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The First Black Professional Footballer 1865 to 1930 SPORT & CLASS.

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1 The First Black Professional Footballer 1865 to 1930 SPORT & CLASS

2 Who was Arthur? Arthur Wharton The first man to run 100yards in 10 seconds The first black professional footballer A multi-talented sportsman, pioneer and celebrity of his day (2) Image: Arthur with the Princess Hassan Cup after breaking the World Record for the 100 Yard Sprint 1886

3 Arthur’s experience of racism (3) ‘Is the darkie’s pate too thick for it to dawn upon him that between the posts is no place for a skylark? By some it’s called coolness – bosh!’ (Football News and Athletic Journal, 29 October 1887) ‘Stalybridge Rovers have bagged a real nigger as goalkeeper in Wharton' (Northern Daily Telegraph, 18th January, 1896)

4 Arthur’s experience of racism (4) In an interview, Arthur told of a time he was resting between races, unseen, and overheard two rivals say, “Who’s he that we should be frightened of him beating us? We can beat a blooming nigger any time”. He recalled jumping up and startling them with, “Allow me to help you understand that I not only run, I do a little boxing when it is required”, and that the rivals made a quick getaway! Athletic Journal June 1888

5 What is Scientific Racism (5) This illustration ran in Harper’s Weekly Magazine in America (c.1887- 1916). The text with it asserts that the Irish have evolved from the ‘savage’ African and that both made way for superior races.

6 What is Scientific Racism (6) “I am haunted by the human chimpanzees I saw [in Ireland]... I don't believe they are our fault.... But to see white chimpanzees is dreadful; if they were black, one would not feel it so much...." Charles Kingsley, English clergyman, writer, amateur naturalist and historian (1819–1875)

7 Racism as a political tool (7) Clip about Victorian racism and colonial rule. ‘Far-right’ National Front march, Yorkshire, Britain, 1970s. March Against Fascism, Sheffield, protesting the English Defence League 22/9/13 (Courtesy of Sheffield Newspapers)

8 Racism as a political tool (8) Above: Flag of the Nazi Party and Nazi Germany. Left: Symbol of The Golden Dawn Party in modern day Greece. Scholars and much of the media have described it as a neo-Nazi and fascist group but they reject these labels.

9 How Arthur defied racism (9) "No full blooded Negro has ever been distinguished as a man of science, a poet, or an artist, the fundamental equality [claimed for the negro] by ignorant philanthropists is belied by the whole history of the race.“ 1903 Encyclopedia Britannica

10 Myths of an all white Britain (10) Arthur’s story highlights: positive immigration and integration, early roots of multiculturalism contribution of immigrants - cultural and economical. “Britain was all white and British before the war!” “Immigrants come and take and don’t give anything back!” [Myths of the Far-Right Hollie McNish performing ‘Mathematics’ 2012

11 We are all one race (11) Different ‘races’ of humans, don’t exist. Here, Actress, Thandie Newton tells of the moment she learnt this fact (

12 We are all one race (12) Olympic Champion, Jess Ennis - Yorkshire Track and Field Championships 2010 courtesy of Adam Kerfoot-Roberts Arthur Wharton at Darlington FC (c.1884-88)

13 Let’s kick racism out (13 ) Racism in football is a reflection of what’s happening on a political, social and economic level. As well as on a grass-roots level, racism must be tackled through power structures. Here we see premiership footballers taking a stand to attract media attention (2012).

14 Empathic Civilisation (13 ) The human journey away from racism and xenophobia explained in 2.5 minutes! (RSA: The Empathic Civilisation)

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