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Certain materials are included under the Fair Use Exemption of the U.S. Copyright law.

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2 Certain materials are included under the Fair Use Exemption of the U.S. Copyright law.


4 With Host... Your

5 100 200 300 400 500 Earth Cycles Weather & space Plate tectonics & Aquifers Dichotomous Keys & Succession Body Systems & Cells Natural selection & Symbiosis 100

6 A 100 What is the tilt of the axis and revolution? What two factors cause Earth to have seasons?

7 Why do we only see one side of the moon? A 200 B.The time for rotation and revolution are the same

8 A 300 Winter If it is summer in South America, then what season is it in Canada?

9 During which two lunar phases do we experience very high tides? A 400 Full and new moon

10 A 500 Evaporation, condensation, Precipitation: Sun List the stages of the water cycle. AND What fuels the water cycle?

11 Where would I find the hottest and brightest stars on the H-R diagram? B 100 Top Left

12 What Type of front is Texas experiencing? B 200 Cold Front

13 B 300 ISE Irregular, spiral, elliptical Milky Way is spiral List the three types of galaxies and indicate which type we live in.

14 What type of weather can you expect to find in a low pressure system? B 400 Cloudy/rainy

15 Based on the the table below, which star is furthest from us? B 500 Sirius B: it will take 8.6 years Star NameLight Years away Proxima Centari 4.2 LY Bernard’s star6 LY Sirius B8.6 LY

16 Mid ocean ridges can be found at which type of plate boundary? C 100 Divergent

17 Name the scientist who came up with the theory of continental drift and describe two of the four reasons he had for his theory. C 200 Alfred Wegener; 1)puzzle-like fit; 2)fossil clues; 3) climate clues; 4) rock strata clues

18 C 300 Transverse Fault The San Andreas Fault in California is responsible for California's earthquakes. What type of plate boundary is the San Andreas Fault?

19 Give me 1 example of non point source pollution and 1 example of point source pollution. C 400 Street run-off, factory dumping into a stream

20 Explain what an aquifer is and why it is important to keep it clean. C 500 Ground water reservoir; it takes years to clean

21 D 100 A: grasses During primary ecological succession, the initial formation of soil helps establish – A.Grasses B.Mushrooms C.Shrubs D. Trees

22 D 200 A – recycle nutrients In a healthy forest, dead trees and limbs fall to the ground and decompose. Which of these statements best describes why decomposition is important to a forest ecosystem? A.Nutrients are released when wood is broken down. B.Worms produce oxygen used by other organisms. C.Dead trees provide nest sites for many different species of birds. D. Water is stored in dead trees and limbs.

23 D 300 Succession In the above picture, the progression from bare soil to woody plants is an example of primary______________.

24 D 400 Hen According to The dichotomous key what type of animal has feathers and can not swim?

25 D 500 Tutus Rollus What type of candy is chewy, wrapped,not rounded, brown and white wrapper?

26 What body system does your large intestine belong to? E 100 Digestive system

27 Which organelles is responsible for creating food in a plant cell? E 200 Chloroplast

28 E 300 When you get sick you body gets hot and a fever occurs, when you are cold you get goose bumps and the shivers. Why does you body respond like that? Remain in homeostasis

29 E 400 Large Vacuole, chloroplast and Cell wall What organelles do plant cells have that animal cells do not have?


31 What is the name of the organelle that the arrow is pointing at and what is it’s function? What type of cell Is this? E 500 Vacuole, stores water, plant

32 F 100 Ticks biting dogs and cats. What type of symbiosis is this? Parasitism

33 Remoras cleans the shark and the shark provides protection for the remoras. What type of symbiosis is this? F 200 Mutualism

34 F 300 D. Camouflage The snowshoe rabbit lives in the snowy regions of the north. What best explains the rabbit’s white fur color? A.Decreased sunlight results in lighter pigmentation and fur color. B.The white fur absorbs most of the sunlight that strikes it, keeping the rabbit warm. C.White fur is a better insulator against frigid temperatures. D. White fur makes the rabbit less visible in the snow.

35 F 400 If rainfall decreases, the stream flow will be decreased. This may result In: A) Minnow populations increasing because they are easier to catch B. Heron populations decreasing because they have fewer minnows c. Heron populations having increased food sources temporarily, then having to move to another stream when the minnow population is too diminished to support them.

36 F 500 Commensulism The cattle bird eat the bugs that the cows kick up when walking. What type of symbiosis is this?

37 The Final Jeopardy Category is: GRAPHING Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

38 What does DRY MIX stand for on the diagram below? Click on screen to continue DRY – dependent, responding Y-AXIS MIX – Manipulated, independent X-AXIS DRYDRY M I X

39 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT Sources: Measuring Up, The People’s Publishing Group, Inc.© TAKS Practice and Sample Test Workbook, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.©.

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