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Welcome ”VEIDEC – a unique chemical concept for repair and maintenance”

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1 Welcome ”VEIDEC – a unique chemical concept for repair and maintenance”

2 Agenda 10.20Meeting startsAll 10.30 – 10.45Topic 1XX 10.45 – 11.30 Topic 2 XX 11.30 – 11.45Topic 3 XX 11.55 – 12.30 Topic 1 XX

3 VEIDEC Racing – Xtreme testing

4 General facts about VEIDEC VEIDEC Group was founded in Sweden 1993. Concept launched in Europe during 2001. Currently available in some 10 countries & further expanding in Europe. Large potential for growth. A strong and recognized brand. Same concept in every country. Unique & high-tech chemical products for maintenance, protection and repair. Large width of target groups & applications. Strong environmental focus. Sales done by powerful demonstrations direct towards professional users.

5 The VEIDEC vision Be a world class brand providing the most reliable, unique and advanced chemical products for maintenance and repair.

6 Certificates Certified by & Committed to: ISO-9001 (Quality Management) ISO-14001 (Environmental Management) NSF (Health, safety & environment) REACH (Health, safety & environment) ISEGA (Health, safety & environment) AAA-rating (Highest credit worthiness)

7 Product Range - some initial facts Currently some 140 high-tech & multi-purpose products. Focus on maintenance, protection and repair. Introduction of new products 3-4 times/year. 9 different product categories.CLEANINGLUBRICATION SURFACE FINISHING ADHESIVE & SEALANT TOOLSELECTRO WORKWEAR & PROTECTION BODY CARE ACCESSORIES

8 Example of target groups OEMs and other professional end-users (wide variety of type & size). Some examples... Marine Auto Repair Paint Jobs Public Environment Automotive Aerospace Restaurants/Hotels Fleet Management Construction Mining Electronics Industry

9 Example of references Some European references… Defence Auto Paper & Pulp Construction Brewery Electr. & Techn. Auto Medical Auto Metal Auto Construction Aero Wood Electronics Elect. & Var. Engineering Engin. & Rubber Brewery Auto Paper & Pack. Sandvik Auto Bearings

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