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Disability hall of fame

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1 Disability hall of fame
Famous People with Disabilities

2 Jim Abbott Major League Pitcher Born without a right hand

3 Rick Allen Musician Retaught himself how to play the drums after losing his left arm Member of Def Leppard

4 Alexander graham bell Inventor Learning Disability

5 Sarah Bernhardt French Actress Leg amputated due to knee injury
“The Divine Sarah”

6 Ludwig van Beethoven Composer Deaf while composing 9th symphony

7 Orlando bloom Actor Dyslexia

8 Chris burke Actor 1st person with Down Syndrome to star in a weekly TV series

9 Ray charles Musician Blind at age 7

10 Cher Singer and Actress Dyslexia

11 Winston Churchill British Politician Learning Disability

12 Tom Cruise Actor Dyslexia

13 Charles Dickens Author Epilepsy

14 Walt Disney Animator and Businessman Learning Disability

15 Thomas Edison Inventor Learning Disability
Couldn’t read until 12 years old

16 Albert Einstein Mathematician and Physicist Learning Disability
Didn’t speak until he was 3 years old

17 Michael j. fox Actor Parkinson’s Disease

18 Danny glover Actor Dyslexia

19 Whoopi Goldberg Actress Dyslexia

20 Francisco Goya Spanish Painter Deaf at age 46

21 Bethany Hamilton Professional Surfer
Lost right arm in shark attack at age 13

22 Stephen hawking Physicist and Mathematician ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Uses a wheelchair and computer to speak

23 Bruce Jenner Olympic Athlete Dyslexia

24 Magic Johnson Athlete Dyslexia

25 Helen Keller Author and Activist Blind and Deaf

26 Jay leno Comedian Dyslexia

27 Greg Louganis Olympic Athlete Dyslexia

28 John Milton English Author/Poet Blind at age 43

29 George Patton American General Learning Disability

30 Nelson Rockefeller Former Vice President Dyslexia

31 Franklin Roosevelt Former President – served four terms
Paralyzed by Polio at age 39

32 Harriett Tubman Abolitionist Fractured skull lead to narcolepsy
Rescued hundreds of slaves on Underground Tunnel

33 Werner Von Braun Rocket Scientist Learning Disability
Failed many math tests in High School

34 George Washington First President Learning Disability
Could barely write and had very poor grammar

35 Heather Whitestone Author and Motivational Speaker Deaf
Miss America 1995

36 Hank Williams Musician Spina Bifida

37 Woodrow Wilson Former President Dyslexia

38 Henry Winkler Actor Dyslexia

39 Stevie Wonder Musician Blind

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