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1. Scene 1 用餐建議 Scene 2 敲定生意 2. Scene 1. 電話接洽 Scene 2. 面訪客戶 王品艷、柯方琪、周維欣 謝若芸、許雅婷、辛培瑜.

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Presentation on theme: "1. Scene 1 用餐建議 Scene 2 敲定生意 2. Scene 1. 電話接洽 Scene 2. 面訪客戶 王品艷、柯方琪、周維欣 謝若芸、許雅婷、辛培瑜."— Presentation transcript:

1 1. Scene 1 用餐建議 Scene 2 敲定生意 2. Scene 1. 電話接洽 Scene 2. 面訪客戶 王品艷、柯方琪、周維欣 謝若芸、許雅婷、辛培瑜

2 用餐建議 Bill : Okay, why don’t we call it quits for now? It’s already one o’clock. Are you hungry? Mike : Yeah, I could go for something to eat. Do you have any suggestions? Bill : I do, in fact. There’s a great little place on the west side. It has fantastic Chinese food.

3 Mike : Really? I was hoping to have a chance to try some of the local dishes. Bill : You’ll really enjoy this place, then. I couldn’t recommend it more. Mike : You’ve piqued my interest. What style of food do they have? I don’t understand Chinese cuisine very well. 用餐建議

4 Bill : It’s a family-run restaurant that’s been around for decades. It serves Beijing style food. Mike : What kind of food is that? Bill : It’s either spicy or mild; there are lots of choices. Mike : Do they have dumplings? 用餐建議

5 Bill : Their dumplings are some of the best in the city. Mike : Okay, I’m sold. I can’t wait to try it out. Bill : I’ll call a cab. Is that all right? 用餐建議

6 Mike : Sounds fine. Let me gather my things and I’ll meet you in the lobby. Bill : Great. See you in a few minutes. Oh, you might want to bring your umbrella; it looks like we’re in for some rain. 用餐建議

7 Mike : This place is fabulous! I love the décor, it looks very traditional. Bill : Okay, you’ll have to trust me on the menu selection. I’ve been coming to this place for years. Mike : I’m in your hands. What do you recommend? 敲定生意

8 Bill : Let me call the server. Waitress! We’re ready to order. Waitress : What can I bring you this afternoon? Bill : We’ll start with the soup. (to Mike)The ingredients include mushrooms, stinky tofu, and green onions. 敲定生意

9 Mike : Stinky tofu? That sounds exotic! I’m all for trying new things. Bill : (to waitress)We’ll also have two orders of steamed dumplings. (later) Mike : This is fantastic! It’s the best Chinese food I’ve ever had. My compliments on the suggestions! 敲定生意

10 Bill : Well, let me ask you to take one more if I may. Mike : What’s that? I’m all ears. Bill : If you come down on your price by just ten percent, we could close the deal. Mike : I’ll go eight percent and you pay for the meal. 敲定生意

11 Bill : Nine, and I’ll get you a dessert that will amaze you. Mike : It’s a deal. Bill : Great. I’m looking forward to doing business with you. Now, is there any other place you’d like to see in the city? Mike : I’ll follow you lead. Let’s start with that dessert! 敲定生意

12 (Simon calls a prospective client.) Simon: Is Ms. Sample available? Edna: This is she. Who’s calling? Simon: This is Simon Petty of Shepherd’s Oats. I’m responding to the inquiry you sent me via e-mail. 電話接洽

13 Edna: Mr. Petty, yes. I would like to talk, but I’m afraid I’m a bit tied up right now. Simon: Would you prefer we schedule a time more convenient for you? Would you be free later this week? 電話接洽

14 Edna: I have an opening on Thursday. Is four o’clock good for you? Simon: Four o’clock is fine. I look forward to seeing you then. 電話接洽

15 (Simon arrives at work and plays his voice mail. ) Voice Mail: Mr. Petty, it’s Marilynn Crosby. We have an appointment this afternoon at two. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to postpone. Can we reschedule for next week? Please call me. 電話接洽

16 Simon: (to himself ) Maybe I can move up my afternoon appointments. (dials ) Ms. Sample? This is Simon Petty. Edna: Ah, yes. Are we still on for our meeting this afternoon? 電話接洽

17 Simon: That’s why I’m calling. My earlier appointment canceled, so I thought we might be able to reschedule our meeting. Are you free at two? Edna: That shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll expect you at two, then. 電話接洽

18 (Simon arrives for his appointment with Ms. Sample.) Simon: Simon Petty to see Edna Sample. I have an appointment at two. Randy: Yes, Mr. Petty. I’ll let her know you’ve arrived. Please have a seat. 面訪客戶

19 Randy: (calls Edna) Your two o’clock is here. Okay. (to Simon) Mr. Petty? Ms. Sample can see you now. Her office is down this hall, third on the left. (Simon knocks on Edna’s office door and enters.) Simon: Thank you for seeing me this afternoon. 面訪客戶

20 Edna: I’m happy to. I take it you found us easily enough? Simon: These day, traveling’s a snap. I just enter the address on my GPS and let science do the rest. Edna: Where would we be without our technology? I can’t go anywhere without my BlackBerry. Shall we get down to business? 面訪客戶

21 Simon: Certainly. Let me give you a copy of our current catalog. (Edna is reviewing her order with Simon) Edna: You have me down for ten cases of the rolled oats, ten cases of the instant cinnamon oats and twelve cases of the oatmeal cookies mix, right? 面訪客戶

22 Simon: That’s correct. I’ll input this and let you know when to expect delivery, but it should be within the week. Edna: Sounds fine. I believe that about wraps it up, then. Simon: It’s a pleasure doing business with you. 面訪客戶

23 vocabulary Scene 1 用餐建議 pique v. 激起(好奇心等) cuisine n. 菜餚;烹飪 ( be ) sold 接受(想法;計畫等) ( be ) in for 免不了要經歷、遭受(不愉快的事等) Scene 2 敲定生意 décor n. 裝潢;裝飾 ingredient n. (烹調的)原料 exotic adj. 異國情調的;奇特的 amaze v. 使大為驚奇 in ( one’s ) hands 由(某人)決定;處理 come down on 縮減(價格、數量等) ( be ) all for 非常支持、認同;欣然接受 ( be ) all ears 洗耳恭聽

24 Scene 1 電話接洽 prospective adj. 潛在的;未來的 inquiry n. 詢問;查詢 opening n. 空檔 appointment n. 預約會面 postpone v. 延期 reschedule v. 重新安排 be on for something 如期做 ( 某事 ) Scene 2 面訪客戶 take it 以為,想 ( 後接子句 ) catalog n. 型錄 input v. 將 ( 資料 ) 輸入電腦 something be a snap 某事很容易達成 get down to business 開始談正事;言歸正傳 wrap something up 完成,結束 ( 某事 ) vocabulary

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