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2 Choose 4 topics out of 6 Animal Rights Planet Earth
Prejudice and Discrimination War and Peace Religion and Early Life (Young people –Not covered)

3 Religion and Prejudice – For this you must revise….
Key terms (Prejudice. Discrimination. Scapegoat. Stereotype. Positive discrimination) Causes of prejudice/ ignorance/stereotyping/scapegoating Types of prejudice e.g. racism/sexism/religion/disability Tolerance/justice/harmony (religious ideas) Christian and Muslim views towards prejudice and discrimination Positive discrimination Different responses (Anthony walkers mum/ Laws against discrimination) (Martin Luther King/ Ghandi/ Desmond Tutu) Key quotes and religious teachings

4 Key Quotes to use! Colour code : Christian Muslim
‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ ‘Allah does not look on your outward appearance but on your good deeds’ ‘We are all made in the image of God’ Try not to get the religions mixed up when quoting… If you forget which religion the quote comes from just say religious believers rather than guessing it wrong

5 Prejudice Stereotype Discrimination Scapegoat Positive discrimination
Treating people differently but discriminating in a nice way e.g. giving someone in a wheel chair a job Blaming a certain group in society for problems Judging/ thinking badly about someone before you know them Acting on your views and actively treating someone differently Judging a whole group as the same e.g. ‘all blondes are dumb’

6 Why are people prejudice? ( Identify each reason and explain each one)
Lack of ………….. M………….. U………………../P…………… Bad e……………………

7 Types of prejudice – Give examples of these
Racism Ageism Sexism Disability Religion Class

8 Racism- Treating someone differently because of the colour of their skin

9 Watch the two clips- Make notes on these examples of racism in society
Stephen Lawrence Anthony Walker

10 Religious believers who fought prejudice
Martin Luther King Gandhi Desmond Tutu

11 Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Jr was a famous C……… Minister who led the C……. R……..movement in America in the 1960s. Many black people faced p……….. and d……………………. For example there was a policy of s……………….. Where people had to live separately because of the c…….. of their skin. They had to go to separate s……… and drink from separate water f……….. Martin led a series of peaceful p…………… to end discrimination. He gave a series of speeches one of which includes the famous line ‘I have a ……..’ He also led the bus boycotts where black people refused to get on buses until they were given the same rights as white people. There were also sit ins where people would peacefully sit in shops and not move. All these actions led to equal rights for all. King did not believe in violence, as a Christian minister he believed the teachings of Christianity of Peace, Justice and Harmony. He believed the teaching ‘Love your neighbour as ………..’ which does not judge people on their skin colour… so as a Christian he fought against prejudice

12 Desmond Tutu Christian Minister who fought against prejudice in South Africa. There was a policy of Apartheid in South A……… at the time, this means s……………. Black and white people were not allowed to live together/ marry each other/ use the same facilities. He used his powers as a priest to campaign for equal r……. Like Martin Luther King he held non violent protests. He led peaceful marches and organised petitions which put pressure on the government to change laws. South Africa later became a multicultural republic. As a C……… he did not want to keep hating the people that did this so he wanted a meeting to discuss what people had done wrong and asking G….. for forgiveness. As a Christian he wanted to work for j……. and equality

13 Gandhi Gandhi was a H……… born in I…….. At the time, the British ruled India. Gandhi fought peacefully for India to become independent from Britain's rule and also fought the racism that existed in India. As a Hindu Gandhi practiced non- v………… He believed the only way to treat others was by loving them. He believed in e…………. And peace for all. He saw all religions as equal and tried to stop the conflict between Hindus and Muslims in India. He was killed by a Hindu extremist

14 Tolerance Justice Harmony
Match the KEY RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS! Both Christians and Muslims believe in…. Tolerance Justice Harmony Living in peace with others. Understanding others even if they Are different Accepting other people and valuing Them even if they are different. Letting People have their own beliefs/ ideas. It is about respect People are treated equally and in a fair Way regardless of their race/ religion / gender etc

15 You need to know the responses to prejudice
Community Society/Law Individual

16 The Law on prejudice There are lots of laws against discrimination to protect p…... These laws try to stop people being d…………against because of their gender/ skin colour at work/ in society. Two examples of laws include Sex discrimination act Race relations act At the moment the government are debating a change in law on same sex marriages which would allow gay people to legally have the same right to marriage as heterosexual couples. At the moment gay people can have a civil ………….. Which is not legally the same as a marriage

17 Individual responses to prejudice
Gee Walker is the mother of murdered teenager Anthony Walker. Anthony was killed in Liverpool with an ice axe because of the colour of his skin. Gee said she did not hate Anthony’s killers and as a Christian she forgave them. She believed in peace, love and justice. She has set up a charity in Anthony’s name to fight racism Would you react in the same way as Gee if it was your family member dead? Why do you think she forgave them?

18 Community responses In Northern Ireland there has been tension between Catholics and Protestants for many years. This has caused a lot of fighting. The CORRYMEELA Community was set up to promote peace and accept all types of Christians in Northern Ireland, and to move away from Violence. Its aim is to break down religious barriers and Get people talking regardless of religious beliefs and differences. They run youth and community projects and every year over 8,000 people get involved with their peaceful group.

19 Exam style questions…. What is stereotyping (1) Give two reasons why religious believers are against stereotyping (2)

20 Explain the attitudes of religious believers to racism (6)

21 ‘Religious believers have not done enough to fight racism’ ( 6)

22 Give two causes of racism (2) Why might some religious believers support positive discrimination (3)

23 Religious believers should help victims of prejudice’ (3)

24 Describe the work of one religious believer who has fought prejudice (4)

25 ‘Religious prejudice is the worst type of prejudice’ (6)


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