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Sliding into Home with the A+ Scholarship Program Kelli Reed Missouri Dept. of Higher Education.

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2 Sliding into Home with the A+ Scholarship Program Kelli Reed Missouri Dept. of Higher Education

3 Agenda Budget Policy Development Policy Highlights A+ in FAMOUS Next Steps

4 Play Ball!

5 Budget 2010-2011 – $25.3 million – estimate for “full” funding $22 million initially appropriated $3.5 million supplemental appropriation 2011-2012 – $30 million – Governor’s recommendation $22 million core appropriation $8 million new funds appropriated Both require legislative approval/action

6 The Opening Pitch Policy Development

7 MDHE Policy Development Administrative rule drafted based on input from a wide variety of sources: – Prior DESE A+ program requirements – Requirements of other MDHE programs – A+ Work Group – CBHE’s State Student Financial Aid Committee – MCCA A+ coordinators – Institutional financial aid personnel

8 MDHE Policy Development Draft rule posted to MDHE’s website in early January for comment Comments received concerned: – Partnerships – Funding shortfalls – Algebra I EOC – Cap on number of hours reimbursed – Reimbursement of repeat coursework – Reimbursement of dropped coursework – Participation by private institutions

9 Color Commentary with Kelli Policy Highlights

10 Responsibilities of Participating Institutions Participation agreements required Collection of high school transcript with A+ seal Verification of full-time enrollment – At least 12 credit hours unless: 6 hours for summer 6 hours for ADA Student is enrolled in all available hours Student is enrolled in an internship Student is enrolled in pre-requisite courses

11 Verification of good-faith effort to secure federal funding – Valid FAFSA – Minimum of dependent info if parents refuse to provide their info – FAFSA Forecaster for students that attend a non- Title IV institution Responsibilities of Participating Institutions

12 Verification of satisfactory academic progress for renewal students – 2.5 cumulative GPA – Otherwise defined by institutional policy Verification aid is applied to tuition and fees correctly – Pell – Other federal aid – A+ Responsibilities of Participating Institutions

13 Partnerships Intent to encourage institutional collaboration within A+ boundaries Agreement must include at least 1 A+ eligible institution – If only 1 A+ eligible institution, that institution must consider the student to be enrolled full time – If more than 1 A+ eligible institution, enrollment may be combined to equal full time Partnership institutions must provide MDHE with any requested documentation

14 Partnerships Reimbursement only made for coursework actually delivered by an A+ eligible institution

15 High School Eligibility Criteria Same as DESE except: – Dependents of retired military who relocate to Missouri within one year of retirement are exempt from 3-year attendance at a designated A+ high school (statutory revision from 2010 session) – 50 hours of tutoring/mentoring may include up to 25% job shadowing – Score of proficient or advanced on Algebra I end of course exam Completion of 12 college hours with GPA of 2.5 in first semester may be substituted

16 College Eligibility Criteria Student must be admitted as a regular student – May be reimbursed for summer immediately following completion of secondary coursework even if attend a non-A+ institution in fall – Transfer students from non-A+ institution to A+ institution are eligible – Visiting students are ineligible

17 Award Policy Disbursement by federal payment period – Semester for credit hour schools – Tuition = Clock hour rate x number of clock hours in the payment period for clock hour schools 1 st payment period = 450 clock hours (1/2 of 900 hour AY) 2 nd payment period = 450 clock hours 3 rd payment period = remaining hours if less than 450 = ½ of remaining hours if 450 or more 4th payment period = ½ of remaining hours if 450 or more

18 Award Policy Eligibility to expire at earliest of: – 48 months from completion of secondary coursework – 105% of the hours required for the student’s current program of study – Receipt of an associate’s degree Institutions responsible for tracking

19 Award Policy 48 Months Enrollment does not have to be immediately following completion of secondary coursework Enrollment does not have to be continuous Delays or interruptions in enrollment result in students receiving the scholarship for less than 48 months Military deferment extends eligibility for length of deferment beyond the 48 months

20 Award Policy Completion of 105% of Program Includes all known hours earned anywhere – General Education hours – Major/minor hours – Developmental/remedial hours – Elective hours – Internship hours – Dual credit hours Based on current program of study if student changes majors or enrolls in a higher level certificate

21 Award Policy Receipt of Associate’s Degree Students with an associate’s degree from any institution, including out-of-state and non-A+ institutions, are ineligible Students with a baccalaureate degree cannot be reimbursed for a subsequent associate’s degree

22 Award Policy Reimbursable Coursework – Completed coursework required for the student’s degree or certificate for which a standard grade is assigned – Remedial coursework – On-line coursework – Pass/fail coursework that is degree-creditable – Coursework for a higher level certificate or associate’s degree in a field related to the original certificate

23 Award Policy Non-Reimbursable Coursework – Coursework not required for the degree or certificate – Elective internships – Repeat coursework – Coursework after receipt of a certificate if it isn’t related to the original certificate – Coursework for which a non-standard grade was assigned Incomplete Withdrawn

24 Award Policy Award Calculation: Tuition (hours x rate) and fees -Pell -Other federal aid -Amount paid but not eligible for reimbursement from previous semester A+ reimbursement

25 Award Policy Award amount subject to legislative appropriation If funding is insufficient for payment of tuition and fees, – MDHE will limit number of hours to be reimbursed or – Take other measures informed by public comment and approved by the CBHE

26 Award Policy Certification deadlines for summer, fall and spring Students eligible in the current academic year cannot be paid in the upcoming academic year

27 The New Equipment Manager A+ in FAMOUS

28 A+ eligibility information added to student records at time of certification, similar to Ross 2 ways to request funds: – Spreadsheet upload into FAMOUS – Manual entry directly in FAMOUS Multiple requests allowed per semester Same warrant and return processes as Access, Bright Flight and Ross

29 A+ in FAMOUS General information collected includes: – High school graduation date – Program of study – Total hours for program of study – Total accumulated hours – Whether associate degree has been received – EFC

30 A+ in FAMOUS Award-related information collected includes: – Number of reimbursable hours – Credit hour rate for the number of reimbursable hours – Fee amount – Pell amount – Other federal aid amount – Amount of deduction for coursework not completed in the previous semester – Requested award amount

31 A+ in FAMOUS Information provided in FAMOUS includes: – Number of deferment months – Semester net award (all disbursements less all returns)

32 A+ in FAMOUS Schools are responsible for: – Maintaining eligibility documentation – Calculating award amounts Ensuring award reduced by cost of incomplete coursework for previous semester Adjusting awards/returning funds when needed – Tracking 105%/48 months/receipt of associate’s degree – Ensuring coursework for a higher level certificate or degree taken after receipt of a certificate is in a related field

33 A+ in FAMOUS Clock hour schools responsible for: – Calculating clock hour rate (Tuition/total clock hours in program) – Requesting funds by federal payment period

34 7 th Inning Stretch Next Steps

35 30-day public comment period to begin April 1 Rule effective approximately 6 months after initial filing Summer 2011 processing planned through FAMOUS – File layout to be provided by July 1 – Project to be complete August 15

36 Bringing it Home

37 Questions? General Questions Missouri Dept. of Higher Education 205 Jefferson Street P.O. Box 1469 Jefferson City, MO 65102 Phone: (573) 751-2361 Fax: (573) 751-6635 Info. Center: (800) 473-6757 A+ Specific Questions Kelli Reed Student Assistance Associate (573) 751-2444 Amy Haller Program Specialist (573) 526-7958


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