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Democratization and Slavery Abolition, “Corruption” & the Slave Power Conspiracy.

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1 Democratization and Slavery Abolition, “Corruption” & the Slave Power Conspiracy

2 Frederick Law Olmstead 1.Cavaliers leisurely, graceful 2.Cultivated South & North Music of Stephen Foster

3 Reality 1.“Yeomen” farmers 2.Society organized to perpetuate slavery curfews patrols militarization violence

4 Statistics 1.1860: 12M southerners 8M whites 4M slaves (1/2M free blacks) 2.Unequal distribution upper South La. & Miss. S.C.

5 I. Slavery and Southern Society Profits Politics Preaching

6 A. Profits of slavery 1.Industrialization & slavery 2. economic hierarchy 10%, 20+ 90%, -20 ¾ = no slaves at all

7 B. “Corruption” of politics 1.Defensive mentality Denmark Vesey, 1822 lay AME preacher Nat Turner, 1831 blamed on abolitionists John Brown’s Raid, 1859

8 2. Expansion Texas, Mexico, Great Plains illegal, aggressive, immoral Cuba, South America

9 3. Subversion of civil liberties Gag Rule, 1835-46 (1 st Amendment) Federal mail vigilantism 4. Fugitive Slave Act, 1850

10 Slave Power Conspiracy Control over federal government Systematic violation of civil liberties Wars to expand slavery

11 C. Christianity and slavery 1. 2 nd Great Awakening, 1830s – 50s redemption of the individual - not appreciated in the South

12 2. Slavery as anti-virtue destroyed family exploitation of women corruption of parenthood

13 III. Rise of Abolitionism Underlying causes Precipitating causes Inflames pre-existing passions

14 A. Underlying cause 1.Horizontal society - threat to Free Labor, Free Soil ideologies 2. Mass politicization - opposition to Slave Power

15 B. Evolution of American Protestantism 1.Liberal Protestantism (Quakers, Unitarians, Transcendentalists) - downplayed “sin” - freedom of conscience, personal Truth

16 2. Evangelical Protestantism (Congregationalists, Methodists, Baptists) - reform Man, reform institutions - literal truth of Bible (fundamentalism) - emphasis on morality William Lloyd Garrison Liberal & Evangelical Protestantism grow in 2 nd Great Awakening

17 C. Tactics of abolition 1.Never a majority - often mistrusted “radicals” 2.Civil disobedience H.D. Thoreau Underground RR

18 3. Empathy Sojourner Truth, “Ain’t I a woman?”, 1851 1852, Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe 4. Black voices Frederick Douglass David Walker Sojourner Truth Harriet Tubman

19 D. Did abolition work? Yes and No… - did not convince majority of Northerners to end slavery by legislation - polarized public opinion on slavery compromise increasingly unlikely

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