Focus, concentration, anxiety, relaxation, energy, motivation Emotional – Grief, anger, fear, depression, guilt, lethargy, bitterness, resentment, obsession, worry Spiritual connection Flower Essences Not specific to just one thing Restores overall balance and wholeness within our inner rhythm Promotes awareness of self – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Promotes courage, purpose, strength, calmness, responsible, consistency

7 Core Emotions Aromatherapy Anger – Rage, cranky, irritable, negative – Associated with Hepatic ; “heated” issues Fear – Emotion paralysis, holding back – Associated with urinary/kidney Grief – Bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma – Associated with lung/respiratory Joy – Happy, smiling, positive – No aches, harmonious movements – Associated with spleen-pancreas Flower Essences Anger – Vented: irritability, frustration – Suppressed: strength, boundaries Fear – Vented: confidence, trust in self – Suppressed: aware, responsible Grief – Vented: comfort, hope, let go – Suppressed: unresolved wounds, compassion, heals the heart Joy, Harmony, Balance

8 Combining Aromatherapy & Flower Essences Why combine Flower Essences with Aromatherapy? – Evokes enhanced, deeper emotional healing results that gets to the core of the issue (where true healing can take place) – Balances imbalances through the connection of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual without resistance – Create a powerful synergy that opens us up, without judgment to facilitate harmony, wholeness and balance – Connects to an energy pattern, adjusting the Hz frequency, which in turn shifts energy flow in a positive direction, promoting overall balance and harmony Emotions: Anger: 6.5Hz; Unconditional love: 100Hz Essential oils: 52-320Hz Herbs: 12-27Hz Human body: 62-72 (healthy); unhealthy/unhappy: below 40Hz Flower Essences: higher than essential oils

9 Safety Aromatherapy Use caution with children, elderly and those with serious health concerns Keep essential oil bottles out of the reach of children and those with dementia Citrus oils are phototoxic. Always use essential oils in a carrier. Use caution ingesting the entire bottle of a flower essence, may “purge” toxic emotions quicker than the body can handle. Moderation promotes subtle shifts. Flower Essences Generally safe

10 Application Diffuse Spray: Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray Lotion: Irish Moss Massage Oil: Unscented Roll-on: Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray or Unscented Massage Oil Instructions – 4-6 droppers Flower essence per 2oz. (on average) – 18-22 drops total essential oil per 2 oz. (on average)

11 Understanding 4 Emotional Categories Anger – Excess (vented) – Deficient (suppressed) Joy Fear – Excess (vented) – Deficient (suppressed) Grief – Excess (vented) – Deficient (suppressed)

12 Keep Cool Keep Cool (Vented Anger) Anger, frustration, irritability, agitation, liver, “heated” Essential Oils: Historical Documentation – Peppermint: cooling, febrifuge, opens you up to take in new ideas – Roman chamomile: “mother herb”, caretaker, peacemaker,, nurturing, antispasmodic, promotes reduced inflammation – Lemon: purifier, cooling, febrifuge, immunity booster – Rose: liver, anger, peace, beauty, promotes forgiveness – Helichrysum: liver, deep scars and wounds Carrier/bases: Nature’s Fresh Enzymes, aloe vera gel, jojoba

13 Find Strength Find Strength (Suppressed Anger) Stand up for self, set boundaries, say “no”, people pleasers Essential Oils: Historical D ocumentation – Oregano: high in calcium, builds bone/tissue strength, security, stability, protection, comfort, may combat parasites – Neroli: digestive, unexpressed anger and resentment, stability – Cypress (Cellu-tone): core strength, moves stagnation, stimulates circulation, detoxification – Cinnamon: safety, security, strength, over-come self-doubt – Niaouli (Breath Free): breathe through the anger to release the “burn” Carrier/bases: Nature’s Fresh Enzymes, avocado oil, unscented massage oil, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment, Irish Moss Lotion

14 Be Courageous Be Courageous (Vented Fear) Self-confidence, trust in self, courage to stand up and face fears, decisive, confront something scary Essential Oils: Historical Documentation – Frankincense: dispels fear, nightmares; promotes spirituality and possibilities – Bergamot: strengthens will, courage and confidence – Pink grapefruit: moves stuckness, balances rational consciousness – Clary Sage: connects with wisdom, calms nerves, euphoric, “just do it, everything will be ok” – Eucalyptus: opens you up, courage, need to be freed, desire for change Carrier/bases: Nature’s Fresh Enzymes, jojoba oil, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment, Unscented Massage Oil, Rosehip oil

15 Be Response-Able Be Response-Able (Suppressed Fear) Self-defeating/addictive/obsessive behaviors; break bad habits, self control, responsibility; avoid fear, “run away” Essential Oils: Historical Documentation – Bergamot: combats additive behaviors, anxiety, nervousness, uplifting – Clary Sage: combats addictions by releasing negative, “paralyzing” feelings – Ravintsara (Guardian): helps one face responsibility, lends intellect and wisdom – Thyme: loss of will-power, mental exhaustion, find purpose in life, overcome self-doubt – Myrrh: suppressed fear, helps one speak up, vulnerable Carrier/bases: Nature’s Fresh Enzymes, Aloe Vera Gel, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment, Irish Moss Lotion

16 Release It Release It (Vented Grief) Grief, loss, feeling like a victim, let go of past and strength to move forward with future, sluggish, bloated, weight Essential Oils: Historical Documentation – Patchouli: letting go, move forward, apprehension, grounding – Eucalyptus: feeling suffocated, desire for change, movement – Rosemary: encourages movement, feelings of betrayal and rejection, releases negative thought patterns – Ravintsara (Guardian): fight off what’s holding you back – Myrrh: overcome stagnation, rejection; grounding, connected Carrier/bases: Nature’s Fresh Enzymes, unscented massage oil, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment

17 Open Heart Open Heart (Suppressed Grief) Unresolved wounds (love), “closed” off heart, encourage compassion, trust in relationships, heart issues, diabetes Essential Oils: Historical Documentation – Cinnamon: “big hug”, comfort, safety, abandonment – Rose: love, beauty, grief, emotionally cold, heals the heart – Ylang ylang: mend a broken heart, heart palpitations – Jasmine: frigidity, fatigue, “mothering”, enable one to receive affection – Pine: guilt, grief, adrenal exhaustion – Marjoram: confront emotional pain Carrier/bases: Nature’s Fresh Enzymes, avocado oil, rosehip oil, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment, Irish Moss Lotion

18 Distress Remedy Balance, harmony, wholeness, connected, joy, Essential Oils: Historical Documentation – Lavender: perfect harmony – Geranium: balance, uplift, nervous, anxiety, mood swings – Clove: destroy invaders, encourage contentment, free the mind of negativity – Red mandarin: adrenal support, vitamin c, energy – Bergamot: joy, motivation, anxiety, depression, fluctuating emotions Carrier/bases: Nature’s Fresh Enzymes, avocado oil, rosehip oil, Herbal Trim Skin Treatment, Irish Moss Lotion

19 Achieved Wholeness & Balance When we are in balance, connected to self and aware (in the moment) we can achieve overall vitality, energy and lead with positivity FES/Aromatherapy combinations are one element you can integrate with nutrition, lifestyle, herbal supplementation and other natural health modalities for improved health. Listen to your inner self an get connected! Be well!

20 Summary Choose your purpose – Emotional Assessment – Compass Choose your Flower Essence Remedy(ies) Choose your essential oils Formulate a recipe (write it down and save!) Blend, shake, label Usage: 2-3 times daily Questions

21 Resources Jennifer Pressimone, Di. SPE, CNHC – – – Aromatherapy Certification Courses – Aromatherapy Books Tree of Light: Herb Allure: Sound Concepts:

22 References Aromatherapy for Emotional Healing, Jennifer Pressimone, Aromatherapy for Body Systems, Jennifer Pressimone, Ailments & Their Emotional Connection, NSP Education Week, November 2009, NSP Flower Essences Class, Steven Horne, Bach Flower Therapy: Theory & Practice, Mechthild Scheffer Flower Essence Society Repertory, Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, Spiritual PhytoEssencing Repertory, Dr. Bruce Berkowsky


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