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Natural Health & Weight Control By: Vidya Sagar Garg.

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1 Natural Health & Weight Control By: Vidya Sagar Garg

2  Weight loss  Disease Control  Cleansing of body, mind, and soul  Good health Introduction

3 Introduction (cont.) An average person carries about 5 pounds of waste at all times. Going once definitely does not cleans the body, especially when one eats two or more meals a day. Hence, special attention is required for proper cleansing.

4 Life Sources  Water  Food  Air  Exercise

5 Water Water is the nectar of life, and an essential factor for natural health and weight control. Fresh or room temperature water cleanses better than cold water. One needs to drink about 80 or more ounces of water a day. Each time drinking from a 16 ounce glass of water helps achieve this goal.

6 Food Light, vegetarian food is suggested. Morning till lunch every effort should be made for cleansing:  Drink a warm cup of water with fresh lime juice and a spoonful of honey.  Eat citrus fruit when hungry.  Drink plenty of water.  Eat only when hungry.  Do not hold even the slightest pressure, go as often as needed and sit as long as needed.

7 Air Air is the breath of life. The Sanskrit word for air is “Pran,” meaning life. Deep into chest and lungs breathing is vital for a healthy body: 1. Deep breathing should not be done with a full stomach. 2. Sit down in a clean and calm place. 3. Straighten out neck, shoulder, and the spine. 4. Always breath through the nose. 5. Breath out all the way while tucking your tummy in and hold as long as you can, without excessive force or discomfort. 6. Breath in as much as you can and hold as long as possible without excessive force or discomfort. 7. Release the air and breath normally. Do the above 5-7 steps 3-21 times a day, based upon your stamina and time.

8 Exercise  Exercise is very important for the body, but excessive exercise harms the body.  Exercise only up to ½ of your body limit. More than that could be harmful.  During exercise you should breathe through your nose when you find it necessary to breathe through your mouth you have reached your half of the limit.  Another way to know if you have reached ½ of your limit is when underarms, head top, nose, hand joints, and feet begin to perspire.  After reaching ½ of your body limit, just slow down so you don’t go over.

9 Exercise (cont.) When it comes to exercise always remember S² S = Stretch S = Sweat Combination of walking, jogging, yoga, pranayama, or other forms of exercise can help achieve the above.

10 The Body’s Digestive System 1. After eating, food is churned and digested. 2. Then the food passes through the small intestine where all the juices are extracted for the body. 3. Then the remaining food passes through the large intestine, to be discharged. 4. The whole process takes about twenty hours to complete for each meal. If the waste does not discharge in twenty hours, it harms the body by producing gases and other intoxicants.

11 The Body’s Digestive System – Timetable OrganUsesSizeTime StomachChurns and digests Varies4.5 hours Small Intestine Extracts juices 22 ft4.5 hours Large Intestine Discharges5 ft11 hours 20 hours total time

12 Reasons for Constipation 1. Holding the pressure 2. Irregularity in meals 3. Sleep disturbance 4. Rushing while on the toilet 5. Postponing the pressure 6. Not consuming enough water 7. Mental stress 8. Intoxication 9. Overeating 10. Eating when not hungry 11. Not eating enough 12. Eating food without fiber 13. Not chewing enough while eating 14. Eating unhealthy food 15. Taking medicine for constipation 16. Shallow breathing 17. Lack of exercise

13 Bowel Movement One needs to go at least 3 times a day. After every 20 hours of each meal, one needs to go. Anything less than that is considered constipation. Constipation is the root cause of weight gain or loss, and many diseases and sicknesses. For proper bowel movement, one needs to do the following:  Do not hold even the slightest amount of pressure.  Do not use excessive force.  Relax and sit on the seat for 10-15 minutes.  Normally it comes in 2 installments.  Sometimes pushing on the left side of the stomach with a hand helps to release the flow.

14 Things To Remember  Until your body is clean from one meal (i.e. breakfast, lunch, or dinner) try not to eat the same meal again.  It takes about 20 hours for a meal to digest and release.  Keeping more than one meal of the same kind in the body spells constipation.  Every bite of food should be thoroughly chewed before swallowing.  Drinking water from a 16 ounce glass helps achieve the daily recommended water intake.  Drink juices and mixture of warm water with honey and lime in 10 ounce servings.  Eat fruit as a snack between meals.  Keep a set meal time for each meal.  Plan ahead and eat accordingly to be hungry at your meal time.  Eat sensibly. Avoid chemicals, highly processed food and harmful drinks.  It is very important to eat, since bowel movement occurs only when the next meal is eaten and digested.

15 Food To Cure Constipation  People over the age of 40 should minimize the consumption of beans and lentils.  Prefer whole wheat products over rice.  Eat rice with bran.  Drink twice a day 1 ounce of cracked wheat – soak an ounce of cracked wheat in 5 ounces of milk for 2 hours prior to drinking.  Always consume the water from boiled vegetables.  Consume 125 grams of raw vegetables (salad), and 500 grams of cooked vegetables.  Consume seasonal fruits. Almost all fruits have a lot of fiber which is a good source to cure constipation.

16 Food To Cure Constipation (cont.)  Milk/yogurt may be consumed depending upon it’s favorable effect on one’s body.  Small portions of oils (i.e. butter, oily nuts) are also beneficial.  Less fiber vegetables (i.e. potatoes, sweet potatoes, and zucchini, etc.) should be consumed along with other vegetables.

17 Curing Severe Constipation In extreme cases an enema, juice, and milk diet becomes very important: 1. Drink only juices (orange, tomato, spinach) for 4-5 days. 2. Juice extracted from 1 pound of spinach is an excellent cleanser during juice days. 3. After juice start drinking 1% milk for several days as follows: 4. Take enema twice a day during this time. Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6 64 oz.80 oz.96 oz.112 oz.128 oz.144 oz.

18 Portions/Fasting Portions The recommendation is to fill up stomach ½ with food, ¼ with water, and ¼ leaving empty for air to pass through. Fasting One day a week fasting is good for intestine and colon. During fasting you must drink plenty of water. During this time, taking enema is highly recommended.

19 Breakfast Lunch Dinner Healthy Body: Large intestine - in the morning before the toilet.

20 Breakfast Lunch Dinner Healthy Body: Large intestine – after the toilet and after the breakfast.

21 Breakfast Lunch Dinner Not So Healthy Body: Large intestine – with two days of meals.

22 Breakfast Lunch Dinner Unhealthy Body: Large intestine – with several days of meals.

23 Enema Enema is very important to cure constipation. If it does not cleans by taking it one time, it can be taken a second or third time as well. The best time to take enema is in the morning after the bowel movement. If you need enema for several days, take it at night before bed time. It will help in a good nights sleep along with other benefits.

24 Process of Enema 1. An enema pouch can be purchased from the drug store. 2. Drink 16 ounces of warm or fresh water before taking enema. 3. Do not eat or drink anything within 3-4 hours except water.

25 Water Preparation 1. Water intake should be as much as one feels comfortable. 2. Water temperature should be as hot as the hands can bear. Hot water cleanses better. 3. Take 3 quarts of water, add 1 ounce of strained lime juice, 1 ounce of honey, and ½ ounce of salt to the water. 4. Before taking enema, release some water from the bag in order to take out the air from the tubing.

26 Taking Enema 1. Hang the water pouch at no more than 4 feet high. Higher than that makes the water go in faster which causes pressure sooner. 2. Put some Vaseline or oil on the tube before inserting it into the rectum. After enema wash the tube with soap and water. 3. You can lay down on your back or bend over on your knees and elbows.

27 Enema-Miscellaneous  If you feel bowel movement pressure in the middle of taking enema, one should take it again if you do not feel enough clean.  After taking enema it is good to wait for 3-4 minutes and turn from left to right before using the toilet.  It should take you 8-10 minutes to take 3 quarts of water.  You may need to go a second time for total cleansing.  Normally taking enema once a day is enough, but in rare conditions you may need to take it twice.

28 Enema-Miscellaneous (cont.)  Make sure the toilet is very near to where you take enema.  Along with other exercises, enema is very helpful for a pregnant women before giving birth.  Taking a shower after taking enema is good for the body.  Wait 3-4 hours after eating to take enema.  It is very important to take enema during a fast. Fasting is harmful without enema. Fasting becomes easier by taking enema. During fasting there is no food pressure to cause bowel movement, therefore, the waste releases poisons in the body which cause discomfort.

29 Other Cleansing Options  Hot water pad on the stomach.  Mud pad on the stomach.  Ice pad on the stomach.  Hot/Cold hip bath.  Steam bath.  Daily walks.

30 Use of Mud for Constipation To cure constipation from the root; the right amount of food, sleep, and exercise are most important. But for external help, enema, mud and hip baths are also used. When the waste stays in the colon for several days, it causes heat and begins to smell. Because of heat and its reaction, waste becomes hard and over dried making it hard to pass through. Mud cools the surrounding areas, stiffness caused by heat gets released, and the colon gets the movement. A mud pad as well can be used on an injury, head heaviness, stomach ache, pimples, etc.

31 Hip Bath A hip bath is very important in water cure for constipation. It affects the colon. Water cools the surroundings areas, the chill from the water helps the dead, stiff colon come to life and start its action to discreet waste. Fill up a bathtub with coldest bearable water. When sitting in it the water should come up to your navel. It can either be a hip bath or a full body bath.  While sitting in the tub, rub your stomach with a wash towel from left to right, and right to left. Make sure to do it gently and not peel the skin.

32 Hip Bath (cont.)  Take a bath for 10-20 minutes. Thin people take a 10 minute bath and overweight people take a bath for a maximum of 20 minutes. In winter the time should be reduced to 75%.  A hip bath should start with 1-2 minutes and increase by 1 minute daily up to the time allowed.  In cold weather, rub your body for 5 minutes prior to your bath. This will make bearing the cold water easier.  After your bath, wipe yourself with a dry towel, put on your clothes, and do some light exercise- walk, yoga, etc. If one cannot do any exercise, they should cover themselves with a blanket and lay down for half an hour. Light exercise is very important to benefit from the bath.

33 Conclusion 1. Never hold pressure to go. Holding starts the foundation for constipation. Always go when needed. 2. Never eat without being hungry. Eat sensibly- not too much and not too heavy. Thoroughly chew your food while eating. 3. Diet must consist of fiber. Cracked wheat in wheat flour, bran in rice, fruit and vegetables with their edible peels. Eat some raw vegetables every day. 4. Drink about 16 ounces of water 6 times a day. 5. Never forget to exercise. 6. Do not use force in the toilet. And do not sit for more than 10-15 minutes. Do not read while sitting on the toilet. 7. Do not take constipation medicines or intoxicants for cleansing. Take enema or mud pad if needed. 8. Get enough sleep. 9. Spend as much as possible time in the open air. 10. Be happy Ü. Consult your doctor.

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