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2 Table of Contents History ¿What is Bio Plus Fuel ®? ¿How does it work? Environmental aspecto Equipment Benefits Economic Benefits How to use it Technical Data Conclusions Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST

3 History Our environment, specially in the highly populated cities, is being extremely polluted by the toxic gases of vehicles and industries. This, along with the shortage and constant price increase of the non renewable oil, makes it urgent to find alternatives that diminish the negative environmental impact and increase the fuel efficiency. This way, after a long scientific investigation, a product has been developed and its qualities and benefits have produced a wide interest among consumers of combustible oil-based processes, for the highly positive results achieved. Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST

4 ¿What is Bio Plus Fuel ® ? Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST It is a petroleum based fuel additive that impels the fuel system in a highly efficient way, as it controls pollution, reducing the hydrocarbon’s emissions drastically. Bio Plus Fuel ® is a Biodegradable Enzymatic Catalyst whose main components are: Two bio-organic enzymes High-density dispersants. Aromatic and hydrocarbons based substances.

5 ¿How does it work? Bio Plus Fuel ® modifies the molecules of fuel, changing its structure and liberating the energy contained within. This is achieved by the Brownian motion that consists on the molecular movement of the components of the polymeric chains contained in the hydrocarbons. Bio Plus Fuel ® being a catalyst, is capable of speeding or retarding a chemical reaction, without breaking down nor changing the chemical reaction, and producing a transformation that modifies the molecules. The result is the liberation of the total energy contained within. Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST

6 ¿How does it work? The main property of fuels is the heat value, or the quantity of energy that the fuel liberates during the combustion. The volatility or evaporation of a liquid fuel is determined by the relationship air-vapor that can form at a given temperature. This is the result of the FLASH POINT (the temperature at which the quantity of vapor is enough to form a mixture of air and flammable fuel). Each type of combustible has a different flammable point according to the norm ASTM D92-52 and D93. Now then, when lowering the temperature of the flash point, one can obtain a DEW POINT, with more evaporation, achieving a mixture of air and fuel with a bigger energy saturation. This produces more heat value with less combustible and a better and more complete combustion mixture. Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST

7 ¿How does it work? The effect of Bio Plus Fuel ® allows to diminish the point combustion increasing the concrete characteristics of evaporation that all fuels have at normal pressure and temperature. This is why we obtain a FLASH POINT at a lower temperature, increasing the amount of gases that burn. The enzyme catalysis has countless applications in the food, textile, paper, alcohol, organic chemistry industries, etc. Its manufacturing is especially designed for liquid fuels derived from petroleum. This way, Bio Plus Fuel ® has the property to modify the physical state of the same accelerating the break in the molecular connections. Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST

8 Benefits to the Environment The use of Bio Bonus Fuel ® in diesel and gasoline increases the production of carbon dioxide (perfect combustion) and it diminishes the production of carbon monoxide (incomplete combustion) reducing the environmental pollution produced by carbon monoxide. In this way, emission of smokes and gases are reduced in more than 50%, gradually eliminating the formation of suspended particles. Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST

9 Benefits to the Enviroment In accordance with American Legislation, Bio Plus Fuel ® is registered in the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY of the Federal Government of the United States The Bio Plus Fuel ® formula is non toxic, non flammable at room temperature, not water soluble, and it does not cause skin irritation neither in the respiratory system. Bio Plus Fuel TM ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST

10 Equipment Benefits Savings from 10% to 35% in fuel consumption. Optimizes the combustion process. Higher calorific power. Cleans pipe ducts and storage tanks Extends the maintenance periods. The organic componets of Bio Plus Fuel ® are harmless to the combustion chamber. Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST

11 Economic Benefits The economic benefits that Bio Plus Fuel® offers are significant since in using this additive, fuel consumption will decrease from 10% to 35%. In the chart the savings shown are generated by using BPF® in a ratio of 2.2 lbs. to 2,520 gallons. % in savings using Bio Plus FuelPrice Savings 15% ( USD )20% ( USD )30% ( USD ) Bio Plus Fuel 15% ( USD )20% ( USD )30% ( USD ) , , , , , , , , , , , Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST Amount of Fuel to be treated Gallon Type of Fuel Unit Cost US Gallons Cost of fuel without Bio Plus 2525 Gasoline2.476, Diesel2.426, Petroleum2.005,050.00

12 How to use To start using Bio Bonus Fuel ® it is necessary to catalyze the fuel tanks with the required dose based on the volume of gallons to be treated. The required dosage is: It is necessary to point out that the weight of a tablet of Bio Plus Fuel is Oz Amount of Fuel to be treated [Gallons]. Bio Plus Fuel ® Amount needed to catalize the fuel [Lbs.] Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST

13 How to use It takes approximately 8 hours to dissolve to 100% the SKIM, INCRUSTATIONS OF HC IN THE TANKS, PIPES, PUMPS AND INYECTION SYSTEMS. Cleaning them, in time, depending on the thickness of the layers of incrustations. It is convenient to add Bio Plus Fuel® when you fill the deposits, because the agitation produced when emptying the fuel in the tubes will facilitate dissolving them. Initially, an increase in the smoke generated by the equipment will be noticed. This is due to the detachment of the existent soot inside the engine components or boiler. However, the emissions will diminish gradually in a remarkable way. Bio Plus Fuel®, should be kept in a fresh place, out of the sunlight, and in a airtight container, since direct sunlight will activate the enzymes and the air will spread their intense aroma. Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST

14 Technical Information Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST Chemical composition Name of additive components %Method of AnalysisChemical Reference Registered in EPA Biodegradable Enzymatic Catalyzer N/A Enzymes10Innate ProcessASTM High Density Dispersants30Innate ProcessASTM D93 Aromatic substances and hydrocarbons 60Innate Process40CFR 79.21(f) Other Elements%Method of Analysis Catalyzer Microcrystals70Innate Process Dispersant Microcrystals20Innate Process Sequential Enzymes10Innate Process

15 Conclusiones Bio Plus Fuel® offers benefits to the environment. Bio Plus Fuel® increases the fuel efficiency by increasing the CALORIFIC POWER. Bio Plus Fuel® offers savings of 10% to 35% in the consumption. Bio Plus Fuel® cleans the fuel systems and combustion chambers. Bio Plus Fuel ® ENZYMATIC BIODEGRADABLE CATALYST


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