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Be Yourself A Group of Personal Growth Programs By Aisha Rafea With Aliaa Rafea & Team Work.

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1 Be Yourself A Group of Personal Growth Programs By Aisha Rafea With Aliaa Rafea & Team Work

2 Philosophical Background Life of each and every human is of a value that transcends any material aspect. Consciousness of and connection to our innate divine spark leads us to discover the higher value of our life. To ‘be oneself’ is to manifest all one’s potentials; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Collective consciousness of the higher value of life leads a whole society to attain spiritual, psychological and physical balance.

3 Vision Members of society lead a life full of joy, peace, longing for knowledge, creativity, beauty and fulfillment. Each and everyone has a mission to fulfill in an environment of freedom and harmony among all.

4 Mission The diverse programs train participants, in all ages, to create safe and free environment inwardly and outwardly so as to help themselves and others to discover their full potentials and activate them in a focused life. Programs support participants to make of all life challenges means and tools for growth and fulfillment.

5 Expected Outcomes (For Children) Experiencing themselves as divine creation. Enjoying a healthy high self esteem and self confidence. Being capable to express themselves freely. Gaining the ability to control their minds and use the power of thought properly. Managing their anger, fear and all negative emotions in healthy ways. Discovering and appreciating one’s uniqueness. Nurturing the innate urge for moral growth and transformation through self observation. Raising a sense of responsibility for their wellbeing and that of others. Breeding in openness and tolerance to the diverse cultures and faiths, old and new. Educating them to work in teams with the spirit of completion and integration, not competition Manifesting a state of gratitude by properly using all God-given gifts. Solving their problems peacefully.

6 Expected Outcomes (Caregivers & Teachers) Moral Skills Psychol ogical Skills Practic al Skills Expressive Skills

7 Moral Skills Unconditional love to ALL children Believing in the inner wisdom of children Sensitivity to a child’s needs and feelings Spreading an energy of peace and safety Flexibility and openness to new knowledge Experiencing the divine presence of being with children

8 Psychological Skills Strong self control No inclination for molding Not influence d by personal moods Broadnes s of mind and heart Sensitivity to Children’s capabilities Patience and strong character

9 Practical Skills (1) Personal relation with each child Active and balanced listening Resource fulness and tact Practicing no comparison among children

10 Practical Skills (2) Giving a child positive self image Never blaming the child Positive speech Encouraging good behavior

11 Practical Skills (3) Encouraging independent behavior Avoiding self defense Directions to children never beyond individual capabilities Encouraging children to express their worries and fears

12 Practical Skills (4) Honesty in presenting information Courageous to say: I don’t know Capable to answer unexpected questions Never closing the door in front of big questionsNever closing the door in front of big questions Never closing the door in front of big questions

13 Expressive Skills Flexible body and physical fitness Using the language of the body, Looks and tone of the voice Expressing enjoyment in all activities Keeping balance between intimacy and a space of respect

14 Expected Outcomes (For Parents) Mutual Respect: – Our children are independent souls, not extension of us. Mutual Love: – Parenthood is an experience to transform instinct love into the ability to love unconditionally; we grow as humans. Mutual Trust: – We believe in their capabilities and genuineness, just as God created them to be. We accept and respect

15 Understanding Our Roles As Parents Support.. Not Molding: – Exploring our children’s potentials and capabilities Embracing.. Not Control: – Supplying an environment of safety, freedom and respect for them to grow emotionally and psychologically. Support.. Not Overprotection: – Respect of their right to make mistakes and learn from them. Communication.. Not Coercion: – Having fun together

16 Expected Outcomes (For Family) Every member is fulfilled and supporting others to be fulfilled. Everyone is more sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. Family’s life is void from any blame among its members. ANY problem can be handled peacefully with mutual understanding. We can express ALL feelings whatever they are without hurting each other. Our relationships are expressions of genuine and continuous love, and never turn into burdens or heavy duty.

17 Expected Outcomes (Relation With Oneself) Open up to the special talents of your Higher Self to lead your steps even in the worst situations Find a meaning and value in all what you do Turn job challenges into a journey for personal growth and achievement. See each new phase of life with fresh eyes, new aspirations, new prospects Discover your buried anger and ill feelings and release them in healthy ways Accept losses and life's pains as necessary teachers Soften early life memories with mercy and forgiveness Healing the emotional wounds of the past.

18 Expected Outcomes: (With Friends and Colleagues) Become more conscious in your relationships and develop loving and truthful tools of communication Build up relationships based on integration not conflict. Manage your anger and hurt feelings with friends and loved ones Overcome your hesitancy to open up and share yourself with another Address the inner beauty in everyone, and focus not on weaknesses. Make competition a means for enhancing the best in all, and in the interest of all, not for defeating one another.

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