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Unit 1. admonish To caution or advise against something admonish advise against.

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1 Unit 1

2 admonish To caution or advise against something admonish advise against

3 breach An opening or gap; to break through breach – break through; break a contract

4 brigand bandit, robber; outlaw brigand = band -it

5 circumspect careful; cautious circumspect = circus = tight rope or the trapeze artist must be careful!

6 commandeer to seize for military or official use The commander told the troops to commandeer the enemy camp.

7 cumbersome clumsy; hard to handle; slow moving cumber = cucumber A barrel of cucumbers can be very cumbersome to carry.

8 deadlock a standstill dead= complete standstill –can’t move lock(ed) = can’t move

9 debris Scattered fragments or wreckage Hurricane Debra left the neighborhood scattered with debris.

10 diffuse To spread or scatter freely or widely If a candle has a long “fuse” (wick) the light may spread widely.

11 dilemma a difficult or perplexing situation difficult = dilemma perplexing situation = problem = problema problema = dilemma (Spanish)

12 efface to wipe-out or to keep oneself from being noticed erase = wipe-out (rhymes with efface) face = wipe off your face when you don’t want to be noticed

13 muddle (v)to make a mess of; to get by; (n) a hopeless mess mud = mess/ dirty

14 opinionated stubborn and often unreasonable in holding to one’s own ideas having a closed mind OPINION = one’s own ideas

15 perennial lasting for a long time, persistent; a plant that lives for many years perennial = persistent annual = (a flower blooms) once a year vs. perennial = lives for many years

16 predispose to incline to beforehand exposed to beforehand

17 relinquish To let go, give up relinquish = to let go = to release

18 salvage (v)to save from fire or shipwreck; (n)property thus saved to save = salvage

19 spasmodic sudden and violent, but brief; fitful; intermittent “spaz” = intermittent = randomly act out = fitful or muscle spasm (sudden, painful/violent, brief= short time)

20 spurious not genuine, not true, not valid not genuine = bogus = spurious Tell a spurious tale-- it might make your parents curious about the truth.

21 unbridled Uncontrolled, lacking in restraint bridle = horse = unbridled horse is uncontrolled

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