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Transforming Ideas Into OEM Products For Over 50 Years! mc i TM MCI Transformer Corporation

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1 Transforming Ideas Into OEM Products For Over 50 Years! mc i TM MCI Transformer Corporation

2 MCI Transformer Corporation is a privately held company founded in 1959 to serve OEM customers around the globe. Our unique structure of regional factories provides direct, quick response and service with the purchasing and engineering power of a large global company. Our offshore manufacturing capability allows for us to accommodate world class, high volume requirements with the highest level of service and quality at competitive prices. “MCI eventually…why not now?” About Us MCI Transformer Corporation

3 “MCI eventually…why not now?” MCI Transformer Locations Willits, CA Corsicana, TX Babylon, NY Orange, MA Shenzhen, China MCI Transformer Corporation

4 “MCI eventually…why not now?” Leveraging Our Global Position MCI Transformer Corporation MCI Transformer Corporation established a China presence in 2000 with strict quality standards. All MCI parts are designed, tested and initially produced in the USA with China following each design. MCI Transformer leverages our global presence to broaden our supplier network and keep costs to a minimum.

5 MCI Transformer Corporation manufactures standard and custom magnetics from1 VA to 100 KVA including: Power Transformers Chokes Class 2 Transformers Medical Grade Transformers Current Sensing Toroid Switch Mode “MCI eventually…why not now?” Products MCI Transformer Corporation

6 “MCI eventually…why not now?” Here are just some of the markets we serve: Alternative Energy Medical and Dental Energy Management Automotive Automation Communications Consumer Electronics Markets MCI Transformer Corporation

7 “MCI eventually…why not now?” With over 50 years of manufacturing experience we are proud to be associated with world class companies that rely on MCI Transformer to deliver service, quality and value. Here are just a few: Clients MCI Transformer Corporation

8 MCI is committed to providing exceptional service, sales and engineering support. MCI always responds quickly. Local facility in same time zone for fast, efficient support. Local outside sales representation. MCI is committed to provide 100% on time deliveries. MCI will hold sufficient stock to maintain established min/max stock levels. MCI Customer Service is 2 nd to none. MCI Transformer Corporation

9 MCI’s Quality control is our leading commitment. All MCI products are 100% tested before the label is applied. The standard test is not limited to but may include: - Hipot - Excitation current - Winding resistance - Turn ratios - Open circuit voltage - Inductance A permanent record of every production run is archived. MCI Transformer Corporation

10 “MCI eventually…why not now?” Certifications MCI Transformer Corporation

11 “MCI eventually…why not now?” MCI Transformer Corporation Case Study MCI Transformer was approached by a large OEM to consolidate multiple SKU’s into one universal transformer for worldwide applications. The MCI team worked closely with the customers R&D, Quality, Purchasing and quickly sampled a transformer with multiple primaries and secondary taps. MCI was then challenged to add two 100 VA and 50 VA transformers to further reduce SKU’s and save on cabinet space. New! MCI 4-54 Series Industrial Control Transformers Shown with optional fuse holder bracket And optional 100Va & 50Va windings Primary 208V, 220V,240V,416V,440V,460V,480V Secondary 80V, 110V, 120V,160V, 220V, 240V *3KVA & 5KVA MODLES - UL PENDING TUV-EN61558

12 “MCI eventually…why not now?” MCI Transformer Corp©2013 All Rights Reserved MCI Transformer Corporation Thank you for taking the time to consider MCI for your magnetics needs. We appreciate your time and look forward to becoming your long-term partner.

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