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Europe’s Jobs and Recovery Act

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1 Europe’s Jobs and Recovery Act
Europe’s Jobs and Recovery Act. Why the UK needs a European framework for energy efficiency. Tony Robson CEO of Knauf Insulation and Chairman of the European Alliance to Save Energy

2 We all sit in the midst of a major economic crisis.
This is first a fiscal crisis but now, due to budget necessities & the resulting austerity, a very real employment crisis. There is an ever widening gap between our commitments to CO2 reduction and the reality. For most countries, including the UK, energy imports are a very significant balance of payments issue. Energy security issues are increasingly being brought to the forefront of our thinking and policy making. 14/04/2017 2

3 back to work We need to get people
They may not be Hi-tech but you cannot off-shore construction jobs.

4 We need to continue to fight climate change
They were set before the colossal earthquake struck Japan and before the ensuing Fukushima nuclear disaster exposed quite clearly our continued global dependence on fossil fuels. 14/04/2017

5 We need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, as the costs
go far beyond the pump 14/04/2017

6 We need to insure ourselves against the consequences of a world where competition for resources is growing 14/04/2017 6

7 And why is legislation essential to ensure that it is not?
Why is it that one (admittedly only one) solution is consistently overlooked? And why is legislation essential to ensure that it is not? That’s why we are here today. 14/04/2017 7

8 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
Efficiency First 14/04/2017

9 We must stop wasting

10 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
Energy efficiency is not sexy. Its not particularly hi-tech. Mostly its not great new inventions. Frankly, its mundane, boring even. Its not even bad news so there very little PR opportunity in it! In the world we live in today people don’t automatically consider energy efficiency. And it’s the reason we need legislation. 14/04/2017

11 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
Tell me to renovate my buildings to modern standards. Make me audit my factories. Force energy companies to help customers save energy. Get your own house in order and ensure we stop wasting energy in government buildings. 14/04/2017

12 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
At our Money Matters Conference in Brussels we heard from banks that there are literally $trillions waiting to be spent 14/04/2017

13 EUASE Mission We have members with energy service companies who have invested to ensure that the capacity and expertise to solve the problem exists. 14/04/2017

14 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
1 = 5 In Germany for every euro the government spends on energy efficiency in buildings, the exchequer gets back up to five euro’s 14/04/2017

15 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
The jobs, the growth, the climate action, the reduced exposure to energy prices, is all for free 14/04/2017

16 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
Governments should not be asking to lower the ambition of the energy efficiency directive but asking to increase it 14/04/2017

17 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
They should be asking me, how fast can I build new factories, asking our members how fast can they grow their ESCO companies, asking banks what can be done to make the money flow, And asking how quickly we can employ new workers. 14/04/2017

18 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
AND the UK should be the leading light in this…Europe’s new law builds on the best of British Builds on CERT, builds on government targets, builds on the Green Deal. 14/04/2017

19 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
Mr Davey, you should be the biggest cheerleader of this new law, convincing your European colleagues to build on the best of British. 14/04/2017

20 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
And in the meantime we also need your help to ensure that the Green Deal works. The eyes of Europe are on us and we must make it work 14/04/2017

21 EU Energy Efficiency Directive
We need to secure a good transition or we risk decimating the very industry that the Green Deal will need 14/04/2017

22 14/04/2017

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