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SOL 3.2 Mali by Ellen Benegar

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1 SOL 3.2 Mali by Ellen Benegar

2 The Empire of Mali Africa was home to several great empires.
One of the most prosperous (wealthy) countries was Mali. Mali was a wealthy trading empire before Columbus sailed to America in 1492.

3 rich and powerful kings!
Storytellers Storytellers (Griots) were important to Mali because they told the history of the country and the people to each generation. Storytellers passed on traditions and stories from one generation to another Mali was once ruled by rich and powerful kings!

4 I will let you trade in our country.
Leaders of Mali The kings of Mali were rich and powerful men who controlled trade in West Africa. Mali became one of the largest and wealthiest empires and was an important trade center. I will let you trade in our country.

5 Trade Mali was between the trade routes of the Sahara Desert where there was salt, and West Africa which had gold mines. Salt was a natural resource found in the desert. People used salt for preserving food and for their health. Miners found gold in West Africa. Salt was traded for gold.

6 Timbuktu Timbuktu was an important city in Mali.
It had a famous university with a large library of Greek and Roman books.

7 Physical Characteristics
Mali is located in West Africa. It is near rivers. The climate is desert-like. There are gold mines.

8 Human Characteristics
The people were: farmers miners traders

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