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City of Phoenix/Valley Metro Platinum Pass Program

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1 City of Phoenix/Valley Metro Platinum Pass Program
American Public Transportation Association Fare Collection Workshop & Transitech Conference PUBLIC TRANSIT DEPARTMENT

2 Overview Platinum Pass Program Summary Enrolling in the Program
Card Management Billing and Payment Program Benefits Program Statistics Other Smart Card Programs

3 Platinum Pass Program Summary
Valley Metro - City of Phoenix Partnership Smart Card Technology Employer-Based Program Post Payment Fare Program Bus and Light Rail Benefits Employers, Employees, and the Entire Valley

4 Enrolling in the Program
Opening a Platinum Pass Account Valley Metro web site Submit application/agreement City of Phoenix processes applications/agreements & orders Submit order upon approval 20 card minimum initial purchase Validity period usually three years Minimum 5 cards used each month

5 Card Management Smart Card Inventory Controls
Orders Received and Processed by City of Phoenix Smart Cards Encoded and Printed Fare Collection System Database Updated Passes Issued to Company and Company Issues to Employees Passes Deactivated at Customer Request

6 Billing and Payment Monthly Billing Based on Usage Not to Exceed Equivalent Monthly Pass Billing Summary Report Provided with Each Invoice Payment Due 30 Days From Invoice Date Payment Monitoring Total past due amount < 0.5% of annual revenue Renewals

7 Program Benefits Conveniently provide passes to large number of transit users Employers may subsidize part, or all, of the cost as an employee benefit Employer is only charged for actual number of rides with a cap Maximum $64 per month for local bus and light rail Maximum $104 per month for Express/RAPID bus Cards can be deactivated if lost or stolen

8 Program Benefits Extra cards can be ordered and used immediately upon receipt Employer receives one monthly invoice for total charges on all cards being used A billing summary showing total charges per card is provided to each customer A detailed billing report that shows the day, time and route for each boarding is available for an additional $25 per month

9 Program Statistics Program Administration – 4 FTE’s 250 Customers
120,000 Active Passes Annual Revenue FY $10,451,000 FY $10,206,000 Annual Card Production FY ,000 FY ,000 FY Deactivations 19,500 FY Customer Contacts 5,800

10 Other Smart Card Programs
Arizona State University Student U-Pass Per boarding charge, no maximum About 15,000 passes provided to ASU Bill ASU monthly $2 million annual revenue Semester Pass 12 Local colleges Pre-paid $200K annual revenue


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