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PSSA Questions 6th Grade.

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1 PSSA Questions 6th Grade

2 Water Cycle Which statement correctly describes a water cycle process?
Evaporation can occur when the water gains energy from the Sun and changes into water vapor. Condensation can occur when liquid water molecules in clouds lose energy and fall to Earth. Transpiration can occur when atmospheric water vapor gains energy and moves higher in the atmosphere. Precipitation can occur when atmospheric water vapor loses energy and forms liquid water droplets. A

3 Science Tools What does a thermometer measure? A. Temperature B. Time C. Mass D. Volume

4 Science Tools Which instrument enabled scientists to confirm that the moon has craters? A. Microscope B. Telescope C. Barometer D. Binoculars B

5 Scientific Principles
Which statement is an opinion and not a scientific theory? A. Humans should not pollute the air to get energy. B. Flowers will attract bees to a garden. C. Some foods contain fiber. D. Grass is a plant. A

6 Scientific Inquiry A scientist wonders if some colors of paint fade more quickly than others. What would be the best way to find out? A. Observe different colors of paint on buildings to see which have faded. B. Paint wooden squares different colors and observe them over time. C. Ask a group of people with different colored houses if their paint has faded. D. Mix different colors of paint together and see which color is the strongest. B

7 Earth’s Atmosphere What danger is posed to humans by the ozone layer? A. The climate will get warmer. B. Exposure to radiation will increase. C. Wildlife will increase in lakes and reservoirs. D. Sea levels will fall. B

8 Water Cycle Which process in the water cycle is caused by heating? A. Condensation B. Evaporation C. Precipitation D. Transpiration B

9 Watershed Which water system would probably not be used as a source of drinking water? A. Watershed B. River system C. Ocean system D. Wetland system C

10 Planetary Orbit The force that causes Earth to orbit the Sun is due to: A. Magnetism B. Gravity C. Solar wind D. Gamma radiation B

11 Systems Which of these is an example of a closed-loop system? A. The flow of energy from a power plant to your home. B. A food web. C. An electrical circuit with an open switch. D. Carbon material in the Carbon cycle. A

12 Earth’s Surface Which activity changes Earth’s surface in the shortest amount of time? A. A river creates a valley through erosion. B. A mountain is created through tectonic forces. C. Wind forces shape a column of desert rock. D. A volcanic eruption turns a mountain into a level plain. D

13 Earth’s Surface Most of the energy that is used on the Earth, or causes change, comes from: A. Water B. Tectonic activity C. The Sun D. Nuclear fission C

14 Fossils A group of scientists excavates an area in southern Pennsylvania. About 10 meters down, they discover fossils of ancient marine mammals. What can the scientists conclude from this finding? A. This area of Pennsylvania was hit by a large tidal wave at one point. B. Undersea terrain has moved beneath the crust from the ocean to Pennsylvania. C. Ancient marine mammals had the ability to move about on land from the oceans to Pennsylvania. D. Parts of Pennsylvania were once underwater. D

15 Solar System What is the difference between a moon and a planet? A. A moon does not have a rotation, a planet does. B. A moon does not directly orbit the Sun, a planet does. C. A planet is large, a moon is small. D. A planet is made of gas, a moon is made of rock. B

16 Scientific Method Which of the following can result after a hypothesis has been tested many times, producing the same result? A. A variable B. A theory C. A control D. A graph B

17 Scientific Method A food worker hypothesizes that the colder the refrigerator is, the longer milk and other perishable foods will last without spoiling. If she were to set up an experiment with multiple refrigerators, which variable would she change between them? A. Temperature B. Time C. Contents D. Size A

18 Scientific Method Beth uses 2 brands of window cleaner, Method and Windex, to clean her living room window. She divides the window into sections and counts the number of strokes it takes to clean each section with each cleaner. Method took 10 strokes. Windex took 15 strokes. Which question was Beth most likely testing? A. Which window cleaner cleans fastest? B. Which window cleaner leaves the fewest smudges? C. How do window cleaner ingredients compare? D. Which window cleaner smells better? A

19 Rock Cycle Which statement about the rock cycle is true? A. The rock cycle is an open-loop system. B. The rock cycles loses sedimentary material through weathering. C. The rock cycle is continuously recycling. D. The rock cycle creates sediments through heat and pressure. C

20 Solar System Explain what causes the phases of the Moon. A

21 Rock Cycle What kind of information does a diagram of a rock cycle show? A. Where certain types of rocks are found B. A comparison of the hardness of different types of rocks C. When the rocks were first discovered D. How different rocks are formed D

22 Earth’s Movement What kind of information do scientists obtain from a tectonic plate map? A. The size and motion of the Earth’s oceans B. The location of earthquakes and volcanic activity C. The weather activity of regions D. The boundaries of different ecosystems B

23 Scientific Method During the experiment, MaryBeth observed that water droplets formed on the plastic wrap that she had wrapped around a glass of water. Where did the water droplets come from? A. The cup was leaking B. The plastic wrap C. The water inside D. A reaction between sunlight and the plastic wrap C

24 Resources A renewable natural resource used by people is: A. Crude oil B. Natural gas C. Wood D. Coal C

25 Minerals Describe the transformation process involved in making a gold ring. Alloys, mining, refining, slag/pollution, polishing, smelting, selling/packaging that involves energy resources: Example response: In order to make the ring, gold, silver, and copper must be mined. Mining takes energy and damages the environment. Refining of the metal ores requires energy and produces pollution. Packaging and shipping consumes resources and creates pollution.

26 Rock On Various mining techniques are used to mine different materials. Surface mining, aka strip mining, is used when the desired materials are close to the surface. Which is the least significant impact resulting from strip mining? A. Erosion B. Pollution of nearby streams and rivers C. Habitat destruction D. Air pollution D

27 Environment Conservation
Suggest ways to minimize the environmental impact of a new housing development. Example response: Use green building materials (recycled materials, renewable energy resources for heating and cooling), reuse of space, orientation of housing, layout and size of house

28 Water Cycle Which statement is the most complete description of the Earth’s water cycle? A. The water cycle has no beginning and no end. B. The water moves among the oceans, atmosphere, and land masses in a continuous manner. C. Energy from the Sun causes the evaporation of water from Earth’s oceans. D. Condensation and precipitation are part of a never-ending cycle. B

29 Weather Which of the following best describes the most frequent directional movement of weather patterns in the US? A. West to East B. East to West C. North to South D. South to North A

30 Weather Julie, an 8th grader from Lancaster, is studying clouds. Julie has determined that certain weather patterns are often associated with cirrus clouds. Cirrus clouds are: A. High, wispy ice clouds that are often seen in high skies and good weather. B. A flat layer of low clouds, associated with light rain or flurries. C. Fluffy, lower clouds that grow during sunny days indicating fair weather. D. Giant thunderclouds that tower to high altitudes indicating heavy rain and storms. A

31 Weather In what direction do winds known as the Westerlies blow? A. From West to East B. From East to West C. From North to East D. From East to South A

32 Solar System Which shape best describes the Earth’s orbit in the solar system? A. A straight line B. A rectangle C. A circle D. An ellipse D

33 Solar System When the moon is becoming more and more visible each night, it is said to be: A. Waxing B. Eclipsing C. Waning D. Orbiting A

34 Scientific Method List, in order, the basic steps of the scientific method that one would use to conduct an experiment in science class. Question/purpose, hypothesis, materials, procedure, data/analysis, results and conclusion

35 Solar System Which force holds the objects of the solar system together? A. Animal magnetism B. Heat C. Friction D. Gravity D

36 Scientific Instruments
A graduated cylinder can be used to find: A. Shape B. Mass C. Volume D. Weight C

37 Scientific Measurement
Mass is measured in what SI unit? A. Grams B. Pounds C. Centimeters D. Kilometers A

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