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Healthy eating.

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1 Healthy eating

2 Principles of healthy eating Healthy and rational nutrition is one of the most important factors affecting our life’s quality and longevity. Proper diet translates into the condition of our skin, hair, physical and mental condition. Thanks to the the proper choice of the food we eat we can enjoy our lives longer. Preparing well-balanced diet is not difficult, but it obviously requires some attention and diligence. During preparation of our meals we should pay attention to a few basic rules: 1. Why not to eat with pleasure? Eating is a necessary part of our lives, but it also should be treated as a nice element of a day. While eating your meal, you can relax yourself and have a nice time with your family and friends at the same time. Then, try to make as many efforts as you can to make your meal (especially dinner) the event of the day. People very often are busy, dealing with the every day problems - it is advisable to forget about every day problems just for a few moments of the meal and enjoy it as much as you can. Think of what you eat, chew every piece of it very carefully; it is worth making your food look intersting and appetizing.

3   2. Food should vary – the most important principle in nutrition is the variety - the richer range of products supplied, the greater the likelihood that our body gets all the essential nutrients. Even the most sophisticated dish may become boring after a period of some time; that’s why a lot of different dishes should be taken into consideration while making a menu;    3. Meals should be consumed with regularity - the average person does not have fixed eating timetable and eat when he has time, and / or is hungry. This habit is wrong as we should eat at fixed times during the day to remain healthy.    4. Only three meals a day – one of the most important principles of proper nutrition is to follow a certain number of meals per day. Nutrition specialists say that three main meals a day is a proper number of food a person should consume during a day. Breakfast, dinner and supper are enough, but it is also allowed to have a lunch and afternoon tea. What is the most important is the fact that the breakfast and dinner should be abundant, while supper should be light; snacks between meals are responsible for the calories that our body is not able to burn. Remember that eating five lighter meals a day is much healthier than eating three more abundant. In this way the stomach is not too overloaded and does not have constantly deal with digestion.

4 Health pyramid red meat, sweets dairy fish, poultry, eggs
nuts, legumes vegetables and fruits whole-wheat products and vegetable fat physical activity

5 Ten principles of healthy eating
1. Lots of drinks You should drink at least 2 liters of fluids every single day. The most proper are mineral water, herbal teas and not sweetened fruit juices.

6 2. Reducing the amount of consumed fat It is recommended to reduce the amount of consumed fat. The amount of fat should not exceed the limit of 60 grams per day. It is advisable to consume low-fat products, such lean meat, fish, potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables and fruits. 3. Reducing the amount of meat consumed Eating meat twice a week is more than enough to cover demand of our body for iron. It is recommended to cook only lean meat such as chicken or turkey.

7 4. Lots of fruits and vegetables Eating 5 servings of vegetables or fruits during the day is the most desirable. In this way the body is supplied with valuable vitamins and minerals, and supplies the health with secondary plant substances. Prepared „smoothie” - a perfect meal which consists of vegetables and fruits,. 5. Eat fish once a week Regular consumption of fish is recommended because it contains high-protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3) and vitamin D and B12. In addition, saltwater fish contain iodine valuable to the body’s health.

8 6. Regular consumption of full-grain products Substitute products made of white flour or milled rice with whole-grain products such as millet, buckwheat. 7. Do not use salt The salt absorb all the water from your body, so it is recommended to use herbs instead.

9 8. Healthy fats / oils It is recommended to use fats and oils of vegetable origin, rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as olive oil. Learn more about the properties of olive oil. 9. Do not abuse the alcohol Alcohol should be consumed only on special occasions in moderate amount. It is true that red wine has positive effects on the circulatory system, but we must remember that it should also be consumed in moderation.

10 10. Enjoying the taste An important principle is to have pleasure from food and its preparation. People who stick to the principles of healthy eating can sometimes afford themselves for something more, but it is healthy food that tastes the best.

11 The choice is yours


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