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Book Report By: Wende Pendleton- Wicks PNP 1 st Year Leadership Mr. Mike Wilder 1.

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1 Book Report By: Wende Pendleton- Wicks PNP 1 st Year Leadership Mr. Mike Wilder 1

2 Tony’s Interview 2

3 Who are Tony’s Mentors? His Dad Chuck Noll Of NFL Steelers 3

4 What about JFK’s Mentor? His father Joseph Kennedy was not only his mentor but the man behind him becoming our 43 rd President. 4

5 Who are some of our District Leaders mentors?  Mr. McGonegal – George McGonegal (father) and WallyCox his former boss.  Mrs. Essig – As a Principal – Herb Tschappat andCurrently – Lynette Edwards and Lynn Gillman  Mr. Wilder – Lyn Boyer, Brenda O’Conner, Roy Larson,Pat Lucas, and his number on Jesus!! 5

6 Outcomes  What it means to be a mentor leader?  How mentor leadership can lead to personal success?  The (7) keys of mentor leadership.  Why it brings out the best in people?  How to recover from mistakes and handle discipline?  The secret to getting people to follow you and do theirbest for you without intimidation tactics. 6

7 Tony’s Leadership DNA Personal Humility and Professional Will Compelling Modesty and attribute success to factors other than themselves Display a workmanlike diligence Set up their successors for even greater success 7

8 Focus on Significance  Commit to a common vision and goal  Unite in the purpose and pursuit of excellence  Positive Meaningful Relationships: Put People First.  Relationships are ultimately what matter – our relationship with God and with other people.  Influence, Involvement, & Impact 8

9 Significance  Why would Tony mentor Michael Vick who was outsidehis circle of influence?  Lead, guide, inspire, and encourage  Long-term results add value – story of Joshua aperspective that says when God is involved in theprocess, life takes on an eternal significance pg. 14  Wouldn’t it be nice if becoming a mentor leader wouldkeep paying it forward that we may never see the endto our legacy? 9

10 Can we, “Benefit Others?” 10

11 Action Steps  Evaluate Integrity – Are you walking the walk?  Evaluate Impact – Do you see lives changing?  Are you directly engaging and influencing others?  Identify one you can begin to mentor.  Evaluate your goals – Is it in your best interest ortheirs?  How does your leadership style need to change soothers will grow around you? 11

12 A Mentor Leader: It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about others. E 12

13 FOCUS  Benefiting others  Follow the Law of Moses – Mike your up.  Peyton Manning  Where are we going together?  Tampa Bay Bucs Field Day – Very HOT!!  Situational Leadership - Blanchard  Are you prepared to have great successes and not get any credit for them? 13

14 FOCUS IIts about the destination and journey –slow down and spend real time on those around us and along the way. DDon’t lose sight of the present in view of your own goals and ambitions. MMike Mularkey’s story - Pittsburg Stealers Coach MMentor Leadership is all about serving – Are you ready for the challenge? 14

15 Vision  Simple, clear, and compelling statements  Shared by all, others must buy into, and something worth achieving  What do we want to be?  Never quit – you don’t know when things will turn around  Common goals  Inspirational hook 15

16 Mission  Why do we exist?  Why we do what we do?  Craft it to the best of your ability, what makes you unique and run with it.  Don’t get caught up in or you’ll never get it accomplished.  GO, DO, ACT! 16

17 Value  Rules of the Road  How to treat others  What’s important to EVERYONE  What guides our lives  Then you must be a “SERVANT LEADER” as Mr. Mike Wilder.  Putting ourselves aside while looking for opportunities to serve others 17

18 A Look Within “A Personal Inventory”  Coming to grips with our own strengths and weaknesses  Match your weaknesses with someone else's strengths  What makes you think, react, respond, or do?  Honesty comes when you can admit to your past  Our past is what motivates, directs, drives, and unfortunately it’s what holds us back  Motives, Balance, and Priorities  Do your personal best and walk away 18

19 Mustafa and Simba 19

20 Character Is the foundation on which leadership is built.  Vision matters but character matters more  Trustworthy, caring, and do the right thing  Be competent, have integrity, confidence, and must be genuine  People will know when you are and when your not sincere  Whatever gifts God has given us, we should make use of them graciously 20

21 Mentor Leader Attributes  Demonstrate courage and lead by example  Keep the vision and mission out front easy to lose sight when in the trenches  Exercise faith – believing in your team  Long-term success requires faith  Willing and capable of continual growth, by listening and acting 21

22 Relational Qualities  Accountability  Be Available and Approachable – “Act Medium”  Exhibit Loyalty  Shepherd and Protect – Coach John Thompson, Hall of Fame basketball coach of Georgetown University and Rayful Edmond III 22

23 Influence and Impact  You stand where no one else stands. Open your eyes and your heart and look for opportunities.  Adding value to peoples lives – Sound Familiar?  We may be there to plant the seed, water it, or just help to harvest it.  Expect different levels of impact – we are all unique  Wilburn Dungy saw the platform for what it was and took action  Just do it one life at a time 23

24 Lean on Me Eternal Significance 24

25 Living the Message  You will be know by what you model for others.  In tough times, do your actions measure up with your words and faith?  Be the message He intended for you to be for others  When your in a crisis, it’s too late to get others to follow you.  Faith and Character are the foundation and strength of the mentor leader and will be known by their legacy. 25

26 Maximizing Performance  Great Law of Culture – Let each become all that he was created capable of being.  Value and Embrace Diversity – Sound Familiar?  Google’s Vision  Need Unity – No Compromises  We are all “important but not indispensable”  Learn, grow, seek advice and guidance 26

27 SEVEN E’s of Enhancing Potential 1.Engaged – A contact sport 2.Educate – Hands-on; One-On-One Approach, Earn an A 3.Equip – Gradually add items to the Tool Bag 4.Encourage – Affirmation and On-Going 5.Empower – Preparation followed by Appropriate Freedom 6.Energize – Inspire and Motivate 7.Elevate – Raising People Up! Even if means preparing them to replace you. This is surely a selfless job 27

28 Impacting others Lives  It’s all about adding to the value of others lives and make them better.  Then we as mentor leaders can measure our successes with significant things – others lives are better due to your leadership  Just start by talking to those around you  Some may turn into life-long friendships and others in a moment of sharing wisdom  We all have a role in leadership. We all can mentor! 28

29 REFLECTION  I highly recommend this book to everyone.  It made me reflect on my own life and how I can become a significant leader therefore, allowing me to eventually become a Mentor Leader / Servant Leader.  Easy Read with inspirational stories.  Even if you aren’t a football fan, I guarantee you’ll still enjoy this book.  I chose because I like Tony Dungy and could tell the type of man his was when I watched him coach the Bucs and Colts. I watched football only to watch him. 29

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