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THECB 1/2008 Report on Closing the Gaps Success Progress January 24, 2008.

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1 THECB 1/2008 Report on Closing the Gaps Success Progress January 24, 2008

2 THECB 1/2008 Close the Gaps in Success By 2015, award 210,000 undergraduate degrees, certificates and other identifiable student successes from high quality programs.

3 THECB 1/2008 Closing the Gaps’ Success Strategies   Focus efforts on increasing graduates in critical fields   Carry out the state’s URRS and other efforts aimed at making enrollment and graduation reflect the population of Texas   Fund colleges and universities to reward increases in retention and graduation from high quality programs   Create incentives and requirements for seamless student transitions   Make partnerships and collaborations between the business community and higher education institutions a part of the culture of these organizations

4 THECB 1/2008 About 35,000 more Bachelor’s, Associate’s & Certificates awarded than in 2000 35,000 93,765

5 THECB 1/2008 Institutions’ Bachelor’s and Associate’s degree targets exceed 2010 Closing the Gaps Bachelor’s Associate’s

6 THECB 1/2008 Institutional targets for undergraduate minority awards’ are far short * Not targeted in the Plan. White* Hispanic African-Am.

7 THECB 1/2008 How can we increase graduates in technology? TechnologyNursing/Allied Health

8 THECB 1/2008 Technology degree change is not consistent across disciplines

9 THECB 1/2008 UG Allied Health and Nursing Awards have increase over 4,200 since 2000 13,644 17,900

10 THECB 1/2008 Percentage increase in UG awards at public institutions greatest for underrepresented groups +18.8% +44.1% +65.7%

11 THECB 1/2008 Universities’ Graduation Rates Increasing Graduation RateFY 1999FY 2006 4-Year19.9%25.1% 5-Year39.7%47.4% 6-Year49.2%57.2% Graduation & Persistence63.5%70.6% Transfers’ Grad Rate49.3%52.5% Students Receiving Pell25.7%30.6%

12 THECB 1/2008 Ethnic Graduation and Persistence Rates are Closer WhiteAfrican- Am HispanicTotal 28,7735,97110,10249,473 Same 55.9%32.7%38.9%50.0% Other 8.7%4.5%5.8%7.2% Still enrolled10.7%16.5%19.5%13.3% Grad & Persist Rate75.3%53.7%64.2%70.5%

13 THECB 1/2008 10-year Graduation & Persistence Rate for full-time students White African AmHispanicTotal 1996 Cohort73.0%52.3%61.3%67.9% 1991 Cohort67.3%42.7%54.6%61.6%

14 THECB 1/2008 Two-Year Colleges’ Graduation and Persistence Increasing FY 2000FY 2006 Bachelor’s Degrees12.6%15.0% Associate’s Degrees8.7%10.9% Certificates4.4%5.1% Persisting12.3%12.6% Total Grad & Persist Rate38.0%43.6%

15 THECB 1/2008Summary  Implementation of additional Closing the Gaps strategies are being discussed  African American degrees have increased 44% and Hispanic 65%  Focusing on an area along with targeted funding can make a difference  HB1 programs once implemented should make additional improvements

16 THECB 1/2008 Next Steps?  Review degree targets  Implementation of the College Readiness Standards

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