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Simple Machines.

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1 Simple Machines

2 Definitions Simple machine—A machine that makes work easier by multiplying a force or changing the direction of a force Effort– work put into a machine also know as work in or win Load—work done by the machine, also know as work out or wout Mechanical Advantage (MA)—Force out/force in Efficiency=(Work out/work in) * 100%

3 Simple machines Simple machines do a lot of things, but one thing they never do is multiply work. Why is that? A compound machine occurs when you put more than one simple machine together.

4 Levers 1st class

5 Levers 1st class

6 Lever 2nd class

7 Lever 2nd class

8 Lever 3rd class

9 Lever 3rd class What advantages does this type of lever have?

10 Levers in Action How a backhoe works

11 Lever --Wheel and Axle

12 Lever --Wheel and Axle

13 Lever --Pulley

14 Lever --Pulley

15 Inclined plane Ramp Screw Wedge

16 Lever Ramp

17 Inclined Plane --Ramp

18 Inclined plane --Screw

19 Inclined plane --Screw

20 Inclined plane --wedge

21 Inclined plane --wedge

22 Wedge—Hull Design

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