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Health and Medical Readiness Branch Safety Health and Medical Readiness Division.

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1 Health and Medical Readiness Branch Safety Health and Medical Readiness Division

2 SHMR  Patrick Crarey, M.D.  Health and Medical Readiness Branch Chief  Safety, Health and Medical Readiness Division  Federal Emergency Management Agency  1201 Maryland Avenue, SW  Washington, DC 20472   202-212-1776 (Desk)  202-374-2794 (Blackberry) 2

3 SHMR 1. We are the Branch of SHMR that is responsible for the Health and wellness of our workforce. 2. We are the subject matter experts in health matters for FEMA and serve on more than 15 intra and inter agency committees to keep the health and well being of our workforce in the forefront. 3. We are here to serve you. 3

4 SHMR We provide the following programs for YOU the FEMA employee. 1.Clinical services for each regional office and for disaster sites as needed to give on site medical care. 1.Allergy injections. 2.Blood pressure checks. 3.3 Occupational Health clinics. 4.Managing emergencies in the work place. 5.Provide information and materials on health related topics. 6.Emergency assistance in the work place. 2.Wellness initiatives that help to keep our workers in the optimum state of health. 3.Vaccination program available to all FEMA employees to provide coverage for the most common illness that an employee may encounter in a disaster. 4

5 SHMR 4.Infectious disease prevention plan (IDPP) to reduce the risk of exposure to potentially life threatening illnesses. 5.Automated External Defibrillator(AED) program at all Regional offices and in the disaster field. 6.Ergonomics programs that will evaluate and recommend the appropriate appliances to accommodate a workers individual special needs. 7.Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as needed for crisis intervention, grief counseling and cooping skills for work related issues. 8.Intricately involved in the Workers Compensation Program which provides assistance to the workers that are injured on the job. 5

6 SHMR 9. Medical Counter Measures (MCM)- preparations for FEMA employees in the event of an aerosolized anthrax attack to receive medications in a timely fashion to minimize morbidity and mortality. 10. Medical Quality Management- the process of evaluating all medical personnel to verify the those providing medical care to FEMA employees are licensed, trained and qualified to provide such care. 11. Developed and disseminate the Travel Preparedness Action List (PAL) to all deployed assets to provide disaster specific information prior to deployment to facilitate preparedness. 6

7 SHMR  What are we working on? 1. Developing a pre and post Deployment Readiness medical evaluation process. 2. A Solar Safety program is also under development. 3. Closely working with Human Capital to develop a training module for Workman's compensation and in the development of a more comprehensive program that can reduce costs and streamline the process. 4. Developed with the other branches IS 37, a mandatory training module for all supervisors which well clearly and simple help with the responsibilities for the safety and health of their employees and their responsibility in the Workman's Compensation process. 7

8 OSHE  Questions? 8


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