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A Brief Overview of EBL Alison Morin Vice President Business Development Australasia August 2012.

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1 A Brief Overview of EBL Alison Morin Vice President Business Development Australasia August 2012

2 Ebooks Corporation Ebooks Corporation has focused on the secure distribution of commercial ebooks since 1997 Consumers is the web’s leading ebook-store, selling a vast range of popular, professional and academic titles from all the world’s leading publishers.’s aggressive, ongoing R&D program puts it at the forefront of ebook technical innovation. Libraries EBL provides a growing collection of scholarly and professional texts to academic institutions and corporations around the globe. With its patent-pending Non-Linear™ lending and Demand-Driven Acquisition systems, EBL is unique among digital library platforms. Ebook Services Global book publishers have relied on Ebooks Corporation for secure digital delivery solutions since 2001. We also provide fulfillment services for major booksellers, who benefit from our decade of experience and unique technologies. Copyright 2009 Ebooks Corporation Limited

3 EBL – Special Since 2004  Title-by-title selection  Perpetual ownership  Multiple-concurrent access to all titles  Free browsing of full-text at point of acquisition or access  Download for all titles – ebooks can be accessed offline - Compatible for growing number of eBook Reader Devices  Pay-per View Access -Demand-driven Acquisition Options -Alternative to ILL  Chapter-level e-reserve & e-coursepacks  Free MARC records for all titles - OCLC or vendor MARC records available  No Proprietary Software  Flexible pricing options – no minimum purchase requirements  Integrated ordering / invoicing with partner vendors  Highly customisable platform  Ebook Archiving  Australian Content

4 EBL’s Lending Models –Simultaneous access - all titles in EBL allow use by multiple users Non-linear™ Lending (NL) = multiple-concurrent access to all titles up to 325 loan days per year – renewing automatically annually Unlimited Access (UA) = multiple-concurrent access with no limit on loan days Textbook Lending (TB) = 3-concurrent access to all titles up to 325 loan days per year – renewing automatically annually

5 Online reader Download Full-screen reading – online and download

6 EBL ebooks are highly portable… Read online on any device that supports web browser Downloaded to iPhone, iPad and more than 100 ebook readers…

7 Print / Copy Permissions Print 20% of any title / copy 5% of any title Copy/print permissions displayed in multiple places

8 EBL –Since 2008  Reduced Fees  Reduced STL Pricing  New Patron Interface  New Online Reader  Enhanced DDA options and management tools (e.g. expenditure alerts, price limits)  Purpose-built enhanced DDA Profiling  Custom Text features  COUNTER Reports & PIG tool for additional usage data  Free New Title Alerts and Approval Plans  Discounted publisher & subject collection packages  EDI order processing  Enhanced free EBL MARC records & record delivery  EBL metadata included in Serials Solutions Knowledgeworks, ExLibris (SFX and Primo), and OCLC Cataloguing Partners programs  New LibCentral coming soon!

9 Reporting COUNTER REPORTS 1, 3 & 6 Full Suite of customisable reports Very detailed reports – enable good analysis Data-mining options – fully customisable - gather information about your users or type of use

10 EBL’s Demand-driven Access Options Demand-driven access takes advantage of the immediacy of the digital medium… EBL’s Demand-driven Acquisition enables libraries to make ebooks visible to patrons without purchasing the titles outright. Titles can then be ‘rented’ or purchased according to pre defined rules as needed by patrons. –Access to non-owned either through library OPAC (by loading MARC records) and/or within the EBL platform –5 minutes free browsing for non-owned titles –Beyond the browse period, libraries decide what permissions apply

11 EBL’s Demand-driven Access Options Libraries customize access permissions. Access options available include: Mediated Access – Beyond browse period, patrons can request further access to non-owned titles. Library Alerted of Request Libraries can choose to either purchase or rent requested titles. Non-mediated short-term loan – Beyond browse period, patrons automatically trigger a one-time short-term loan (rental) of an ebook. Automated short-term loans can be price-mediated (i.e. rental over $20 is mediated). Auto-purchase – Auto-purchase triggered on the first access or after designated number of short-term loans.

12 Demand-driven Acquisition – patron experience Automated or request-based (mediated) access Intuitive, efficient workflow for patrons and library

13 Why Libraries are using EBL’s Demand-driven tools… Some of the benefits of demand-driven access… Provides critical mass of widest selection of titles available to patrons Budget goes toward funding what actually gets used Titles purchased based on demand have higher use once purchased Eliminates time required for selectors to search for titles and purchase Patrons access most up to date content - new titles are immediately available when added to catalogue EBL profiling tools create a built-in ‘approval plan’ Seamless access/workflow for libraries and patrons Provides alternative to ILL

14 Stay in Touch– Find latest news, announcements, system alerts, enhancements, events, special offers. Sign up for New title alerts or an RSS Feed

15 Where to find us… Blog: Public Catalogue: Email: EBL Melbourne: L3, 171 Victoria Parade Fitzroy, VIC 3065 (03) 9419 0094

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