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Выполнил: Сёмкин Никита ученик 6 б класса, Руководитель: Меньшикова Е.И. учитель английского языка МОУ «Лицей 1» Петрозаводск Steve Jobs' 12 Rules of Success.

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Presentation on theme: "Выполнил: Сёмкин Никита ученик 6 б класса, Руководитель: Меньшикова Е.И. учитель английского языка МОУ «Лицей 1» Петрозаводск Steve Jobs' 12 Rules of Success."— Presentation transcript:

1 Выполнил: Сёмкин Никита ученик 6 б класса, Руководитель: Меньшикова Е.И. учитель английского языка МОУ «Лицей 1» Петрозаводск Steve Jobs' 12 Rules of Success

2 Contents: 1 The objective of the project 2 Introduction 3 Early years 4 How he started his career 5 Achievements 6 Later years 7 Steve Jobs' Rules of Success 8 Conclusion

3 The purpose of my project is to find out the secret of Steve Jobs’ personal success.

4 Introduction Steven Paul Jobs was an American businessman and pioneer of the personal computer revolution. He was the Apple chairman who made personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and digital animation mass- market products passed away today.

5 Early years Steve Jobs was born on 24 th of February in 1955 in San Francisco, CA, soon to be adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Many years later he said “Knowing I was adopted may have made me feel more independent, but I have never felt abandoned. I’ve always felt special. My parents made me feel special.”

6 As a teenager, Steve Jobs visited India. Came back a vegetarian and a Buddhist, he also used drugs. His company was named in honor of his favorite fruit. In twenty years, he became a millionaire.

7  Jobs was in Homestead High School in California. After school he attended lectures in the company Hewlett-Packard. Soon he was there to work with Steve Wozniak in as temporary employees for the summer period.

8 1. Igniting the personal computer revolution. 2. The Apple II, released in 1977, was one of the first highly successful mass-produced personal computers.

9 3. The Macintosh, introduced in 1984, was the first commercially successful PC to use a mouse and graphical user interface. Instead of typing in commands with a keyboard, users could click on on- screen icons using a mouse controller.

10 4. Creating portable digital music players. Apple Company made the device a fun, simple and fashionable way to store thousands of songs. Jobs' creation soon dominated the market. 5. Jobs turned music distribution on its head with the iTunes store by offering consumers an easy way to download songs to their computers and iPods.

11 6. Beginning the age of computer animation. Jobs ushered in the age of feature-length computer animated movies by funding and leading Jobs bought Pixar Animation Studio from George Lucas in 1986 and turned it into a maker of blockbuster films, starting with "Toy Story" in 1995. Walt Disney (DIS) bought Pixar in 2006 for $7.4 billion.

12 7. Opening Apple stores. He launched a chain of Apple retail stores (магазины розничной торговли) starting in 2001. Apple now operates more than 350 stores. 8. Making personal computers stylish. From the start, Apple computers have stood out as stylish. From the candy- colored original iMacs to the superthin MacBook Air, Apple has made products that customers want.

13 Why was S. Jobs so successful? He had defined 12 rules that helped with his business. 1. Do what you love to do. Find your true passion. Do what you love to do a make a difference! The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

14 2. Be different. Think different. "Better be a pirate than to join the navy." 3. Do your best ( прилагайте максимум усилий ). Do your best at every job. Success generates more success. So be hungry for it. Hire good people with passion for excellence.

15 4 Make SWOT analysis. (SWOT : Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) Strengths (сила) What is your strongest business asset (ценное качество) ? Weaknesses ( слабости) What can be improved? In what areas do your competitors (конкуренты) have the edge (преимущество)?

16 Opportunities (возможности)  What trends do you see in your industry?  What trends do you foresee?  What trends might impact (влиять)your industry? Threats (опасности)  What obstacles (препятствия) do you face?  What are the competitive strategies that you do not use?

17 5 Be go-ahead ( предприимчивый человек ). Find a set of ideas that need to be quickly acted upon and jump through that window. 6 Start small, think big. Take a handful of simple things to begin with, and then progress to more complex ones. 7 Try to become a market leader. Own and control the primary technology in everything you do. Be the first, and make your technology an industry standard.

18 8 Focus on the outcome ( сосредоточьте своё внимание на конечном продукте ). Be a yardstick of quality ( станьте эталоном качества ). 9 Ask for feedback ( связь с потребителями ). Focus on those who will use your product – listen to your customers first. 10 Innovate ( делайте нововведения ). 11 Learn from failures (учись избегать ошибок). 12 Learn continually. (учитесь непрерывно). Don't think you know everything and be open to learning and trying new things if you wish to achieve more, create new things, grow, be successful and live the life you want.

19 Conclusion  Steven P. Jobs passed away on October 5th, 2011 after cancer. He was just 56 years old.  He made the computer personal, and the smartphone fun. Bill Gates may have put a computer on every office desk, but it was Steve Jobs who put one in every bedroom and living room. And then, years later, he repeated the trick, putting one in every bag and every pocket, thanks to the iPad and iPhone. If you use a computer or smartphone today, it is either one he created, or an imitation of his genius.  The Biggest Success Secret to my mind is Continuous Learning. Life is about continuous learning, discovering new things, and growing. Successful people don't think they know everything. They are open to new ideas. They are always willing to find another way, find a better solution. That's why they're successful.

20 Resources 1 12_success_rules_sj.html 12_success_rules_sj.html 2 3 1981/1955-1981.html 1981/1955-1981.html 4 childhood.html childhood.html 5 jobs-accomplishments/ jobs-accomplishments/

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