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September 12, 2009. Agenda I.Welcome and Introduction of Officers II.Announcements III.Society Update IV.Chapter Survey V.Chapter Strategic Plan VI.Budget.

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1 September 12, 2009

2 Agenda I.Welcome and Introduction of Officers II.Announcements III.Society Update IV.Chapter Survey V.Chapter Strategic Plan VI.Budget VII.Forms VIII.Questions

3 2009-2010 Board of Directors Claire Hamilton, ASID President Gulf Coast District Darnel Aucoin, ASID President-Elect New Orleans District Amanda Reviere, ASID Correspondence Director and Chapter Administrator Lafayette/Lake Charles District Marie Scaffidi, Student Member, ASID Student Rep The University of Southern Mississippi Kim Prescott, ASID Finance Director Little Rock District Holly Harrison-McDowell, ASID Director-at-Large Baton Rouge District Kelli Gemmell, ASID Professional Development North Arkansas District Autum Stallings, ASID Membership Director Mississippi District

4 Announcements Annual Conference DeltaCON Contract Furnishings Show Leadership Directory Blueprints and Website National Conference at NeoCON

5 Member Benefits CEU requirements Educational opportunities Ethics and Appellation Misuse Real World Design Week ASID Style Guide Contracts with 3 rd parties Society Updates

6 ASID website User name: firstname.lastname.idnumber Password: idnumber


8 ASID Member Mark Member Use The Member mark may not be altered in any way and must be used in accordance with the Society’s graphic standards. All reproduction of the Member mark must be made from art files provided by ASID to the member. The Member mark may be used only when the name and appellation of the member are present and clearly related to the mark. Specifically, use of the ASID Member mark will be restricted to the following placements: On the member’s personal business card On the member’s business letterhead, provided that the member’s name and appellation appear on the letterhead On the member’s Web site where the member’s name and appellation appear, e.g., on an About Us or Contact Us page

9 ASID Member Mark The Member mark may not be used in the name or logo of a company or collectively for a company, organization or group of individuals, even if more than one of the individuals has permission to use the mark. The mark should not be placed in such proximity to a company name or logo that it could be construed as referring to the company rather than the individual member. The ASID Member mark may only be used on business-related documents and materials for businesses offering interior design and related services, as noted above. It may not be used on personal stationery, personal e-mail messages, etc., or on materials for any other type of business. The ASID Member mark cannot be used in any commercial publication or advertising, including listings, such as referral services, the Yellow Pages or online directories. The ASID Member mark cannot be used for any personal or special projects. Events sponsored by a Chapter should display the chapter logo. ASID members may not use the Member mark to imply ASID endorsement of an organization, event, product or service. All Professional Members are eligible to use the Member mark.

10 Student Chapter Logos

11 Designer Referral Service



14 Eye on Design and News Flash

15 STEP Workshops Fall 2009 STEP Workshop Information: The National Council for Interior Design Qualification, Inc. (NCIDQ) announced in December 2008 that the NCIDQ Examination will be modified for Spring 2010. These modifications are necessary to ensure that the examination continues to test the knowledge and skills interior designers use in the course of their daily practice. The structure of the NCIDQ Examination will continue to include two half-day multiple-choice sections and a full-day drawing practicum. These changes are very in-depth and result in a major overhaul of the content/curriculum for STEP workshops. As a result, we will not be holding any workshops in October or November 2009 while the materials are being updated. Workshops will resume on December 4th, 2009. We will begin posting workshops for Winter 2009/2010 on a rolling basis as they are scheduled. For more information on the STEP program please contact ASID at GREAT MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS YOU DON’T WONT TO MISS! One year dues waiver for passing the NCIDQ – Allied to Professional $100 dues waiver for passing the LEED exam South Central Chapter lottery: 1 ea STEP waiver valued at $500 South Central Chapter lottery: 2ea $400 stipends to recent NCIDQ

16 ASID Connex


18 ASID Live

19 ASID Video on You Tube

20 ASID on Facebook

21 District and Student Chapter’s on Facebook

22 Continuing Education Pocket Ceu’s


24 CEU Deadline is Fast Approaching  Our survey indicated that 14% were not familiar at all about the requirements  38% know they need to take them, but need more details  47% know all the requirement December 31, 2009

25 Ethics and Appellation Misuse  Ethic violations are no longer handled on a chapter level. Direct ethic issues to Director of Government and Public Affairs.  Appellation misuse can be addressed by our Chapter Procedures: 1)Confirm membership status in the database 2)Send a friendly letter or make a phone call. If sending a letter, coy the President. (sample letters are included in your binder) 3)Send second letter if misuse continues – keep good notes and documentation It is not acceptable for a member to continue using cards or letterhead until their stock is depleted. They must discontinue immediately. 4)It misuse continues, send all documentation to GPA department 5)If it continues, it will go to legal counsel and the member may loose their membership in ASID

26 Appellation Misuse – Common Mistakes 1)Dropped membership and continue to use appellation 2)Omission of the word “member” EX: Jane Doe, Allied Member ASID 3)Business use: Incorrect: ASID Design Services, ASID Designers To advertise with a business, each ASID members should be identified with their appellation

27 Real World Design Week Last update: The South Central Chapter only has 4 professionals signed up for RWDW. The survey indicated 14 would sign up and 54 were maybe. It’s past time to sign up….

28 ASID Style Guides  Use the guide for press releases, brochures, newsletters and websites.

29 Chapter Survey Results  Data collected between December – May  168 Responses  Individual survey results by District are located on the CD in the training binders.












41 Do you receive… 94% yes 6 % no 78% yes 21% no

42 Professional member mark and Connex 69% have not signed up for Connex 80% prefer to use email 30% are using the new professional member logo 20% know about it and do not use it. 30% do not know about it! The rest are not qualified yet

43 ASID Participation  27% of the respondents do not attend meetings in their district citing inconvenient times (31%) and too far to travel (21%) Check your Districts individual reports to better understand on a local level.  46% of the respondents have never attended the annual conference. Only 8% attend every year and 45% attend occasionally citing CEU’s (37%) and networking (35%) as the main reasons they attend.  Education topics of choice include: Sustainability, Codes/ADA, Business Practices, Historic Restoration/Preservation and color.  Question 25 indicates that there are volunteers out there to help at the District level. Many of these people left their contact information which is included in the reports on the CD  Question 26 identifies potential members interested in serving at the Chapter Level. Refer to CD for contact information




47 Blueprints Volunteers

48 2009-2010 South Central Chapter Strategic Plan Vision Statement ASID represents all interior design professionals and ensures they are free to practice to the full extent of their capabilities, which are widely understood and valued by the public. Mission Statement ASID inspires and enriches its members by promoting the value of interior design, while providing indispensable knowledge and experiences that build relationships. Values  ASID represents the best practices of interior design and its impact on our psychological, physical and economic quality of life.  ASID provides the resources needed to excel in today’s marketplace.  ASID is a thought leader on issues impacting the practice of interior design.  ASID supports and is committed to sustainable design and business practices.

49 Our Goals 1)Evolve the brand 2)Build bridges 3)Advocate the right to practice and expand understanding of interior design profession

50 Goal 1: Evolve the Brand Strategy 1 Ensure the ASID brand is universally understood, expressed and valued Tactic 1Encourage the use of the ASID logo on all inter-chapter correspondence and all members’ professional documents Tactic 2 Provide and display ASID logo at public & member events Tactic 3Provide each district with ASID media and promotional material Tactic 4Encourage each district to select a publicity chair to cultivate local media relations Tactic 5Encourage all eligible members to use the professional Member Mark Strategy 2 Expand awards program Tactic 1 Encourage districts to recognize local IP members Tactic 2 Encourage districts to recognize member awards in local publications and media Tactic 3 Utilize Blueprints to recognize member and IP accomplishments

51 Goal 2: Building Bridges Strategy 1 Increase value and awareness of membership to all members, fostering lifelong member loyalty Tactic 1 Establish an annual membership drive at district level with support via membership director Tactic 2Promote membership benefits via chapter communications, district meetings and events Tactic 3 Encourage members’ feedback via survey, etc. as to the value of membership in ASID Tactic 4Encourage members to use ASID publications, web site and Connex Tactic 5Acknowledge membership loyalty through recognition at awards banquet, meetings, and publications Tactic 6Encourage qualified allied members to obtain professional status and take advantage of the Society’s dues waiver Tactic 7 Offer STEP classes twice a year Tactic 8Provide lottery for two $400.00 NCIDQ test stipends for Allied members who attend the Annual Conference Tactic 9Encourage districts to hold a membership advancement lottery for student members Tactic 10Invite potential IP members to district and chapter events Tactic 11 Encourage members to update their demographic and contact information online

52 Goal 2: Building Bridges Strategy 2 Expand student outreach Tactic 1 Disseminate benefits of student membership Tactic 2 Provide professional contact for students and faculty Tactic 3 Encourage districts to provide educational opportunities for student members Tactic 4 Encourage district members to become a liaison for student chapters Tactic 5 Encourage student membership and advancement Tactic 6Promote Real World Design Week

53 Goal 2: Building Bridges Strategy 3 Reach out to Industry-related organizations Tactic 1Request communication sharing between local organizations Tactic 2Request district chairs to provide mailing list of key industry professionals for Blueprints distribution Tactic 3Encourage joint participation in events

54 Goal 2: Building Bridges Strategy 4 Maintain strong finance and administration of the chapter Tactic 1 Elect a board of directors to govern the chapter Tactic 2Formulate a budget to implement the strategic plan for the fiscal year Tactic 3 Allocate funds to all districts Tactic 4Survey members to gather data for strategic plan Tactic 5 Educate district leadership with 2009-2010 Strategic Plan to implement on district level Tactic 6Educate incoming district leadership through webinars and gathering at annual conference /student career day Tactic 7Organize annual conference/ student career day, design competition, and awards gala

55 Goal 3: Advocate Right to Practice Strategy 1 Support Coalitions Tactic 1Provide chapter funding for legislative efforts Tactic 2Encourage districts to support legislative initiatives in the Chapter Tactic 3Encourage district chairs to invite state board members and coalition leaders to speak at district meetings Strategy 2 Educate the interior design community, particularly students and emerging practitioners about the right –to-practice issues and other issues that affect interior design practitioners Tactic 1Provide legislative updates at Annual Conference / Student Career Day Tactic 2Use opportunities in local and regional media to promote public understanding of designers’ expertise in health, safety, and welfare issues in the built environment jointly with Communications director and district Publicity Chair Tactic 3Encourage through newsletter, website, and meetings, correct use of all professional appellations

56 Goal 3: Advocate Right to Practice Strategy 3 Uphold standards for quality in continuing education Tactic 1 Promote CEU’s at Annual Conference and district meetings Tactic 2Inform all members of the Society’s CEU requirements Tactic 3Inform members of available CEU opportunities Tactic 4Encourage IP members and other area vendors to obtain IDCEC approval for CEUs Tactic 5Create a data base for CEUs

57 Work Plan / Budget: Projected Income

58 Work Plan / Budget: Projected Expenses

59 Chapter Forms: Reconciliation Forms The South Central Chapter is the only Chapter that still maintains bank accounts on a district level. Other chapters have “Design Communities” which do not have bank accounts. It is imperative that your district send a monthly report to Kim Prescott by the 10 th of the month in a digital format. Kim is required to send in a report to HST based on the reports she receives from the district. Request a digital copy of your bank statement if possible. The forms PDF files are fill-in forms.

60 District Reports District Chairs will send in quarterly reports to Holly Harrison McDowell and to the Blueprints chair (currently Michelle Verdigets). These report should summarize the activities and events of your district and may be used in the next issue of Blueprints. They should include images when possible as well as copies of any district newsletters. These reports are due one week in advance of the board meetings.

61 Agenda Action Items Agenda Action Items are required to be submitted for board approval for all district fundraisers and donations in excess of $500. AAI’s must be written in a way that it relates to the strategic plan and should directly identify the goal/strategy/and tactics it will target. AAI’s that do not relate to the plan will not be approved. Describe the event details and provide a preliminary income and expense report If a contract is required, NEVER sign it until the board and HST approved the contract Allow at least 4 months advance notice for the board and HST approval. Email all AAI’s to Holly Harrison-McDowell

62 A word about contracts  Never sign a contract without getting Society approval.  Copies of all contracts must be sent and approved by the chapter board and also the Society well in advance of your event.  Contracts are to be entered into under the name of the chapter – not the American Society of Interior Designers and should be signed, preferably by the president.  Contracts should have an escape clause  Make sure to comply with the Federal Disclosure Requirement and include the appropriate verbiage about contributions not being a charitable contribution. ASID is not a charitable organization! (refer to handout in binder)  IP’s get a discounted rate – 50% less than non-IP members.  ASID does have liability insurance, but if an event is not properly approved, the coverage may not apply to your event. In some instances, the district/chapter may need to seek additional insurance coverage and legal counsel regarding fundraising events. (a copy of the coverage is on the CD)

63 Conclusion…. Please join us at the “Best Practices” meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 17 th in Jackson, MS at the Stuart C. Irby Building.

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