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Providing a “breath of fresh air” since 1984.. Manufacturer of source- capture systems for: Vehicle Exhaust Fumes Welding Fumes Fume / Dust Collection.

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1 Providing a “breath of fresh air” since 1984.

2 Manufacturer of source- capture systems for: Vehicle Exhaust Fumes Welding Fumes Fume / Dust Collection Emergency Vehicle Stations

3 Overhead – Hose reels, non- disappearing, telescoping, disappearing, two-bay systems, wall-box, and door port Underfloor – Disappearing and non- disappearing, single or dual fixture Vehicle Exhaust Systems

4 Lowest-Priced hose reels No electric power source needed Spring powered (window shade) Variety of possible configurations The picture above shows Ventaire Automatic Hose Reels with high- temperature flexible tubing installed in a military base. Car dealerships, bus garages, and maintenance facilities are other popular applications for HRA’s. Automatic Hose Reels

5 Fully automated Direct-drive gear motor (110/1/60) Optional pendant station or remote control Explosion-Proof construction available The Ventaire motorized hose reel pictured to the left is mounted on a five-foot rotational boom for greater reach and versatility. Booms from five to twenty feet are available for use with hose reels. Hose reels can be wall mount, ceiling mounted, or boom mount without special brackets. These particular pictures were taken at a Boyer Ford Truck Sales. Motorized Hose Reels

6 Economical, yet effective Available in many different configurations Low installation cost The Ventaire overhead non-disappearing system is pictured above in a truck repair facility. This system is equipped automatic cable reel and lifting saddle. Many other options are also available. Non-Disappearing


8 Self – Storing with stirrup support. Automatic spring door in tail pipe adaptor. Easiest installation Very cost effective Telescoping

9 Overhead Disappearing Boom mountable Hose completely concealed when not in use Popular for military applications Our original disappearing system Our original disappearing system, it is often specified for military projects. Options include a throat seal, self-closing door, winch, and swivel boom.

10 Two Bay Systems Ideal for smaller repair shops Includes integral blower Features two sections of “No- Crush” tubing Requires minimal duct Ventaire two-bay systems are ideal for service stations where a door port system would be inadequate and an overhead system too expensive. System includes hose, blower, tailpipe adapters, and all necessary connections.

11 Door Port / Wall Box Ventaire wall box (right) features special quick disconnect and blast gate shutoff Available in Galvanized or Stainless Steel construction Single or dual wall box systems available Ventaire door ports (left) are our most economical system No fan necessary, uses force of vehicle’s exhaust to remove harmful fumes

12 Underfloor Systems Disappearing or Non-disappearing Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, or Aluminum construction For use with transite type, PVC or fiberglass pipe installed under concrete shop floor. Ventaire underfloor systems consist of a door and frame attached to a metal boot, saddle mount, and flexible tubing set. The flexible tubing set consists of “No-Crush” tubing with tailpipe adapter, hose guide, and ram-rod. Many optional components and materials are available.

13 Underfloor Systems Hides out of sight when not in use Keeps work area clean of obstruction

14 Welding Systems Welding Hood Systems Fume Arm Systems Portable Fume Collection Systems

15 Welding Hood Systems Conical weld hoods available in a variety of materials Slotted fume hood meets OSHA, ASHRAE, and Industrial Ventilation standards Slotted fume hood can be custom built to most any size needed Ventaire conical weld hood drops, such as the one pictured to the left, consist of flexible tubing and a hood, which includes an inlet screen, handle, and placement magnet. Optional rope and pulley kit increases convenience. FEH for smaller parts within 2 feet of hood.

16 Externally Supported Arms Three models – WAFE, FAFE, and EAFE FAFE and EAFE swivel full 360 degrees Variety of different lengths and diameters available Ventaire Externally Supported Fume Arms feature lightweight aluminum arm members, friction disks at joints, and springs to offset weight. The picture on the left shows an EAFE, which consists of a FAFE arm mounted to a rotating boom to extend its reach.

17 Internally Supported Arms Two models – IAFE and IEAFE Fully concealed internal linkage Swivels full 360 degrees Ceiling or wall mountable Ventaire IAFE’s are available in diameters of 6 or 8 inches, and can be made from 5 to 15 feet in length. Ventaire IEAFE’s consist of a IAFE arm mounted to a section of rigid pipe which extends the arm’s reach.

18 Self-Supporting Arms Cast aluminum knee joints that are fully adjustable to worker’s desired tension Smooth-bore pipe and external supports eliminate obstructions in airflow Ceiling or wall mountable Available in a wide range of sizes Optional light source package Ventaire Self-Supporting fume arms feature the latest in fume removal technology. Eliminating obstructions in the airflow that are present in traditional arms leads to superior suction power.

19 Portable Fume Collectors Integral filtration system and blower Easily movable Ideal for smaller welding shops Energy efficient Cleans and recycles polluted air Self cleaning feature (port 100 only) 5 year filter life. Ventaire portable welding units are ideal for the smaller welding shop because they eliminate the need for a costly fixed ventilation system or an inefficient make-up air system. Various configurations available to suit any application. PORT 100

20 Fume / Dust Collection Cyclone Dust Collector Horizontal Fume Collector

21 Cyclone Dust Collector Continuously welded seams, totally enclosed fan motor, and weatherproof finish allow outside storage Many different sizes available Many dust storage options available Various optional filtering configurations Centrifugal action separates large particles from contaminated air where they can be deposited into a user supplied 55 gallon drum, allowing fine dust to be filtered out by the standard cotton after-filters.

22 Horizontal Fume Collector Available with (BHOR) or without (NHOR) integral blower Cleans polluted air and recycles back into work area Available in various configurations to suit any application The “BHOR” system includes an integral blower, making it suitable for installation with duct systems where a separate blower is not available or desired. The “NHOR” system is designed for a ducting system that already includes a separate blower.

23 Two different nozzle styles: magnetic or pneumatic 5 year warranty on fans; 2 year on complete system Includes Firehouse control panel w/ CO sensor Ventaire offers a full line of automatic-release systems for emergency vehicle use. All systems include a fan and control panel with a digital CO sensor. Emergency Vehicles

24 Ventaire also offers a full line of blowers, blast gates, tailpipe adapters, flexible tubing, and many other ventilation products. Check out our website, for more information. Feel free to contact us via phone, fax, or email at any time if you have any questions about our products or services.

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