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Stability Dynamics Ltd.

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1 Stability Dynamics Ltd.
Warning Devices and Advanced Electronics for specialty vehicles LG AlertTM Vehicle rollover warning device MADASSTM Monitoring and Data Acquisition Storage System A Team Eagle Company Head Office: Campbellford, Ontario Eagle Airfield Ltd. Eagle Integrated Solutions Inc. 3rd Millennium Solutions

2 What Causes Vehicle Rollover?
Lateral Acceleration (Lateral “g” Forces) Radial acceleration due to cornering Tilt component due to force of gravity Lateral Acceleration on the vehicle is the sum of the radial acceleration and the tilt component.

3 Rollover Prevention Driver Awareness Driver Training Safety Features Experienced drivers roll trucks “I took the turn a little too fast … I was definitely overconfident.”

4 Our Solution LG AlertTM
Display Module Bilateral indicator lights Built-in audible alarm Optional mounting bracket Base Module Triaxial accelerometers Adjustable sensitivity SAE J1455 compliant Water resistant Vibration resistant Adjustable mounting Optional remote horn

5 LG AlertTM Display Module

6 LG AlertTM Base Module

7 LG AlertTM Installation
Display module mounts in SAE J1399 (3-3/8”) cut-out or use optional mounting bracket. Base module includes adjustable mounting bracket top / bottom mount front / rear adjustment Power Requirements: 12 VDC, 0.5A (2.0A heating cycle) Optional DC-DC power supply (9V - 36V input for 24V truck systems) Installation Time: Less than 1 hour.

8 LG AlertTM Adjustment Adjustable Sensitivity digital push button Typical in service setting 70% of threshold Fleet management decision Factory Setting: 55 (full alarm at 0.33 g)

9 How Valuable Is This Product?
Mandated in critical applications FAA Advisory Circular 150/ C Guide Specification for Water/Foam Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA 414) Standard for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles A lateral acceleration indicator that is adjustable for sensitivity and that provides both visual and audio signals and warnings to the driver shall be provided.

10 Product Acceptance Fits any non-articulated vehicle Rugged design for industrial applications (3rd generation) Quickly and easily installed OEM or after market applications Stand alone device or supplemental device for vehicles with advanced braking systems Installed in trucks since 2000.

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