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George Washington’s Socks Chapters 7-9 Historical Fiction And Fantasy.

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1 George Washington’s Socks Chapters 7-9 Historical Fiction And Fantasy

2 Imposing page 35  Definition: impressive; having a grand appearance  Sentence: George Washington was imposing in appearance, and could easily gain respect and attention from those around him.

3 Foe Page 35  Definition: enemy; rival  Sentence: Super heroes often have at least one enemy, or foe.

4 Muskets Page 36  Definition: guns; weapons used during the Revolutionary War.  Sentence: The troop fired their muskets, or guns, at the opposing troops.

5 Foreign Page 36  Definition: strange; unfamiliar  Sentence: The foreign creatures, that could not be identified, scared our kitten.

6 Perplexed Page 36  Definition: confused; puzzled; unable to figure out  Sentence: I was perplexed about how this car ended up in this tree.

7 Enlist Page 38  Definition: sign up; to officially join a group.  Sentence: My aunt finally agreed to let my little cousin enlist in, or join, the Cub Scouts.

8 Riveted Page 40  Definition: fixed to, drawn to out of amazement.  Sentence: My eyes were riveted toward the sight of a snail riding a motorcycle.

9 Venture Page 40  Definition: project; mission; risk; course of action  Sentence: The kayaker knew that the trip over the rocky falls was going to be a dangerous venture.

10 Resist Page 40  Definition: fight against; Keep from doing; oppose  Sentence: Eating vegetables is something my brother can easily resist, because he does not like them.

11 Disembark Page 43  Definition: land; to get off  Sentence: Once the plane landed we had to disembark, or get off.

12 Guardian Page 44  Definition: caretaker; protector  Sentence: My grandpa is my guardian because he takes care of me and keeps me safe.

13 Diverted Page 46  Definition: distracted; side- tracked  Sentence: Because the cute ducklings diverted her attention, the lady did not realize that the momma duck had taken things from her bag.

14 Ensured Page 46  Definition: guaranteed; made sure or certain of Sentence: When I was little my family always ensured my safety in the car by putting me in a car seat.

15 Capacity Page 46  Definition: amount; volume that something can hold.  Sentence: This car is filled to its maximum capacity with people.

16 Regiment Page 49  Definition: military troop; squad  Sentence: This photograph shows how a regiment would have likely looked standing at alert at the time of the Revolutionary War.

17 Conceal Page 49  Definition: hide; cover; disguise  Sentence: The book shelf was used to conceal a secret room in our house.

18 Befell Page  Definition: Happened; a thing that occurred, usually unpleasant  Sentence: I would have thought that something terrible befell this adventurous pet, but he made it down the rough river.

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