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The First Black Professional Footballer 1865 to 1930 SPORT & CLASS.

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1 The First Black Professional Footballer 1865 to 1930 SPORT & CLASS

2 Who was Arthur? Arthur Wharton The first man to run 100yards in 10 seconds The first black professional footballer A multi-talented sportsman, pioneer and celebrity of his day (2 ) Image: Arthur with the Princess Hassan Cup after breaking the World Record for the 100 Yard Sprint 1886

3 Arthur’s experience of racism (3 ) ‘Is the darkie’s pate too thick for it to dawn upon him that between the posts is no place for a skylark? By some it’s called coolness – bosh!’ (Football News and Athletic Journal, 29 October 1887) ‘Stalybridge Rovers have bagged a real nigger as goalkeeper in Wharton' (Northern Daily Telegraph, 18th January, 1896)

4 Arthur’s experience of racism (4 ) In an interview, Arthur told of a time he was resting between races, unseen, and overheard two rivals say, “Who’s he that we should be frightened of him beating us? We can beat a blooming nigger any time”. He recalled jumping up and startling them with, “Allow me to help you understand that I not only run, I do a little boxing when it is required”, and that the rivals made a quick getaway! Athletic Journal June 1888

5 What is Scientific Racism (5 ) This illustration ran in Harper’s Weekly Magazine in America (c.1887- 1916). The text with it asserts that the Irish have evolved from the ‘savage’ African and that both made way for superior races.

6 What is Scientific Racism (6 ) “I am haunted by the human chimpanzees I saw [in Ireland]... I don't believe they are our fault.... But to see white chimpanzees is dreadful; if they were black, one would not feel it so much...." Charles Kingsley, English clergyman, writer, amateur naturalist and historian (1819–1875)

7 Racism as a political tool (7 ) Watch: Clip about Victorian racism and colonial rule (14 seconds): PHOTOS: ‘Far-right’ National Front march, Yorkshire, Britain, 1970s. March Against Fascism, Sheffield, protesting the English Defence League 22/9/13 (Courtesy of Sheffield Newspapers)

8 Racism as a political tool (8 ) Above: Flag of the Nazi Party and Nazi Germany. Left: Symbol of The Golden Dawn Party in modern day Greece. Scholars and much of the media have described it as a neo-Nazi and fascist group but they reject these labels.

9 How Arthur defied racism (9 ) "No full blooded Negro has ever been distinguished as a man of science, a poet, or an artist, the fundamental equality [claimed for the negro] by ignorant philanthropists is belied by the whole history of the race.“ 1903 Encyclopedia Britannica

10 Myths of an all white Britain (10 ) Arthur’s story highlights: positive immigration and integration, early roots of multiculturalism contribution of immigrants - cultural and economical. “Britain was all white and British before the war!” “Immigrants come and take and don’t give anything back!” [Myths of the Far-Right Watch: Performance poet, Hollie McNish, performing ‘Mathematics’ 2012, a poem about immigration to Britain

11 We are all one race (1 1) Watch: Different ‘races’ of humans, don’t exist. Here, Actress, Thandie Newton tells of the moment she learnt this fact (

12 We are all one race (12 ) Olympic Champion, Jess Ennis - Yorkshire Track and Field Championships 2010 courtesy of Adam Kerfoot-Roberts Arthur Wharton at Darlington FC (c.1884-88)

13 Let’s kick racism out (13 ) Racism in football is a reflection of what’s happening on a political, social and economic level. As well as on a grass-roots level, racism must be tackled through power structures. Watch: Here we see premiership footballers taking a stand to attract media attention (2012)

14 Empathic Civilisation (13 ) Watch: The human journey away from racism and xenophobia explained in 2.5 minutes! (RSA: The Empathic Civilisation)

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