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Education et Formation des adultes au Développement Durable (EDU-SD/DD)

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1 Education et Formation des adultes au Développement Durable (EDU-SD/DD)

2 45 000 km² 1,34 million inhabitants Independent from 1991 Member of EU from 01.05.2004 ESTONIA

3 Population 5,450 people 2,690 men 2,760 women Territory 458 km2 12 persons/km2 Jõgeva Rural Municipality

4 Population Jõgeva Rural Municipality

5 Education institutions Jõgeva Rural Municipality Jõgeva commune, as a holder of education institutions has 4 schools: - 2 kindergarten-and primary schools, 2 basic - schools and 3 kindergartens (from ages 1,5 – 7 years old children). After primary school our children are going to learn Jõgeva town schools Adviser in education and culture is a leader of this department of Jõgeva Rural Municipality and coordinator of kindergartens and all schoolsystem in commune

6 Siimusti Kindergarten and Primary School Kuremaa Kindergarten and Primary School Laiuse Basic School Vaimastvere School Schools and kindergartens

7 The Education system in Estonia Assessing scientific readingSchool curriculum enviroment and SD are included into all subjects and all levels at school (since 1997) and mathematical literacy: a framework for PISA 2006 PISA 2006 Performance of Estonia and Estonian children in the world in scientific literacy PISA survey

8 Our municipality’s vision is set in our development plan: Jõgeva municipality is a good living environment with clean and picturesque nature, where it is safe to live, work, study and relax We are interested in co-operation with you! Welcome to Jõgeva!

9 Elva Training Centre A nongovernmental organisation Founded in April 2009 to promote life-long learning and to co-ordinate educational projects on local, national and international levels Our mission is to contribute to the competitiveness and sustainable development of individuals, enterprises and organisations by promoting the development of people through life-long learning. Our trainings enable learners to gain new professional knowledge and skills as well as to achieve new standards for everyday living.

10 We offer following courses: Management and Communication Psychology (communication skills, leadership, team building, conflict resolution, strategies); Project Management (project writing, team building, leading the project) Event Marketing (preparing, conducting, communicating, accounting and selling the event);

11 The Teacher Effectiveness Training (Th. Gordon); The Parental Effectiveness Training (Th. Gordon); Sustainable Development and Healthy Ways of Living (environmental awareness, economical consumption: healthy food, physical exercises, right thinking and self development); Language courses: –English, –Finnish, –German, –Spanish

12 Ongoing projects: Training in environmental awareness Gardening Training project for NGOs Finnish language course English language course Cooperation with Kultuuriselts Vanaveski in Grundtvig project “Training and Teaching for Sustainable Development”






18 . Betti Alver Museum Jõgeva, Estonia

19 The aim of the museum Vitalizing memory of o poetess Betti Alver o composer Alo Mattiisen o town history Collecting memoirs of our people Giving everyone the means to feel happy and find himself

20 The general principles of Betti Alver Museum Our two main tasks: to be useful for our community public relation work - forming positive reputation in Estonia / internationally Museum is the business card of Jõgeva

21 Our visitation centre has o a stage o a hall for 80 people o modern audio-video equipment it can be used for o presenting our exponents o various trainings and seminars o temporary exhibitions

22 Our activities literary conferences musical and literary hours exhibitions guiding the tours meeting the writers, painters, musicians book presentations workshops (art, handicraft, calligraphy) health days chinese gymnastics (tai-chi, chi-kung trainings)




26 Betti Alver Museum staff Toomas Muru – head of the museum Heli Järv – specialist

27 Polli talu Polli talu International Center for the Visual, Performing and Healing Arts

28 Polli Talu (literally, "Polly's Farm") is a traditional Estonian farm complex situated near the Baltic Sea, 150 km southwest of the capital city Tallinn, not far from the port town of Virtsu. It consists of five log buildings with thatched roofs made from locally- harvested reeds. The structures date back to the beginning of the 20th century.

29 Marika BlossfeldtMarika Blossfeldt, an Estonian who had left her native country as a very young child to live in Germany and, later, New York City, welcomed the opportunity to purchase Polli's Farm in 1995. Her vision was to transform the complex into an international arts center. The opportunity to purchase the property and realize her vision arose only after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. In 1998 Polli Talu Arts Center was registered as a non- profit organisation in Estonia. 1999 marked the first season of artistic and educational activities at Polli Talu Arts Center.





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