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LOGO Module 1 Hobbies By Tang Yan — No.6 Middle School.

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1 LOGO Module 1 Hobbies By Tang Yan — No.6 Middle School

2 hobbies my daughter’s hobbies

3 help her learn new skills

4 creative develop her interests

5 enjoyment successful make her grow as a person 对她的成长很重要

6 hobbies my daughter’s hobbies your hobbies David Smith’s hobbies

7 He likes playing volleyball as well. 并且,还 2. Which is his special hobby? Writing. 1. How many hobbies does David have? At least two. Writing and playing volleyball. David likes writing. He also likes playing volleyball. David likes writing as well as playing volleyball. He likes playing volleyball, too. Tip: Many English words change when they have a different function( 功能 ) in the sentence, but the meanings are similar( 相似的 ). Fast reading (His hobby is writing.) (I like playing volleyball, too.)

8 So  In senior high school, David’s activities  During the summer of 2000, he spent four weeks on a summer camp (with some usual activities and a special activity). In a writing workshop, a professional writer asked them to imagine that they were in a story. Then they wrote about their experiences at the a discussing meeting he wrote a story book about teenage life.  In 2003, the story came out as a book, many teenagers love it, as a result, he became a successfulas a result young writer. His Hobby has brought him _________ and ________. enjoyment success Writing 想象 Paragraphs 2-4

9 Why do people usually have hobbies? Hobbies can… make you grow as a person. develop your interests. help you learn new skills. …(your idea) Paragraph 1

10 What’s the writer’s advice? There are many other interesting things to do in life. We shouldn’t spend all our time on our favourite hobby. We should try to do something new or different. 1. 2.2. 3. Paragraph 5

11 David Smith is a student, and his special _______is writing. During the summer of 2000, he spent four weeks on a summer camp. ___________the usual activities, _________ sailing, climbing, and mountain biking, there was a special activity-_______. In senior high school David wrote a story about teenage life, and it ________ as a book, many ________ love his book, ___________, David has become a successful writer. His hobby has brought him enjoyment and _____. As well as hobby such as came out as a result writing success teenagers Fill in the blanks about David Smith.

12 A good hobby Happy Open-minded Better Brilliant Young A good hobby will bring you enjoyment and success. 思想开阔的

13 Name... Hobbies …reading, drawing, climbing… Why …exciting /relaxing / useful / creative… When …usually spend…doing / on… …often…at the weekend/… What …has /have brought … Your idea … My classmate’s hobby My classmate (Name) has some hobbies, such as …as well as … She/He likes …because … She/ He usually… As a result, … Talk about your hobbies in pairs.

14 My daughter has some hobbies, such as drawing, playing the piano, playing chess as well as dancing. She likes them because she thinks they are interesting and exciting. And she usually spends much time practising playing the piano and dancing in her free time. As a result, her hobbies have brought her enjoyment and success. I think hobbies can make her grow as a person and develop her interests. My daughter’s hobby Make a report

15 Homework  Level A Read and try to retell the passage.  Level B Write a short passage. Introduce your classmate’s hobby or your own hobby. (You can choose one)


17 have a summer camp

18 climbing playing volleyball writing sailing looking after animals mountain biking growing vegetables dancing painting singing I think … is creative/ relaxing/ useful…

19 He doesn’t study hard, so he usually gets bad marks. ( 变同义句 ) He doesn’t study hard, _________ he usually gets bad marks. as a result

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