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THIS IS With Host... Your 100 200 300 400 500.

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4 With Host... Your


6 The food processor certainly looked impressive, but its construction was so __________ that within a few months it began to fall apart. A 100

7 shoddy A 100

8 He is so ________ that he wont even consider the ideas or suggestions offered by other people. A 200

9 opinionated A 200

10 Since we do not want to replace the plants in our garden every year, we favor ____________ over annuals. A 300

11 perennials A 300

12 The rug made such a(n) ___________ bundle that took four of us to carry it up the stairs. A 400

13 cumbersome A 400

14 When it is time to end one of our meetings, a member must make a motion to _________. A 500

15 adjourn A 500

16 B 100 Our laws protect not only citizens but also __________ legally residing in this country.

17 aliens B 100

18 It is a real tribute to the ingenuity of the human mind that for thousands of years people have been ________ new and intersting theories of the universe. B 200

19 fabricating B 200

20 Shakespeares wicked characters often assume the guise of kindness to cloak their ______ natures. B 300

21 malign B 300

22 *Daily Double* The English word bedlam was taken from the name of an infamous _________ for the insane in medieval London. B 400

23 asylum B 400

24 I cant help but admire your ability to ________ interest when someone prattles on endlessly about nothing. B 500

25 feign B 500

26 The two sides in the lawsuit reached a(n) ________ when neither was Willing to meet the other partway. C 100

27 deadlock C 100

28 The water pouring through the ______ in the dam threatened to flood the entire valley. C 200

29 breach(es) C 200

30 Some people are subject to sudden seizures, during which their heads and legs may jerk about in a wild and _______ way. C 300

31 spasmodic C 300

32 The nurse rushed into the hospital corridor to _____ the visitors who were creating a disturbance. C 400

33 admonish C 400

34 In order to capture the fleeing criminals, the police __________ our car and raced after the vanishing truck. C 500

35 commandeered C 500

36 The records of our club were in such a(n) _____ that we couldnt even determine which members had paid their dues. D 100

37 muddle D 100

38 A man of towering pride and _____ ambition, he stopped at nothing to achieve his goals as quickly and directly as possible. D 200

39 unbridled D 200

40 The doctor became more and more fearful that her patients weakened condition would _____ him to pneumonia. D 300

41 predispose D 300

42 Though his partner lost everything, he was able to _____ a few dollars from the wreckage of the bankrupt business. D 400

43 salvage D 400

44 The idea of a(n) ______ like Robin Hood who helps the poor appeals strongly to the popular imagination. D 500

45 brignand D 500

46 Once Great Britain had given up her vast overseas empire, she found that she had _____ her position as a world power. E 100

47 relinquished E 100

48 E 200 If I dont get a job, I wont have the money to do what I want; and if I do get a job, I wont have the time. What a(n) _______ !

49 dilemma E 200

50 E 300 I added a few drops of food coloring to the liquid and watched as they slowly _____ through it.

51 diffused E 300

52 E 400 Many a teenagers room is strewn with clothing, CDs, and all sorts of ______.

53 debris E 400

54 E 500 Though my memory is getting dimmer and dimmer with the slow passage of time, I doubt that the exciting events of my childhood will ever totally be ______ from my mind.

55 effaced E 500

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