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EXAM ONE: ETHICS 2 You answer two questions about Christianity in this exam. The second question is about: SECTION B: EQUALITY and PREJUDICE This PowerPoint tells you what you need to know. The final slide also has some suggested revision activities.

2 There are four key areas for this question:

Treating people the same Treating people differently Thinking badly about other groups Doing badly against other groups

4 RACISM Racism [prejudice against different races] and racial discrimination [doing bad things against different races] still exist today. Stephen Lawrence – murdered black teenager in 1990s, killers only just sent to prison Between races, not just black-white Most Christians are against racism e.g. Church of England and Roman Catholics. Key examples are: Jesus in Bible – “love thy neighbour as you love yourself” Book of Genesis – “God created man and woman in his own image” St Peter in Bible – God does not have favourites St Paul in Bible – “there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, you are all one in Christ Jesus”

5 RACISM Jesus told the Parable [story with a moral] of the Good Samaritan where Jewish people ignored an injured Jew but a Samaritan, a traditional enemy, helped him.  Famous Christians against racism: Martin Luther King – in the South of the USA in the 1950/60s “dream speech” Desmond Tutu – in South Africa he worked against apartheid, where they separated black and white.  Some Christians support racism Dutch Reformed Church – supported racist apartheid in South Africa KKK – Ku Klux Klan violent racist gang in the USA Empires – British Empire built on slavery and was supported by many Christians

6 ROLE OF WOMEN Even today, women are more likely to: be raped, do most of the housework, be paid less on average, be single parents. Liberal Christian View – women and men are equal - Jesus was friends with women - Early Christian church had strong women leaders eg Phoebe and Priscilla - After Jesus’ resurrection [when Christians believe he rose from the dead] he was first seen by women - The Bible compares God to lots of different things wind, vines, lamb. Calling God ‘father’ is a metaphor, it does not mean God is male Church of England allow women priests.

7 ROLE OF WOMEN Traditional Christian View – women and men are not equal - Bible talks of God as ‘he’, ‘him’ and ‘Father’ - Old Testament of the Bible says: ‘women should be silent in church’ ‘the head of the woman is a man’ - Book of Genesis blames Eve for tempting Adam - All Jesus’ apostles [main followers] were male - Roman Catholic Church does not allow women to be priests

8 Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Reconciliation - means peace between you and others/God Salvation - Christians believe Jesus died on the Cross to save man from sins Communion – when Christians eat bread and wine in church they do it to remember God’s forgiveness Lord’s Prayer/’Our Father’ – most common Christian prayer says “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us” Confession – Catholics go to this. The penitent [person saying sorry] tells the priest what they have done wrong. They are given a penance [what they have to do e.g. say prayers] and are forgiven Desmond Tutu – in South Africa he set up the Truth and Reconciliation commission. People admitted the racist crimes they had done and were forgiven. People say it stopped there being a war.

9 Attitudes to other religions
Christian attitudes to other religions can be described with three terms: EXCLUSIVIST INCLUSIVIT PLURALIST EXCLUSIVIST – believe Christianity is best and only way. All non-Christians go to hell. Believe they should make everyone Christian. Getting people to be Christians is called proselytising. Gospel of Matthew says “make disciples of all nations” Missionaries spend their lives telling others about Jesus. This is called evangelism. Early example of a missionary: St Paul in the Bible Modern examples of missionaries: Salvation Army

10 Attitudes to other religions
INCLUSIVIST – believe Christianity is best but other religions are ok, especially if they are similar. Many Christians are inclusivist. They work to bring different Christian churches together. This is called ecumenism. One place where Christians of different religions meet is in Taize, France. Even in Newcastle there is a group called SACRE – which has people from different religions working together to teach young people PLURALIST – believe that all religions are equally good. There is no one truth and not just one way to God.

11 READ through the PowerPoint
READ through the PowerPoint. As you do, SEARCH the internet for pictures to help you remember the examples and ADD them into the slides. PLAY the PowerPoint through. The titles and pictures will appear before the words. See how much of the writing you can REMEMBER. You can then bring up the writing to CHECK. Try to REPEAT this several times until you are remembering more of the writing. Look at the QUESTIONS that have been asked about this in previous exams. The questions are listed on the Word document next to where you found this PowerPoint. CHECK you know what all the words mean. PLAN your answers to some of the questions. You can also WRITE practice answers and show them to your teacher.

12 What do Christians believe?
If you can’t remember what Christians believe, talk about these 4 things. They are what most Christians use to take decisions: Bible Church Famous Christians Conscience – their own mind You can remember it with Bristol City Football Club


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