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Simple Machines.

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1 Simple Machines

2 Simple Machines Simple machines help us do work.
Machines make work easy. There are 6 kinds of simple machines.

3 The 6 kinds of simple machines are:
Inclined plane Wedge Screw Wheel and axle Pulley Lever

4 Inclined Plane An inclined plane is like a flat board that is higher on one end. A person on a wheelchair would use an inclined plane. I use one on the playground – the slide, of course!

5 Wedge A wedge pushes things away from each other.
A wedge is 2 inclined planes put together like a V. Wedges split things. I use wedges every day – forks and knives, of course!

6 Screw A screw winds and winds around itself.
Screws hold things together and can make them go up and down. I used screws - to build my birdhouse, of course!

7 Wheel and axle A wheel and axle is a pole and a circle.
The pole lets the circle turn around it. You can use a wheel and axle to move things. I use a wheel and axle every day – my skateboard, of course!

8 Pulley The pulley is like a wheel and axle with a rope instead of a pole. If you put a heavy thing on the rope and wind the other end around the wheel, you can pull the heavy thing. We use a pulley at school every day – to raise our school flag, of course!              

9 Lever A lever is a board on top of something else.
You can balance things or move them. Cave men used levers to move rocks. I use a lever every day – to open my can of soda, of course!

10 They make my life easy and fun!
Simple machines are GREAT! They make my life easy and fun!

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