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UNC Charlotte Purchasing Card Training for Auditor Role Annette Heller.

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1 UNC Charlotte Purchasing Card Training for Auditor Role Annette Heller

2 Agenda Program Overview Roles and Responsibilities Approval Process Bank of America Works ™ Allowable and Non-allowable Expenses Reports Resources Questions

3 Purchasing Card Program The purpose of the program is to simplify the procurement and payment processes for selected low dollar, high volume business commodities and services. The single purchase limit is $2,500. The daily limit is $5,000. The monthly limit is $25,000. Exception examples  Emergency airfare to evacuate students from Japan

4 Roles and Responsibilities Cardholder Use of the p-card according to internal policies and procedures. Maintain card in secure location at all times. Ensure spending limits and allotted budget are not exceeded. Ensure NC sales and use tax is not charged on purchases. Ensure a Travel Authorization (TA) is fully approved before prepaying travel expenses. Obtain a receipt (vendor name, date of purchase, item description and total amount of purchase) for each purchase and submit to Reconciler. Provide additional information regarding expenses to Reconciler as necessary.

5 Roles and Responsibilities Reconciler Receive receipts from Cardholder. Compare receipts with transactions in Bank of America Works ™ (“ Works ™ “). Review and sign-off on transactions in Works ™. Provide supporting comments (e.g. description, business purpose). Ensure correct fund, organization and account code are used. Reconcile discrepancies with Cardholder when necessary. Assemble reconciliation packet (billing statement and receipts) for Approver and sign-off on reconciliation packet.

6 Roles and Responsibilities Approver (Manager) Ensure p-card usage and activity is in compliance with internal policies and procedures. Review reconciliation packet with transactions in Works ™. Ensure comments are documented. Ensure correct fund, organization and account code are used. Flag transactions as necessary. Sign-off on transactions in Works ™ and the reconciliation packet. Ensure reconciliation packet is submitted to Travel & Complex Payments by the required date.

7 Roles and Responsibilities Department Head Provides fiscal oversight and management of business operations within his or her department. Selects department employees for participation in the UNC Charlotte Purchasing Card Program based upon business need and ability to fulfill program requirements. Accounts for the use of the p-card in his or her department, taking appropriate action with departmental staff when required.

8 Roles and Responsibilities Purchasing Card Administrator Provides program management and oversight. Develops and delivers effective training for users. Ensures program compliance and quality assurance.

9 Roles and Responsibilities Auditor Allows for review of all data for the entire organization Accesses and exports data and creates reports for analyzing data (including the dashboard summary) Reviews transactions for appropriateness Fund restrictions Grant guidelines

10 Approval Process Cardholder and/or Reconciler  Reviews transaction receipt is complete and matches Works ™ item description is clear  Provides comments for item description if additional information needed business purpose actions taken for credits and disputes  Allocates expenses  Completes signoff  Assembles reconciliation packet

11 Approval Process Approver (Manager)  Verifies transaction matches receipt allocation is correct description complete business purpose complete  Completes signoff on Works ™ transactions  Signs off on reconciliation packet

12 Bank of America Works ™ Basic Navigation Works ™ access link Login to live site Review task bar  Reports  Tools Accessing and Exporting Data Reporting

13 Allowable and Non-allowable Expenses Document maintained on P-card website Revised as updates occur

14 Resources Purchasing Card Program website Bank of America Works ™ Documentation and Guides Training Videos Purchasing Card Administrator

15 Questions Annette Heller Purchasing Card Administrator (704) 687-5763

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