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Kronos Overview Go-Live Date June 17, 2012. Why are we implementing Kronos? Current Process: – Sign in / out on paper – Fill out AU-15 turn into supervisor.

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1 Kronos Overview Go-Live Date June 17, 2012

2 Why are we implementing Kronos? Current Process: – Sign in / out on paper – Fill out AU-15 turn into supervisor and/or time keeper – Enter time into On Time – Request leave in RFL – Reconcile On Time to RFL to AU-15 – Have to know payroll rules

3 Why are we implementing Kronos? Kronos – Sign in / out electronically – Requests for leave in Kronos – Populate time sheet with sign in / out – Time off requested in the same system and populated on time sheet once approved – Payroll rules will be configured in the system Initially by Kronos ODOT will take over after go live

4 What will Kronos Replace? In this phase Kronos will replace: – AU-15 – Sign in / out sheets – OnTime – RFL This phase is not to replace EMS/TMS. Will come at a later date.

5 Sign In / Out Options

6 Computer – For those who are in office environments or have PCs assigned or are shared – Can be on a scheduled or not – Will have an audit trail of sign in / out

7 Sign In / Out Options

8 InTouch Device – For permanent non-office ODOT locations – Touch screen / resembles a tablet – Use proximity badge to sign in / out Not hooked to the doors – Employees will have a schedule in the system – Will not sign in or out for lunch or breaks – Can request time off, check accrual balance, and approve time card through InTouch

9 Sign In / Out Options

10 Mobile Device – App to go on a smart phone – For employees, can sign in / out, request leave and approve time card – For managers, can review employees time cards – Still working with Kronos on the details – Working on the details of who will have the license and the ODOT policy

11 Sign In / Out Options

12 TTE – For employees when they do not report to a permanent ODOT location or location not open year round – Allows employees to sign in / out using a touch tone phone – Only for signing in and out – Still working with Kronos on hardware and network details

13 Schedules If an employee has a schedule, rounding rules will apply – Each swipe is rounded individually to the nearest 1/10 of an hour – Rules around signing in prior to shift start – More details to come on rounding

14 Are schedules needed? For exceptions such as signing in early, missing a swipe or swiping in off schedule, they are necessary. Not everyone has to have a schedule to use Kronos but for InTouch users a schedule is needed.

15 Time Off Request Employees can request time off in advance for approval – Will be routed to their manager for approval – Once approved will go on the time card For requests in the past (sick leave) working on details

16 Approving Time Cards Working on time card approval process and who will approve when

17 Reports To Official OAKs reports to – Will be for most employees – Working with HR on ensuring they are correct Effort reports to – For those employees who are reporting to another manager but their home division and cost center remains in tact – Determining who will maintain this

18 Employees Into Kronos Employee information to come from OAKS Working with OAKS and Kronos to determine fields Want to have little to ideally no manual intervention

19 Payroll Rules Pay rules will be built into the Kronos application and assigned to pay policy groups Using identifiers in OAKs, employees will be placed into pay policy groups

20 Training Kronos will be creating the training manuals and content for train the trainer Training department is working on the training plan – Tentative plan: Train CO Payroll and District Fiscal Officers in train the trainer They will then train managers and employees The Office of Training will be sending out schedules

21 Pilots May 6 – Central Office Finance, Central Office Information Technology They will be trained prior to May 6 May 20 – District 5, Central Office Human Resources, Central Office Engineering Will be trained prior to May 20 June 3rd – District 6 Will be trained prior to June 3rd

22 Pilot During the Pilot, those participating will continue to do time entry as they do today. Once go live, will only enter into Kronos.

23 Contact Wendy Flowers – Project Manager – – 614-387-0459 Crystal Beacom – Project Manager – – 614-728-6761

24 Questions

25 EIMS Overview Go-Live Date – Planning In Progress

26 What is EIMS? Replaces EMS/TMS: (in combination with Kronos Phase 2 initiatives) – Equipment – Inventory – Materials – incl. FUEL Management – Facilities – Lands & Buildings – Includes Activity Based Work Management for, Garage, Road Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance

27 Why are we replacing EMS/TMS? Current system – Old (Antique) Technology – Limited Opportunity to Enhance EMS/TMS – Lots of Paper Forms – Lots of Data Entry – System was not originally designed for the tasks it is currently handling – Not integrated with other ODOT systems

28 What will a new system give us? Less paper forms Handheld Devices to capture data/images (crew leader) GIS Auto Locating Capabilities Links with Other ODOT data systems Better Work Planning and Estimating Tools Support standardization for equipment, inventory, materials naming statewide Better data analysis tools Better collaboration tools

29 Contact Ellen Hall – Project Manager – – 614-387-5194

30 Questions

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