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1 Merete Ulstein Chair of EurAqua 2005-2009 NIVA EurAqua Networking for results

2 New Chair October 2009: Cemagref, France Jean-Philippe Torterotot

3 What is EurAqua? The vision of EurAqua: “EurAqua is the leading European network for facilitating improved and co-ordinated water research, in support of knowledge-based water management and policy.”

4 Why EurAqua? The aim of EurAqua is to: To contribute substantially to the development of European freshwater science and its dissemination on a European scale, having a significant impact on the development of the scientific basis of European management and policy

5 How - Overall objectives Involvement in the programming processes of the EC on water-related research Promoting the collaboration and integration of research resources and efficient transfer of knowledge between scientific institutions and between researchers Bridging science and policy by providing support to the development of European water related policies Contributing to sustainability and competitiveness of the European water sector on a global scale

6 EurAqua today

7 EurAqua -15 years of networking At present 24 members One member per country Leading national water management institutions MBM twice per year Scientific activities Advice/notes etc Participation

8 Keeping a network on the track Clear strategy and work plan  operational and annually reviewed Involvement of members  Action groups for specific deliverables  Rotating chairmanship No secretariat fee from members  Voluntary hosting of meetings, web, etc Exclusivity and commitments to members  MoU giving responsibility on national level

9 How to be interesting to busy people? Agenda  Balance new items and continuity Towards surroundings  Early news  Sharing experience  Mainstream science policy Cooperation with  PEER (signed agreement)  RIWM – net Building personal relationships HR requirements - mobility

10 EU funded projects with EurAqua partners EUROHARP RECOVER 2010 INCA STRIVER HarmoniCAIBM HarmoniQuA REBECCA COMET Care-W WISER APUSS

11 Scientific Activities Position Papers EurAqua position papers are developed by working groups and circulated to a wide audience of decision makers Scientific advice to EU FP7 EurAqua Recommendations and views Strategic and technical reviews Address topics at the forefront of European freshwater research, forwarded to decision-makers and stakeholders

12 EurAqua conference October 2008 Invitations spread by members Speakers from members Invited speakers Scientific results and summaries New effort of EurAqua in creating knowledge and awareness for management and new challenges

13 Conference message: EurAqua strongly recommends that instruments for policy support are reintroduced in FP7 to address issues associated with policy development or implementation of European legislation, such as the Water Framework Directive.

14 Regions for Economic change; Networking for results Invited speaker at the EU conference fFeb 2009;  ca 500 participants Presentation of EurAqua in the WS session:  Regions and water challenge: Learning from good practices - 80-90 participants  Chaired by Peter Gammeltoft, DG Environment Presentation focusing on  the regional coverage of EurAqua  Possibilities of EurAqua being a competence partner in regional networks  Running a network for 15 years

15 Invitation to meetings II: SPI-CIS meeting EurAqua invited to attend the first and second meeting of the preliminary activity on Science-Policy Interface linked to the Common Implementation Strategy of the Water Framework Directive Merete Ulstein (NIVA) and Jean-Phillippe Torterotot attended (Cemagref) EurAqua input on networks: Need not only from Sciens- Policy and visa versa, but that also networking between policymakers and networks between scientists Follow up and presentation to Directors Forum this autumn

16 Invitation to meetings III : IWRM-net mid term conference IWRM- net = Regional and National research programmes network on Integrated Water Resource Management Euraqua was invited to attend the IWRM-net mid-term conference 'Bridging the Sci-Pol Gap' in Brussels 11- 12 Feb 2009 Over 50 delegates from16 European countries Line J. Barkved (NIVA) Bridging the gap working group ( Future research needs in Europe on IWRM and related issues Working for new call


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