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1 General Safety-Briefing Formation Flying Copyright Peter M.M. de Graaf Photograph: Stijn Mennes.

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1 1 General Safety-Briefing Formation Flying Copyright Peter M.M. de Graaf Photograph: Stijn Mennes

2 2 Formation Flying Why ? 1-Big Fun 2-Better Pilots ? 3-Mutual Support

3 3 Formation FlyingWhy ? Mutual Support Navigation Radio Failure IMC Let-Down / Snake-Climb Combat Wing Mutual Cover – Greater Fire Power WW – II Bombers

4 4 Formation FlyingThe Law Not Allowed Unless : ---- Agreement between Pilots in Command All safety measures have been taken Briefing SOP’s European Regulations ?

5 5 Formation Flying Safety Main topic is: SAFETY Remember: You are flying in close vicinity There is little space for manoevring Be constantly prepared for the unexpected Think collective Mutual support (Bogeys etc.)

6 6 Formation FlyingSafety Formation Flying demands: Concentration Be constantly alert Every movement influences the formation Know your ESCAPE under any Circumstances

7 7 Formation FlyingSafety A demanding task with a high workload The Workload Scale 1- Demandingwell controllable 2- Tensionhardly controllable 3- Stressloss of control Tension and stress are potential dangerous situations

8 8 Formation FlyingSafety How to avoid potential dangerous situations ? The Keywords: Instruction Practising->Experience->Proficiency Experience and proficiency delays the transition from Phase 1 to 2 and 3

9 9 Formation FlyingSafety Symptoms of Phase 2 and 3 Less smooth flying Overcorrections Unstable formation How to Avoid this Situation : Give the controls for a short time to the backseater/instructor Relax Make short trips (0,5 to 1 hour) Start with two ship formations

10 10 Formation FlyingComposition Formation consists of: Leader One or more wingmen 2ship-, 3ship-, 4 ship etc. formation Wingmen and leader have their own tasks and responsability’s

11 11 Formation FlyingLeader Tasks and Responsability’s Responsable for the safety Eyes and ears of the formation Navigation Local flying procedures/Restricted,prohibited area’s Noise abatement Communication Radio and hand-signals Short and clear RT-commands Hand signals clearly visible, sunglare

12 12 Formation FlyingLeader Anticipate Take into account the restricted manoevrability of the Formation Keyword: Smooth Flying ! Regular checks (aerobatic/downwind) Fuel state Fuel consumption of Wingmen can be up to 20 % higher

13 13 Formation FlyingWingman Tasks and Responsabilitys Accept the Authority of the Leader within safe Margins Station Keeping, Know your Reference Points Anticipate with small Corrections Fly coördinated If a Command is unclear, Stay where you are and ask for Clearification Know your escape under any circumstances

14 14 Formation FlyingWingman Trim but not during manoevring 3-Ship, formate on the leader Cockpitchecks, move out Freq. Changes, move out unless you have a preselect If possible, use the backseater

15 15 Formation FlyingBriefing Be there in Time Avoid distracting situations, Cell-Phones off !! Concentration, don’t miss important information Write down all the necessary info, Sortie Sheet Know what to do and if anything is unclear, ask !!

16 16 Formation FlyingBriefing Remember there are no stupid questions, except one : That is the question you forgot, or did not dare to ask

17 17 Formation FlyingProcedures SOP’s, unless otherwise briefed (exceptions) Study the SOP’s thoroughly Know the local flying procedures and restrictions Know the RV-points Use the Sortie-Sheet, all relevant information is (should be) on it !

18 18 Formation FlyingEmergency’s Use the radio to inform the leader in case of unservicability’s on the ground or in the air In case of RT failure use handsignals or HEFOM code Know what to do in case you lose visual contact with the Leader

19 19 Formation FlyingEmergency’s Aborted Take-Off The Leader RT-Call “Abort, Abort, Formation CS, Abort” Everybody aborts, Avoid heavy braking Wingmen RT-Call “Formation CS NR aborting” Only higher numbers aborting Avoid heavy braking

20 20 Formation-Flying

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