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This Is Why I Don’t Go On Vacations Choose your own adventure By: Alexandria.

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1 This Is Why I Don’t Go On Vacations Choose your own adventure By: Alexandria

2 You are a hard business worker who is going on a vacation. Your boss gave you this vacation because you are such a hard worker. You have a week to go somewhere nice and you choose to go to……..  Brazil go to slide 3  Bahamas go to slide 4  Great Britain go to slide 5 Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide 5

3 You chose to go to Brazil. You get on your airplane, then finally land in Brazil. You find out that someone has stolen your luggage. You go looking for it you find the thief. You are being held at gun point.  Try to grab the gun. Go to slide 7  Let him take your luggage. Go to slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 6

4 You chose the Bahamas and are going on a cruise to get there. When you are on the cruise you choose to go swimming in the ocean with the dolphins. When you go out on a boat to get there. When you jump in you swim with dolphins. You see something coming toward you. IT’S A SHARK!!!!  Swim away as fast as you can to have a chance of living. Go to side 10.  Call for the lifeguard. Go to slide 11. Slide 10 Slide 11

5 Your going to Great Britain and are getting on a plane to get there. You have been flying for a couple hours when there an announcement on the intercom saying to buckle your seat-belts and to hold on to something. You start to panic and see outside that the plane is over a big body of water. So you……..  Jump out of the plane. Go to slide 8.  Wait till the plane crashes into the water. Go to slide 9. Slide 8 Slide 9

6 When you let him take your luggage you became broke and went to your friend Molly’s house who lives in Brazil. Who you’ve Skyped with for years and would help you out with anything. You go to her house and get money food and clothes so you can go back home. When you end up riding the ship back home you discover the ship might crash into a rock and start to go to the deck to tell the captain, but he isn’t there and you steer the boat to safety. Once they realize what you have done you become a hero. THE END!!!

7 You are immediately shot by the thief when you tried to grab the gun and save everyone. Someone called the police and the ambulance, so you were picked up by the ambulance and rushed to the hospital. They tried to make you feel better by saying it was going to be fine and that you were ok, but some how you knew you weren’t going to live for so long so you desperately tried to tell to tell your family what was going on and what happened to you, but they wouldn’t listen to you. Later that day you died from blood lose.  Go back to slide 3. Slide 3

8 When you jump out of the plane you end up falling to your death and don’t survive when you get to the bottom.  Go back to slide 5. Slide 5

9 When the plane crashes into the water a few make it out alive including you. You go to the life boats that people got out of the plane and get on one, then you go to the island that was in the middle of know where. You stay there for a couple of days until a boat comes when you shoot a flare gun and saves everyone. You live to tell another day. THE END!!!!!

10 When you try to swim as fast as you can you don’t make it and the shark sees movement in the water and goes and eats you.  Go back to slide 4 Slide 4

11 When you call for the lifeguard he tells you to get onto the rock that’s closest to you and you end up seeing the shark go back in the water. The lifeguard gets you up on the boat and you end up going back to the boat. You end up surviving what could have been a tragedy. THE END!!!!!

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