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Speaking and writing Unit 2 The Olympic Games Speaking and writing ---by Hu Shaoting.

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1 Speaking and writing Unit 2 The Olympic Games Speaking and writing ---by Hu Shaoting

2 Look at the pictures and say the English names of the following sports. Step1 Lead-in football basketball

3 volleyball badminton

4 baseball table tennis

5 tennis high-jump

6 running swimming

7 Tell your partner about your favourite sport. Give reasons why you like it so much. For example, you may ask … 1.What’s your favorite sports ? 2.Why do you like it ? 3.When did you begin to like it ? 4.Who is your favorite sportsman? 5.What good does it do to you ? Step2 Pair work

8 Some useful expressions My favourite sport is … because … I like … because … I became interested in it when … My favourite athlete/footballer/sportsman is … I like him/her because … I practise … In the future I hope to …

9 Look at the sample passage and pay attention to some words in blue. Step 3 Pre-writing I first became interested in football when I was nine. Now I play in my school team and join my friends for a game every week on a regular basis. It’s fun. My favourite footballler is David Beckham although I also like Ronaldo. They are both excellent and have great skills too. Apart from playing at school I go to sports school every weekend. I learn many skills there, such as passing the ball and scoring. I especially like playing on the wing like Beckham but being a striker is good as well.

10 Speaking and writing More to learn from the paragraph 1.–the linking words( 连接词 ) 2.-- the tense( 时态 ) 3.-- the purpose( 目的 ) the present tense to talk about our favourite sports to show the writer’s favourite sports.

11 Write a short passage entitled “My favourite sport”. Make three short paragraphs using the outline you have written while talking. Finish by saying what you hope to do with this sport in the future. Make your sentences more interesting by using some different linking words. Step4 Writing

12 There are many kinds of sports that I enjoy, … However, my favourite sport is …(What?) I ….became interested in…when … I always have a lot of homework to do,I often… There are … reasons why I like it. Firstly,… …, … Also we talk about many interesting things when we have a break.( Why?) I am a … fan. My favorite sports star is …. He /She is… In the future, I hope I can …. (sports star and your dream) ? ? ??

13 Let me show you my writing~~ Step 5

14 Step 6 Let’s check! Has he/she written down all the information? Has he/she used the right tense? Has he/she used some linking words( 过渡词 )? We often use the present tense to talk about our favourite sports. Linking words can make the paragraph more logical ( 有逻辑的 ) and smooth ( 流畅的 ). 1.What your favourite sport is 2. Why you like it 3. What good it does to you 4.When you like it 5.Who your favorite sports star is

15 Step 7 Summary How to write a short passage about “My favourite sport”. 1.use the right tense 2.use some proper linking words

16 1.Finish your writing and then write it down in your exercise-books. 2.Pay attention to your handwriting. Step8 Homework

17 Thank you !!

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