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Oh the Things You Can Think About Missouri State Aid.

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2 Oh the Things You Can Think About Missouri State Aid

3 Agenda BIG P, little p, What Begins with P? – Primary Program Profiles, P…P…P… Oh Say Can You Say – Your Fill of No Frill Possible Changeable Aid by Wade Would You Rather be a Bullfrog? (And Other Pressing Questions & Answers)

4 Marguerite Ross Barnett FY 2014 – 238 students/$353,952 to date for fall 2013 274 students/$549,825 in FY 2013 (2012-2013 AY) – 10 students and $15,970 pending funding to date – Unspent funds from smaller programs co-mingled to boost Ross funding $442,389 Ross funds available $327,491 est. available from smaller programs’ unspent funds – Funding re-evaluated in December after fall payments to smaller programs complete

5 Marguerite Ross Barnett FY 2015 – Same appropriation structure of co-mingled funds Level Ross funding available Amount available from smaller programs unknown – Growth in Public Safety Officer and Wartime Veteran’s Survivors programs – Little change in Minority Teaching and Vietnam Veteran’s Survivor programs

6 A+ FY 2014 – Projected 13,230 students Approx 10% increase from FY 2013 – Projected $32.1 million Approx $3.6 million increase from FY 2013 FY 2015 – Estimating between 14,000 & 15,000 students & $36 million in expenditures – Additional funding requested

7 Access Missouri FY 2014 – Projecting 54,000 students Approx 5% decrease from FY 13 – Projecting $60.6 million Approx $2.4 million decrease from FY 13 – Awards set at 51% of statutory maximums Public 2 –Year: $300 - $510 Public 4 –Year & LSTC: $1,000 - $1,100 Private: $2,000 – $2,350 – Awards re-evaluated in December

8 Access Missouri FY 2015 – Changes to Statutory Maximums & Minimums Fiscal YearPublic 2-YearPublic 4-Year & LSTC Private MinMaxMinMaxMinMax 2013-2014$300$1,000 $2,150$2,000$4,600 2014-2015$300$1,300$1,500$2,850$1,500$2,850

9 Bright Flight Qualifying scores ACTSAT Top 3 % Top 4 th & 5 th percentilesTop 3%Top 4 th & 5 th percentiles Critical Reading MathCritical Reading Math FY 201431 & above 30790 & above 780 & above 770-789760-779 FY 201531 & above 30TBA

10 Bright Flight FY 2014 – Projected 6,100 students Approx same as FY 2013 – Projected $15.2 million Approx $3.4 million increase from FY 2013 – Award Amounts Top 3 PercentTop 4 th & 5 th Percentiles Statutory Max$3,000$1,000 FY 14 Actual$2,500$0 FY 13 Actual$2,000$0

11 Bright Flight FY 2015 – Current projections similar to FY 2014 – Projections may change as meaning of Governor’s commitment to increased funding and program refinements becomes more clear Unspecified enhancements to Bright Flight specifically mentioned in news articles

12 Emerging Issues Status of Alternate Eligibility Process for A+ – Cut scores for ACT/COMPASS math exams – Reviewed available information including MDHE developmental ed. study – Requesting input from A+ community – Proposal to CBHE in December

13 Emerging Issues Deferred Action for Childhood Admission – Federal policy to halt deportation of children brought to US by undocumented parents – Not the “Dream Act” Does not change legal status of child – Not eligible for federal student aid Can complete the FAFSA

14 Emerging Issues DACA (cont.) – Primary state financial aid impact is A+ Access and BF require citizenship or permanent residency – Missouri law prohibits “public benefit” to individuals who are “unlawfully present” – Currently under study Final decision will be distributed to all participating institutions

15 Located in Missouri Approved Private Institution Statutory requirement (Section 173.1102) – Non-profit – Dedicated to educational purposes – Located in Missouri – Multiple additional requirements Not defined in state aid regulations

16 Located in Missouri Executive Order 13-04 – Declares WGU-Missouri as a non-profit institution located in Missouri – Directs the MDHE to Eliminate barriers to WGU-Missouri’s operation Ensure WGU-Missouri students are eligible to receive financial aid on same basis as MO public institutions

17 Located in Missouri Assumptions – Address the requirements of the EO – Incorporate definition of “located in Missouri” into program regulations – Establish a clear definition applicable to any “like situated” institution Potential action at December CBHE meeting

18 Legislative Issues Academic preparation – End of course exam requirements – Alternatives for eligibility Timely completion – Complete minimum number of hours per year – Focus on completion not enrollment

19 Legislative Issues Better targeting of programs – Loan forgiveness and related program structures – Accountability for persistence and outcomes Financial competition – Stated focus on education funding – Competition for limited funds, internal and external

20 Questions State Aid Questions Connie Bestgen Program Specialist 800-473-6757, option 4 573-751-1772 Amy Haller Program Specialist 573-526-7958 Kelli Reed Student Assistance Associate 573-751-2444 General Questions P.O. Box 1469 Jefferson City, MO 65102-1469 Phone: 573-751-2361 Fax: 573-751-6635 Info Center: 800-473-6757

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