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1 Presentation to City Council October 27, 2009. 2.

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1 1 Presentation to City Council October 27, 2009

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9 9 DepartmentFYTD 2009 (July – Sept) FYTD 2010 (July – Sept) 10% Reduction Goal Usage Difference Percentage Difference Public Works 321,862273,83832,186-48,024-15% Gilcrease Museum 13020713+77+60% Parks and Recreation 26,8859,9652,689-16,920-63% Finance13712014-17-12% Human Rights 15415215-2-2% Grants Administration 33423+9+27% Legal68947+26+39% Human Resources 9081,03691+128+14% Municipal Courts 15613416-22-14% WIN- Working in Neighborhoods 8,3116,687831-1,624-20% Planning76308-46-60% Economic Development 967910-17-18% Police247,812234,48424,781-13,328-5% Fire49,32043,7054,932-5,615-11% Information Technology 3,0732,729307-344-11% Development Services 7,5736,399757-1,174-16% Communications- MAC 5305-53-100% Equipment Management 4,8804,443488-437-9% Outside Agencies and Authorities 14,07415,3411,407+1,267+9% GRAND TOTALS 685,601599,48568,560-86,116-13% Fuel Comparison Analysis Actual Reduction -13%All figures are in Fuel Gallons Consumed

10 10 Green Vehicle Purchases Total Purchases to Date Total Purchases to Date Ford Escape Hybrid Ford Escape Hybrid Honda Civic GX CNG Honda Civic GX CNG Honda Civic Hybrid Honda Civic Hybrid CNG Trash Trucks CNG Trash Trucks Toyota Prius Hybrid Toyota Prius Hybrid Chevy Hybrid Pickup Chevy Hybrid Pickup 117 66 11 3 23

11 11 Recent Accomplishments and Planned Actions Accomplishments One Dedicated CNG Refuse Truck Eleven Dedicated CNG Honda Civics One Bi-Fuel CNG/Gasoline Pickup Two Toyota Prius Hybrids Eight Segways (Zoo & TPD) One Smart Car One Biodiesel Tulsa Zoo Train One Hybrid Tulsa Transit Bus Sixty-six Ford Escape Hybrids Two Waste Oil Heaters (490 W 23 St) Awarded $300K Clean Cities Grant for Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) Usage Vapor Recovery is Fully Functional on All City of Tulsa Gasoline Dispensers FY 09 City Fuel Consumption Reduced by 3% Planned Actions Reduce City’s Fleet Size by up to 200 Vehicles Increase Motorpool at OTC From 4 to 15 Vehicles Establish Motorpools At Other City Locations To Further Reduce the Fleet 10% Fuel Reduction (FY 10 First Quarter Reduction is 13%) Develop Purchase Specifications to Grow an Energy Efficient Fleet Continue HPG Fleet Improvements Scrutinize Take-Home Vehicles for Potential Reductions Add Four Additional Dedicated CNG Refuse Trucks Install New High-Capacity CNG Compressor Station at 450 W 23 St. (Public/Private Access) Install CNG Time-Fill Station at 470 W. 23 St. Install CNG Fast-Fill Station at 56 th & Garnett (Public/Private Access) Apply for $0.50 Per Gallon CNG Federal Tax Credits

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