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Chapter 25 Section 1: Counties, Towns, and Townships

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1 Chapter 25 Section 1: Counties, Towns, and Townships
Big Idea: Forms of local government include counties, Towns, Townships, and special districts

2 vocabulary County Township Special district

3 Notes Describe the government structure of counties
What is the function of a county? Why is there a need for reform in county government? Describe government in towns/townships Describe government in special districts

4 Chapter 25 Section 2: Cities and Metropolitan Areas
Big Idea: Once primarily rural, the United States’ population has become much more urban.

5 Vocabulary Incorporation Charter Mayor council government
Strong mayor government Weak mayor government Commission government Council manager government Zoning Metropolitan

6 Notes Why did America’s population shift from rural to urban society
Explain the process of incorporation and the function of city charters Contrast the major forms of city government. Why is there a need for city planning What are some municipal functions? What challenges do suburbs and metropolitan areas face?

7 Ch 25 section 3: Providing Important Services
Big Idea: State and Local governments provide numerous expensive services for their citizens

8 Vocabulary Medicaid Welfare Entitlement urbanization

9 Notes Why do State governments have a major role in providing important services? What types of services do States and Local governments provide? Why do the amount and types of services available to citizens vary greatly from State to State?

10 Chapter 25 Section 4: Financing State and local government
Big Idea: States and local governments use taxes to collect the revenue that pays for services.

11 Vocabulary Sales tax Regressive tax Income tax Progressive tax
Property tax Assessment Inheritance tax Estate tax budget

12 Notes Describe the major Federal and state limits on raising revenue:
List the 4 principles of sound taxation: What are major tax and nontax sources of State and local revenue? Describe the budget process: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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