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Simple Machines What Makes them Simple??.

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1 Simple Machines What Makes them Simple??

2 Congratulations! Your class has been chosen for a display at the science museum! However, the museum can only use one simple machine of the six different types, so your job is to make a power point presentation with all of the information you gather about the simple machines that will be convincing enough for them to choose yours! So you will be working in a group of six, researching all of the six types of simple machines. Therefore, each student in each group is assigned to one specific type of simple machine. Your group power point presentation must include a detailed description of each type of machine, an example that is easily relatable, along with a list of materials that can be used to display the machine. I will also be looking to be sure that you answer all of the assigned questions with your presentation! You will have to present this to the museum board for their review, so remember-let’s do our BEST!

3 All of us are surrounded by simple machines on a daily basis
All of us are surrounded by simple machines on a daily basis. Machines enable us to increase a force, increase the speed of an object, change direction in which a force is acting, or change the place where a force is acting. Machines work by changing one form of energy to another. There are six kinds of simple machines: levers, wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, screw and wedge. Please view the following website (by clicking on the picture) to refresh your memory on the definition of each: Please remember that we are only looking at the definitions of the six types of simple machines for right now on this website.

4 Do simple machines actually make things “simple” for us? If so, how?
Here is a list of websites that you can view to help with your understanding of the simple machines:  Learn more about simple machines on the web: Please consider the following questions while performing your research, including these answers in your presentation. Do simple machines actually make things “simple” for us? If so, how? What are the types of simple machines? List and give brief definition. How do each of the six machines work? How many examples of simple machines are surrounding you right now? You will put together all of your information into a group power point presentation. When you have completed this presentation, please print and turn in.

5 As a group, summarize the following in your presentation:
Do simple machines really help us? Can you think of a good example of how we can combine several of the types of simple machines to create something to help us? Draw an example of each of the simple machines neatly to use as part of your presentation for the museum board.

6 After completing your power point presentation, visit the following web site and play the simple machines game to assess your understanding of simple machines. At the end of this activity, there will be an option to print your results, please do so and turn in. Please choose one location of this activity to do together as a group, with one person designated to use the mouse to answer, after the group collectively decides on an answer. SIMPLE MACHINE

7 Please complete the following self assessment:
You should be ready to present your presentation as a group, with each scientist describing the type of simple machine that they researched and collected the data for and the drawing of an example of one. Please complete the following self assessment: Did you: (each is worth 1 point) 1. Answer all of the questions during exploration? 2. Present your findings to your group? 3. Turn in your individual drawing simple machine? 4. Turn in your results of the simple machines activity? Your Score___! If you have scored a 4-Super Job! If you have scored a 3-Very well done! If you have scored a 2-Good job! If you have scored a 1-You’re giving it a good try, keep going!

8 Remember: Please be sure to review the rubric that I have handed out to you to ensure that you have completed every objective thoroughly before presenting your findings Congratulations!! You have completed your Webquest successfully! You are now a scientist! (click on the next picture for more practice with a fun game on simple machines)


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