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RE Exam Social Harmony.

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1 RE Exam Social Harmony

2 Social Harmony (a) What is religious pluralism? (2)
(b) “Men and women should be equal” Do you agree? (4) (c) Explain how the teachings of Christianity may promote social harmony. (8) (d) “All societies should be multi-faith societies” (6)

3 (a) answer Religious pluralism is accepting that different religions have equal rights. (2)

4 (b) answer I think that there should be equality between men and women as women have proved we can do anything a man can do, for example be doctors and soldiers. I also agree because even the church has had to agree and made women ordained as Priests and Vicars in the Church of England, this shows that women can be representatives of God in the church and go into the blessed sanctuary in church.

5 (c ) answer The teachings of Christianity would promote racial harmony because the Bible teaches that we are all descendants from Adam and therefore are all the same (2) Jesus taught through parables such as ‘The Good Samaritan’ that teaches that everyone should love one another as neighbours. Jesus also made no separation in his followers and cared for everyone.(4)The whole of the New testament is opposed to Racism and all modern church groups have made statements condemning racism.(6) St Peter also had a vision from God telling him that he has no favourites among the races of the world. Therefore a Christian should follow these teachings and not be racist. If they were they would not be a true Christian.(8)

6 (d) answer I agree with the statement because I think living in a diverse society makes life more interesting. It may encourage you to look more deeply at your own beliefs and maybe practice it more seriously. It also encourages harmony as everyone gets to know and understand each others’ beliefs and cultural practices. It makes our culture more rich by bringing in new arts and foods. Some Christians might agree with this statement because they believe that all religions are equal and are routes to God but through different paths. Some Muslims might disagree with this statement because they believe that only Islam has the truth and it is their duty to convert others. Other religious people would be undecided because they believe that their religion has the truth from God but they tolerate other religions and do not try to convert others.

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