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SPU STAFF TRAINING Sripatum Institute of Language and Cultures Lesson 9: Cancelling an appointment.

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1 SPU STAFF TRAINING Sripatum Institute of Language and Cultures Lesson 9: Cancelling an appointment

2 Making & canceling an appointment Being able to make and cancel an appointment is an important skill in English. You need to be able to:  make an appointment,  respond to an appointment and  cancel an appointment.

3 Are youavailable on... / next...? free on... / next...? Can wemeet on... / next...? wouldnext... be ok? Isnext... ok? Asking to meet:

4 -"Are you available on the 17th?" -"Can we meet on the 16th?" -"How does the 3rd sound to you?" -"Are you free next week?" -"Would Friday suit you?" -"Is next Tuesday convenient for you?" -"What about sometime next week?"

5 Yes,... is fine.... would be fine. ……… suits me would be perfect. I'm afraid I'm sorry I can't on.... I won't be able to... on... I really don't think I can on... Responding to an appointment:

6 -"Yes, Monday is fine." -"Monday suits me." -"Thursday would be perfect." -"I'm afraid I can't on the 3rd. What about the 6th?" -"I'm sorry, I won't be able to make it on Monday. Could we meet on Tuesday instead?" -"Ah, Wednesday is going to be a little difficult. I'd much prefer Friday, if that's alright with you." -"I really don't think I can on the 17th. Can we meet up on the 19th?

7 Cancelling an appointment Neutral  I’m afraid that I have to cancel our meeting on Wednesday, as something unexpected has come up.  Would you be free to meet early next week?  You know we were going to meet next Friday? Well, I'm very sorry, but something urgent has come up.  I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to meet you after all. Can we fix another time?

8 Formal  Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen business, I will be unable to keep our appointment for tomorrow afternoon.  Would it be possible to arrange another time later in the week? Apologizing I apologize for any inconvenience. (formal) I'm sorry about cancelling. (informal)

9 Explaining circumstances: · I have a conflict in my schedule. · I'm running ahead of schedule. · I'm running behind schedule. · Something's come up. · My schedule has changed. · I've had a change in my schedule. · I'm going to be out of town. · ______ is a bad day for me. Do you have an opening on_____? · I completely forgot. I have a _______ that night. · I'll have to work on the ________. · I have to fill in at work.

10 Asking to reschedule an appointment or meeting: · Do you mind if we put it off to another date? · Could we push it back? · Could we push it back (slightly)? · Could we push it back _____hour? · Could we push it back to _____o’clock? · Could we push back the meeting to_____? · Let's push it back _______. · Can we postpone our appointment with_____? · Could we postpone till _____? · Could you take me at ______? · Could you write me in at ______? · Can I reschedule for ______? *push it back =move it up

11 Example: conversation1 A: I'm calling to cancel a reservation I made earlier in the week. B: To cancel your reservation, I need your name, phone number, and date of trip, please. A: Rudy Randolph, 818-555-1234. My reservation begins on the second Monday of April. B: I see your reservation on my computer. Let me just cancel it, and you'll be all set! A: Thanks. I'll call again when things get better at home. B: You're welcome.

12 Example: conversation2 Julie: Good morning, David. This is Juliette Something’s come up, and I can’t make it on Monday afternoon. I need to cancel my appointment with you. Can I reschedule for Tuesday morning? David: I’m afraid Tuesday is a bad day for me. I have meetings all day. Julie: Oh dear! What about Wednesday? David: Yes, of course. Julie: Thanks, speak to you soon.

13 Practice Dialogue: You are supposed to have a meeting with Ms. Carton on Tuesday at 11. However, something’s come up and you cannot make it on Tuesday. You want to push back the meeting on Wednesday; however, Ms. Carton cannot make it on Wednesday. In the end the meeting is scheduled on Thursday at 11. Caller: _________________________ Ms. Carton: Hmm. I’m afraid I cannot make it on Wednesday because I will be out of town on business. How about Thursday? Caller: _________________________ Ms. Carton: O.K. So that will be Thursday at 11, am I correct? Caller: _________________________ Ms. Carton: So, see you on Thursday, then Bye.

14 Practice & Role-play Make a dialogue and practice with your partner. - make an appointment - respond to an appointment - cancel an appointment TIP If you must reschedule or cancel an appointment, be sure to do so as soon as you know of the change in your schedule.

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