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PRESENTER, MARK DAVIDSON DISTRICT 214 Student Self-Advocacy in IEP Meetings.

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1 PRESENTER, MARK DAVIDSON DISTRICT 214 Student Self-Advocacy in IEP Meetings

2 What is Self-Advocacy? Speak up for yourself Ask for what you need Take charge of your life Be more independent

3 What is an IEP? It is an Individual Education Program Used to meet the unique educational needs of each student It helps the student, family and school know what the student’s disability is and how the student learns best, and what services are provided to assist in the learning process.

4 What are some parts of the IEP? Current updates on how the student is doing (Strengths and Weaknesses) Academic and Functional Goals Specific learning styles Accommodations and Modifications

5 Do you attend and participate in your own IEP meetings?

6 Why is it important to self-advocate for yourself?

7 Can you think of a time when you didn’t self- advocate for yourself and it was problematic?

8 What are some self-advocacy strategies for participating in my IEP?  S it up straight  H ave a pleasant tone of voice  A ctivate your thinking  Tell yourself to pay attention  Tell yourself to participate  Tell yourself to compare ideas  R elax  Don’t look uptight  Tell yourself to stay calm  E ngage in eye communication

9 Strengths Areas to Improve Reading Skills Writing Skills Math Skills Study Skills Social Skills Career & Employment Skills Complete Educational Worksheet Write my classes Skills needed for success Skills to improve or learn Education Inventory

10 Goals Choices for Learning Academic Goals Social Goals Career/Employment Goals Extra Curricular Goals Future Goals Helpful activities Helpful materials Learning Preferences Testing Preferences Education Inventory (Cont’d)

11 Why are we completing this education inventory and learning about self-advocacy? To learn how to speak for myself To be prepared to participate in my IEP meeting To identify my strengths and weaknesses To create goals that I want to work towards in the future To be able to inform my teachers of my learning needs and preferences in the classroom

12 Actors / Artists Athletes Tom Cruise Whoopi Goldberg Albert Einstein Tommy Hilfiger Cher Jay Leno Vince Vaughn Terry Bradshaw Bruce Jenner Magic Johnson Muhammad Ali Greg Louganis Nolan Ryan Famous people with disabilities

13 Beethovan Walt Disney President Roosevelt George Washington Woodrow Wilson Leonardo Da Vinci John Lennon Ernest Hemingway Elton John Abraham Lincoln Mozart Thomas Edison Pablo Picasso Robin Williams More famous people with disabilities

14 What did these people do to become famous?

15 Bibliography Van Reusen, A.K., Bos, C.S., Schumaker, J.B., Deshler, D.D. The Self-Advocacy Strategy. Edge Enterprises, Inc. Rev. 2007. University of Kansas Self-Advocacy Video

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